Stream Body/Head’s New EP Come On

Stream Body/Head’s New EP Come On

It’s been a decade since Kim Gordon, the iconically cool presence that was at the center of Sonic Youth for so long, formed Body/Head, her experimental duo with guitarist Bill Nace. Body/Head are still going strong. Two years ago, they teamed up with Wolf Eyes member Aaron Dilloway for the collaborative album Body/Dilloway/Head. Today, they’re back with a new surprise-released four-song EP.

The tracks from Body/Head’s new Come On EP are full of empty space, and they’re way more compulsively listenable than anything else coming from the improv noise world. Gordon’s bass is a pulsing fog, while Bill Nace’s guitar goes for chiming drones. Gordon mutters her lyrics in the icy deadpan that’s become a comforting sound for anyone who grew up with Sonic Youth.

Kim Gordon, it’s worth mentioning, is also working on her second solo LP with producer Justin Raisen. Also, she turned 70 last week! What a cool lady! Listen to the Come On EP below.

The Come On EP is out now on Open Mouth Records/Three Lobed Recordings.

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