Lindstrøm – “Syreen”

Lindstrøm – “Syreen”

The Norwegian producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has been making lush, expansive electronic music for a long time. In the mid-’00s, Lindstrøm helped popularize the dance subgenre known as space disco, but he hasn’t always stuck with that sound. In 2019, Lindstrøm released the meditative ambient LP On A Clear Day I Can See Forever. A year later, he followed that record with III, his third full-length team-up with longtime collaborator Prins Thomas. Today, Lindstrøm announces the forthcoming release of Everyone Else Is A Stranger, his first solo album in four years.

Like On A Clear Day I Can See Forever, Everyone Else Is A Stranger features four long tracks. Unlike that record, though, Everyone Else Is A Stranger marks a return to the dancefloor. Lindstrøm named the album after John Cassavetes’ original title for his 1984 film Love Streams. The album opener “Syreen” is a burbling, insistent seven-minute jam that’s full of swoony, hopeful melodies. Giorgio Moroder has probably always been Lindstrøm’s main influence, and there’s definitely some Moroder in this one. This time, though, it’s the Moroder who produced the Neverending Story theme song.

In a press release, Lindstrøm says:

I stumbled upon “Syreen” when working on a new uptempo track for my live set. It means “lilac” in Norwegian — a flower that symbolizes love and new beginnings. Nothing is more welcoming than spring after a cold winter. Enjoy “Syreen,” the spring, and life itself!

Exciting! Below, check out “Syreen” and the new LP’s tracklist.

01 “Syreen”
02 “Nightswim”
03 “The Rind”
04 “Everyone Else Is A Stranger”

Everyone Else Is A Stranger is out 7/14 on Smalltown Supersound.

Lin Stensrud

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