Hear Turnstile’s Original Pop-Punk Song From I Think You Should Leave Season 3

Hear Turnstile’s Original Pop-Punk Song From I Think You Should Leave Season 3

If you’re like me, you got slightly high last night and then proceeded to watch the entire third season of Tim Robinson’s bugged-out Netflix sketch-comedy show I Think You Should leave. If you’re like me, you laughed extremely hard, possibly waking up other members of your family, while also feeling like you were going insane. And if you’re like me, then you heard a very catchy song during one of Robinson’s sketches, and you thought to yourself, “Wait, do I know this song?” It did not even occur to you that what you were hearing was a new Turnstile song, but that’s what was happening.

The fourth episode of the new I Think You Should Leave Season has a sketch called Children’s Choir, and that sketch has a song called “Listening.” It’s credited to the Everything-You-Knows, but it’s really Turnstile. Spoilers ahead for this paragraph only: Tim Robinson and Biff Wiff, the guy who played Detective Crashmore on the show’s last season, play “shirt brothers” who meet each other at a fourth-grade choir recital. Wiff asks Robinson for help, revealing that he’s just trashed an entire classroom because he’s heard a new song that’s gotten him “all fucked up.” The chorus goes like this: “Everything you know is all just for show/ I don’t wanna go on listening/ Suits and ties, feed me lies/ I don’t wanna go on listening.” Wiff hears that and thinks that rules no longer apply at all.

It turns out that Tim Robinson and Turnstile have been friends for a few years, and there’s a whole lot of photographic evidence of them hanging out together. Turnstile’s song is pretty great! It doesn’t sound much like previous Turnstile songs, but once you know it’s them, you can’t unhear it.

Netflix has shared the lyrics, which you can read here. You can hear the song in context of the episode by heading over here and jumping to the 9:30 mark, or you can just watch below.

Another Tim Robinson friend with a song in the new season is Christian Lee Hutson, who previously covered the I Think You Should Leave song “Bones Are Their Money.” He did the new song “Is This It” for the “Sitcom Taping” sketch.

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