Hear The Replacements’ Previously Unreleased Cello Version Of “Can’t Hardly Wait” From New Tim Box Set

Hear The Replacements’ Previously Unreleased Cello Version Of “Can’t Hardly Wait” From New Tim Box Set

Next month, beloved fuckup romantics the Replacements will release a box-set reissue of their classic 1985 album Tim, and it’s getting a whole lot more attention than most reissues of this type. The newly remastered version of Tim was done by Ed Stasium, one of the producers that the band considered for the record. Instead, they went with the late Tommy Erdélyi, better known as Tommy Ramone, and the band was never satisfied with Erdélyi’s production on the record. By all accounts, this new version of Tim is a whole lot brighter and cleaner — more in line with what was on ’80s-rock radio and also more in line with what the band actually wanted.

We’ve already posted the newly remastered version of “Left Of The Dial,” and it does indeed sound very different. But the Ed Stadium mix of Tim isn’t the only extra that’s being included in the new Tim box set. The set also includes a few different versions of “Can’t Hardly Wait,” the bruised alt-rock classic that the Replacements didn’t release until it became a single on their 1987 LP Pleased To Meet Me. (And yes, that’s the song that gave the Jennifer Love Hewitt movie its name.)

Paul Westerberg originally wrote “Can’t Hardly Wait” for Tim, and he recorded a few different demos of the track, but he was (ahem) unsatisfied with the full-band version of the song that the band cut during the Tim sessions. For a couple of those demos, Westerberg worked with Michelle Kinney, the trained cellist and former Northwestern music student who was working the front desk at Nicollet Studios in Minneapolis, where the band was recording. Westerberg and Kinney recorded a couple of different acoustic-guitar-and-cello demos of “Can’t Hardly Wait,” and one of them is the one that you hear below.

A bit of one of the “Can’t Hardly Wait” demos appeared on a previous reissue of Tim, but the one below has never been released until now. The demo is way, way different from the version of the song that came out a couple of years later, and it’s got Michelle Kinney playing the song’s central guitar riff on cello. (Kinney went on to become a professional cellist, and she played on Paul Westerberg’s soundtrack for the animated movie Open Season in 2005.) When “Can’t Hardly Wait” finally came out as a single, producer Jim Dickinson pissed the band off by including strings and horns in the mix. Below, listen to the cello version of “Can’t Hardly Wait” and watch the song’s video.

Tim: Let It Bleed Edition is out 9/22 via Rhino. Pre-order it here.

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