The Smashing Pumpkins Play Deep Cuts While Restaging Tower Records Siamese Dream Release Show

The Smashing Pumpkins Play Deep Cuts While Restaging Tower Records Siamese Dream Release Show

Just over 30 years ago, the Smashing Pumpkins released their classic album Siamese Dream. On the night of the LP’s release, the band played a famous midnight in-store acoustic set at Tower Records in their Chicago hometown. Earlier this month, the band announced plans to restage that show at Madame Zuzu’s, Billy Corgan’s tea house just outside of Chicago. For the occasion, the band had Madame Zuzu’s made over to look like Tower, and the band re-created that Siamese Dream set for two different acoustic performances.

Tower Records itself participated in this particular stunt, and in an Instagram video, Billy Corgan said that this was the first physical version of a Tower Records store since 2006. Corgan and his band mostly played the same set, song for song, as they’d done in 1993, but there were some big, notable changes. They played “Luna” for the first time since 2006 , “Spaceboy” for the first time since 2016, and their “Cherub Rock” B-side “Purr Snickety” for the first time since 1991. They also did “Spaced,” a song from the Siamese Dream session that ended up on the rarities album Pisces Iscariot, for the first time ever.

This version of the Pumpkins didn’t look much like the one who played that 1993 in-store, and D’Arcy Wretzky was nowhere to be seen. From the stage, Corgan acknowledged her, as well as the other non-members who contributed to the album’s creation: “Not everyone’s here that should be here, but that’s just the way life goes.” Corgan seemed genuine, and the band sounded great. Below, watch video of the set, check out some photos of the scene, and check out the original 1993 in-store.

01 “Rocket”
02 “Cherub Rock”
03 “Today”
04 “Disarm”
05 “Spaceboy”
06 “Spaced”
07 “Mayonaise”
08 “Hummer”
09 “Luna”
10 “Purr Snickety”

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