Brittany Howard – “Red Flags”

Brittany Howard – “Red Flags”

Last month, the wildly gifted former Alabama Shakes leader Brittany Howard announced plans to release a new album called WHAT NOW and shared its title track. Howard didn’t have any further details on the LP, the follow-up to her much-loved 2019 solo debut Jaime, but we’re getting all those details today. We’re also getting a new song from her.

Brittany Howard co-produced WHAT NOW in Nashville with Kacey Musgraves/SZA collaborator Shawn Everett. Her new song “Red Flags” is an intense, expressionist meditation on a relationship that’s going nowhere good. It plays out like her version of an astral jazz freakout. Here’s how she describes the song in a press release:

In my past relationships, I’ve had a tendency to see red flags as part of some parade just for me — something for me to run right through without paying any attention. To me, “Red Flags” sounds very dystopian, which makes sense for a song that feels like end-of-times as far as me emotionally maturing. It’s like a big tower fell and now I have to create something new.

Below, listen to “Red Flags” and check out the WHAT NOW tracklist.

01 “Earth Sign”
02 “I Don’t”
03 “What Now”
04 “Red Flags”
05 “To Be Still”
06 “Interlude”
07 “Another Day”
08 “Prove It To You”
09 “Samson”
10 “Patience”
11 “Power To Undo”
12 “Every Color In Blue”

WHAT NOW is out 2/2 on Island.

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