Brittany Howard – “WHAT NOW”

Brittany Howard – “WHAT NOW”

Brittany Howard season is officially approaching. Howard, the Alabama Shakes frontwoman-turned-solo star, has announced a new album called WHAT NOW and released its title track. Howard produced “WHAT NOW” with the always in-demand Shawn Everett. The song matches a tight, funky groove with a powerfully soulful vocal performance from Howard. It feels like a late ’80s or early ’90s track in modern-day hi-fi.

In the YouTube description, Howard has this to say:

I am so proud and excited to announce the release of my new song “What Now.” It was written during the pandemic when the question “What now” was on all of our minds. I think it is a feeling that has continued to the present moment in the world we live in. It is also the title of the new album and I think when you hear it you will understand why I landed on that title…but more on that later.

In a press release, she adds:

“What Now” is maybe the truest and bluest of all the songs. It’s never my design to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I needed to say what was on my mind without editing myself. I like how it’s a song that makes you want to dance, but at the same time the lyrics are brutal.

Danilo Parra directed the “WHAT NOW” video, which you can watch below.

No info yet on the WHAT NOW release date, but it’ll be out via Island.

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