Rosie Tucker – “All My Exes Live In Vortexes”

Rosie Tucker – “All My Exes Live In Vortexes”

Here’s a great song title: “All My Exes Live In Vortexes.” Here’s an opening lyric that will grab you: “I hope no one had to piss in a bottle at work to get me the thing I ordered on the internet.” Both belong to the new single from Rosie Tucker’s upcoming album UTOPIA NOW! The pop-punk-ish indie-rocker’s latest will drop in March. It’ll be their first since getting dropped by Epitaph Records, and it includes last fall’s single “Unending Bliss.”

Here’s an excerpt from Tucker’s message announcing the album on Instagram:

The album title is a bit of a trick mirror // I had been spinning on the idea that capitalism can metabolize dissent, and in this way UTOPIA NOW! might read like the hollow promise of an advertisement, a poke at how desperation can make us cynical and naive (paradise is near! are you buying it?) //

There is another reading, where UTOPIA NOW! is a demand, earnest and enraged // The United States remains genocidal, as culpable for the unfathomable suffering in Palestine as it is for the exploitation, incarceration, persecution and neglect shown to so many of the people within its “borders” // Me n my loved ones understand that oppression cannot stamp out the desire for freedom // and freedom cannot tolerate compromising one another //

The final meaning is simpler: UTOPIA NOW! is my present reality. When I get my mind right, I am confronted with it several times a day. //

While I was writing this album I fired my manager of many years, as at last my desire to develop my artistic agency outpaced the fear that I might be no good at calling the shots in my own life // While I was recording this album I was dropped by Epitaph Records // Creating a record “independently” has taught me that I am not at all alone, and this record would not exist without many invaluable and unexpected allies // I hope you will listen and know that it is a labor of love -ro

Watch director Monica Moore-Suriyage’s video for “All My Exes Live In Vortexes” below.

01 “Lightbulb”
02 “All My Exes Live In Vortexes”
03 “Gil Scott Albatross”
04 “Paperclip Maximizer”
05 “Maylene”
06 “Big Fish/No Fun”
07 “Suffer! Like You Mean It”
08 “Unending Bliss”
09 “White Savior Myth”
10 “Obscura”
11 “Me Minus One Atom”
13 “Eternal Life”

UTOPIA NOW! is out 3/22 via Sentimental Records. Pre-order it here.

Jon Del Real

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