Post Malone Will Reportedly Tattoo A Dick On Steve-O’s Face At Bonnaroo

Post Malone Will Reportedly Tattoo A Dick On Steve-O’s Face At Bonnaroo

Post Malone and Steve-O both have a lot of dumb tattoos. They’ve even given each other matching ones. Now, the week of his 50th birthday, the Jackass star will reportedly have Posty tattoo a penis on his forehead onstage at Bonnaroo during the singer’s headlining set next weekend.

“Post Malone’s gonna tattoo a dick on my forehead,” Steve-O told Page Six in a new interview, discussing plans for celebrating his milestone birthday. “That’s the plan. He asked, ‘Is it going to be a chode?’ And I don’t even know what a chode is!” (Which sounds like a possible subtle brag, but whatever.)

The stuntman-comedian gave a little insight into how he came to this phallic decision: “The bar for my comedy is pretty high these days. My last comedy special — I had a four-inch needle in my spine, where they injected a drug to paralyze me. And then I took off running after the injection. So I became paralyzed while I was in a full sprint.” Becoming a literal dickhead is the natural next step, evidently.

If this whole schtick ends up actually happening, it’ll mark the second time we’ve seen Posty give Steve-O a tattoo. In 2022, they exchanged matching tattoos of a character Steve-O affectionately named “Ghost Malone,” which appears to be a well-endowed ghost. And if they don’t follow through with this plan, at least Bonnaroo attendees can still see Post Malone, along with fellow headliners Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fred again.., and more. The fest goes down 6/13-16 in Manchester, Tennessee.

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