Watch Charli XCX Bring Out Addison Rae For “Von Dutch” Remix In LA

Davis Bates

Watch Charli XCX Bring Out Addison Rae For “Von Dutch” Remix In LA

Davis Bates

Over the past couple of years, TikTok personality Addison Rae has steadily been making a promising pivot to pop star, thanks in part to a co-sign from Charli XCX. In 2023, Rae shared a song called “2 die 4” that featured Charli; then, Rae went to the studio with A. G. Cook to add some vocals and an ear-splitting scream to a remix of Charli’s “Von dutch.” Saturday night, Rae got on stage during Charli’s Los Angeles show to sing their “Von dutch” remix together live for the first time.

Charli has performed the “Von dutch” remix solo before, but this is the first time the two have performed onstage together before — not including that April Boiler Room set. The crowd went nuts for Rae’s surprise appearance, and seemingly everyone in the audience joined in on that scream. It looks like fun!

Rae documented the night in an Instagram carousel post, in which she also teased a snippet of a new song of hers. It has a bit of a Eurodance vibe going on to it, and will almost certainly be heard from many bluetooth speakers at Riis Beach this summer. Check it all out below.

@soy.xcx It was so fun !!! 10/10 #brat #charlixcx #xcx #addisonrae ♬ original sound – Soy&lt3

@addisonraesavedpop literally living that life #addisonrae #charlixcx #brat ♬ original sound – addison rae invented music

@mronger123 I have NEVER been to a better show Charli you are a genius @Charli XCX ♬ original sound – Maresa ⎕

@soy.xcx So thankful I got to witness this moment #charlixcx #brat #xcx #springbreakers ♬ original sound – Soy&lt3

@varietymagazineCharli XCX performs “360” at her New York City show.♬ original sound – Variety

@juliahandra0 Charli XCX and Addison Rae ‘Von Dutch’ outro in LA 💚 . . #charlixcx #charlixcxbrat #charlixcxpartygirl #addisonrae #vondutch #vondutchremix #charlixcxandaddisonrae #fyp ♬ original sound – Julia Handra


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“365” (EASYFUN remix)
“Spring breakers”
“Track 10”
“So I”
“Everything is romantic”
“Girl, so confusing”
“Club classics”
“Unlock It”
“Talk talk”
“I might say something stupid”
“I think about it all the time”
“Mean girls”
“Von dutch”
“Sympathy is a knife”
“1999” (EASYFUN remix)
“Speed Drive”
“The von dutch remix with addison rae and a.g. cook”
“party 4 u”
“Vroom Vroom”
“I Love It” (Icona Pop cover)

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