Footballhead – “Before I Die”

Footballhead – “Before I Die”

Footballhead, a Chicago band mining that fertile territory at the intersection of emo and ’90s alt-rock, quickly followed up Tiny Engines’ March reissue of their debut album Overthinking Everything with a new single called “Your Ghost.” Now we know that track was from Before I Die, a new mini-album coming soon. Whereas “Your Ghost” embraced a darker tone, title track “Before I Die” is brighter and magnificently catchy while still doused in grungy post-hardcore vibes. Which is to say: Gigantic chunky power chords abound! Listen below.

01 “My Direction”
02 “Crushing Me”
03 “Stupefied”
04 “Before I Die”
05 “Your Ghost”
06 “All For What?”
07 “In Motion”

Before I Die is out 8/2 on Tiny Engines and can be pre-ordered here.

Morgan Paije

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