Jay Worthy & DāM-FunK – “105 West” (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Channel Tres, DJ Quik, & A-Trak)

Jay Worthy & DāM-FunK – “105 West” (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Channel Tres, DJ Quik, & A-Trak)

Many of us are in the mood for West Coast music this week. Well, here’s some West Coast music. Rapper Jay Worthy is Canadian-born, and he’s actually Grimes’ stepbrother, which will never stop being weird. But Worthy has been building a rep in the West Coast underground, and the rap underground in general, for many years. Last year, he released the Roc Marciano-produced LP Nothing Bigger Than The Program. Earlier this week, he was one of many West Coast rappers to take the stage at Kendrick Lamar’s Pop Out concert. Now, he’s made a whole album with DāM-FunK.

Producer DāM-FunK has built an entire career by iterating on bass-heavy ’80s synth-funk, which is basically the most LA music that has ever existed. Jay Worthy and DāM-FunK have joined forces for Magic Hour, a new album that’s set to arrive next month, and the new single “105 West” features an impressive list of Cali greats.

“105 West” has an ultra-smooth hook and a verse from big star Ty Dolla $ign, another guy who popped out onstage at the Pop Out. The legendary Quik, someone who knows LA funk beats better than anyone in history, also gets in a verse, as does Compton dance MC Channel Tres. (Last week, Quik and Jason Martin, the rapper formerly known as Problem, released their own super-solid collaborative album Chupacabra. Channel Tres’ long-awaited debut LP Head Rush comes out next week.) At the end of the song, Jay Worthy’s fellow Canadian transplant A-Trak does some scratching. All of them glide over a rumbling DāM-FunK beat, and the whole thing sounds unbelievably clean. Watch the video below.

Earlier this spring, Jay Worthy and DāM-FunK released another song, the DRAM collab “Westside.” Here’s that video.

Magic Hour is out 7/12 on EMPIRE.

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