Growing Stone – “Spring In New York”

Growing Stone – “Spring In New York”

This Friday, Skylar Sarkis — best known as the bandleader of Taking Meds — will release Death Of A Momma’s Boy, his sophomore album as Growing Stone. So far we’ve heard “The Keep” and “No Substitute,” and today he’s sharing the indulgently morbid track “Spring In New York” with a music video directed by Luke LeCount.

“This is my favorite song on the record,” Sarkis said. “It feels good to put these kinds of sentiments into a song. For a lot of them, is the only place they’re of any use at all. I also dig this track because one of my oldest friends, Matt Battle, played drums on it. He played on a few tracks on the last record; he’s an incredible drummer and he kind of put me on when I was a young kid, so it’s cool we’re still able to make music together.”

LeCount added:

The impetus behind this video was two-fold; I had been wanting to rip off Man Ray’s “Suicide” self portraits in some capacity for a while now & Skylar’s one of the only artists I know who would be down & understand the reference. The other part was about capturing the essence of this song, which felt so mean to me. That’s a really juvenile way to put it but when I first heard “Spring in New York” (years ago as a demo), I felt like Skylar was communicating his feelings in a more transparent way than he normally does through his music. I wanted to direct a video that was a little unhinged & cold. I wanted to make something that felt true to the way I see certain parts of Skylar.

Watch the video below.

Death Of A Momma’s Boy is out 6/28 via Near Mint.

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