Confidence Man & IN2STELLAR – “Break It Down (On The Bassline)”

Confidence Man & IN2STELLAR – “Break It Down (On The Bassline)”

Last month, Confidence Man released the decadent club banger “I Can’t Lose You” and announced their new album 3AM (La La La). Today, the London-via-Australia duo is back with “Break It Down (On The Bassline),” a hypnotic collaboration with fellow Australian electronic duo IN2STELLAR.

“Break It Down (On The Bassline)” comes from a newly announced Fabric Presents… mix. About it, Confidence Man said, “The mix was a bunch of songs that we’ve been playing at parties and dj sets etc combined with a bunch of older tunes we’ve loved for ages. Also a bunch of tunes sent thru from friends we also dig. We’re trying to make something we’d love to dance to.”

IN2STELLAR added about the track, “We’ve had countless nights out partying / clubbing with Confidence Man and have always bonded over our shared love for early 2000s club bangers and DJing. To us this track feels like all of those nights out together rolled into one and is definitely one for the club!!”

Hear “Break It Down (On The Bassline)” below (it does, in fact, go as hard as the album artwork does).

Fabric Presents Confidence Man is out 8/23 on Fabric.

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