Scissor Sisters Debut New Songs At Secret NY Shows

Before digging into their own work, though, one of America’s better known transsexuals Amanda Lepore, stripped nude and dug into her Fierce Pussy … album. If you didn’t know the Scissor Sisters were playing the Mercury Lounge in New York City this week, it’s because they performed as Queef Latina (ha ha) on Monday and Debbie’s Harry on Tuesday. We have a bit of video, the set list, and the details:

The last time the Scissors played surprise shows at the Mercury Lounge, they were warming up for their high profile 2005 Glastonbury and Live 8 performances. This time though, the band has no live obligations and no agenda other than to test some new material before they finish recording their third album. The crowd of friends, family and lucky fans who packed the venue, danced their asses off to eleven new songs, of which at least five could be hit singles.

Straight from the start, Jake Shears, dressed in his best geek-chic, let the crowd know that this show, as expected, was all about new music. The group played this show loose and fast and was obviously delighted with the crowd’s reaction to the material. The new songs ranged from a pumped up Roxy music cover, a Jamiacan tinged reggae jam and a slew of what the Scissor Sisters do best: Elton John-kissing-Pet Shop Boys high energy pop dance songs.

We got this from Stories In High Fidelity, who also typed out (and scanned) the set list. Their typed form:

Television (NEW)
Who’s Your Money (NEW)
Other Girls (NEW)
Major For You (NEW)
None of my Business (NEW)
Singularity (NEW)
Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
Who’s There (NEW)
The Strand (NEW, Roxy Music Cover)
Not The Loving Kind (NEW)
Taking Shape (NEW)
Uroboros (NEW)

There are no new songs on YouTube as of yet, but here’s the opener, “Lights”: