Julian Casablancas Brings “River Of Brakelights” To Fallon

Yesterday’s interviews with America’s indie rock news anchors showed a frank and feathered Julian Casablancas admitting that the Strokes are tracking separately, and that they’re only playing festivals this summer for the cash. He brought the band he cares about a bit more about to Fallon on Monday. How much more does he care? He’s touring with them even though he said that they lost money their first time out. “We might be in for a late night” Casablancas sings at the start of “River Of Brakelights.” Seems appropriate. He promised to do one from Phrazes For The Young that he hadn’t done on TV before, but “River Of Brakelights” was a hard one to pull off, with Casablancas straining his voice to make it to the end of its packed five minutes.

Phrazes For The Young
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