Highlights From Kanye’s Storytellers And An Unaired, Rearranged “Love Lockdown”

So Kanye’s VH1 Storytellers aired, and sadly it wasn’t quite as much the best VH1 Storytellers as we’d hoped. It was entertaining, because it was Kanye, but lighter on the storytelling than expected. Then again, that’s what happens when all the crazy shit you say winds up on the editing room floor. What made the telecast was West speaking over the music as songs ended. Call it VH1 Vaguely Associated Extemporaneous Rambling. As we reported last week, some of Kanye’s controversial comments were cut, but there were still plenty of awkward moments. For example, go to 4:50 on “Flashing Lights”:

Yikes. Anyway. This rearranged “Love Lockdown” is a web-only bit that wasn’t included for broadcast:

And here’s “Robocop,” apparently inspired in part by Tenacious D?

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