Big Boi Discusses Modest Mouse Collab

On April 27 Big Boi tweeted about working with Modest Mouse in the studio.
Yesterday MTV New caught up with Big Boi to figure out what the artists have been working on. The rapper tells MTV News that he, Modest Mouse, and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below producer Chris Carmouche spent time in Big Boi’s Stankonia Studios working on tracks:

[Modest Mouse frontman] Isaac [Brock] and I were talking about our lives, different backgrounds, how he grew up, talking about music, different songs. He gave me backstories on different songs they did, like ‘Wild Pack of Family Dogs,’ gave me stories on that. It was a real chill atmosphere, so it was basically just kicking it around the studio, just chopping it up. We was in here doing 14-hour days. …It was all day long. We’d jam, we’d talk, we’d jam some more. It was a real cool experience.

Later Big Boi says that he’s actually working as a co-producer on the album along with Carmouche, and hasn’t rapped on any tracks yet, though he seems ready to: “If there needs to be some rapping on there, I will destroy it, but right now, we’re just really marinating with the music to see where everything’s going to go.” Read the whole interview at MTV.