Sufjan’s Xmas Xchange

Sufjan’s Xmas Xchange

That’s a lot of X’s, but this has nothing to do with a civically proud elf and candy cane porn (despite Sufjan’s interest in perpetual motion). As you all know, Santa Stevens brought the Holiday spirit in Christmas Past. Now he’s back with a new bag of goodies. This time, though, it’s up to you to give a little.

Via Asthmatic Kitty:

It’s Christmas time again! That means tightly bundled scarves, lively debates on the merits of real/plastic trees, a litany of Christmas television specials, and finding the perfect retro Christmas wrapping paper.

And gifts of course! Who could forget the gifts!

That’s why Sufjan Stevens is busy working on a very special gift right now, for a very special person. And in the spirit of Christmas, that person will give Sufjan a similarly special gift.

Here’s how it works: write an original Christmas song, record it, and email the song to us. Asthmatic Kitty will pick a winner, and that person will trade rights to their song for rights to a new Sufjan Christmas song.

Just like a gift exchange, Sufjan’s new song becomes your song. You can hoard it for yourself, sell it to a major soft drink corporation, use it in your daughter’s first Christmas video, or share it for free on your website. No one except Sufjan and you will hear his song, unless you decide otherwise. You get the song and all legal rights to it. We get the same rights to your song.

The whole thing begins today and you’ll have to get your submission in by midnight 12/1 (winners are announced around 12/15). To get folks in the spirit, AK is also streaming Stevens’s five-album Christmas set online all the way to Christmas. You can score that and a million other details over at the official holiday nook of the Kitty site. If you win, we expect you to immediately sell your song to a major soft drink corporation. Deal?

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