Under The Influence: Servile Sect Trvth

Servile Sect - Trvth

Under The Influence: Servile Sect Trvth

Servile Sect - Trvth

The Phoenix-born Northern California/Brooklyn-based noisemakers Servile Sect play “sci-fi influenced black metal.” It’s even more awesome than that sounds. The band, featuring Luke Krnkr (one half of ITHI) and Ash Borer’s Nhate Clmnt, previously released two full-lengths, the last one, Realms Of The Queen, via Ecstatic Peace. Album three Trvth is out now in an edition of 250 courtesy of R. Loren’s trusty Handmade Birds imprint. (I gave Trvth a mention at the start of my Top 26 Metal Albums Of 2011 So Far because it’s another recent favorite, one that could very well join N’s Ash Borer on my eventual end of year list.) Since Servile Sect are arriving at black metal, psychedelic noise, and harsh ambient drone from an interesting angle — “DJ Shadow with Xasthur hybrid” shows up in their press release as do references to Weakling, Striborg, Ildjarn, etc. — I asked them to compile a mix of songs or bands or whatever that inspired them as a group (or Trvth specifically). As they put it in response: “Tried to keep it short and simple. All of these tracks have played a significant role in making us and our band the weirdos we are.” Here:

Walknut – “The Midnightforest Of The Runes” (from Graveforests and Their Shadows)

Sketchy Russians playing mid-tempo black metal at its absolute finest. Easily one of our all-time favorites.
It really can’t get better than this.

Anti – “Landscape in Minor” (from The Insignificance Of Life)

Blissy annihilation.

Yoga – “Seventh Mind” (from Megafauna)

Witchy bad acid tripped, vibed-out, lo-fi brujo metal bizarreness.

Yellow Swans – “Foiled” (from Going Places)

This one definitely made a mark. Pretty sure this shit induces lucid dreaming…

Elysian Blaze – “Anvil Chorus” (from Beneath Silent Faces)

Super sick anguished, dissonant and dreamy Aussie funeral metal. The shitty production value is really perfect and beautiful, adding much to this track.

Neptune Towers – “The Journey” (from Caravans To Empire Algol)

Almost 15 years and a few hundred plays later, this still completely destroys. Fenriz from Darkthrone jamming amazing Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze- worship.Truly a journey — and one well worth taking. Take Tim Leary’s advice: “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.”

Krohm – “The Waining” (from A World Through Dead Eyes)

Cozy, numbing, depressing, somehow pretty. Like accidentally drinking too much poppy tea and lying face-down on the floor in your scuzzy apartment.

Inferi – “Burned” (from Shores Of Sorrow)

Miserable, repetitive, meditative. One to get lost in while you self-indulgently mope around.

Baptism- “Malicious Rites” (from Grim Arts Of Melancholy)

Pure misanthropic hatred with piles of glory and praise for Satan. Bad vibes in the best way.

Toil – “Behold Black Plague” (from Toil/Prevalent Resistance Split)

Probably one of the coolest, rawest metal recordings ever. Bad-attitude vokillz to the max with such a rad almost D-beat-style song structure. The impossible drums will make the grimmest metal dude grin.

Skullflower – “Starry Wisdom” (from Orange Canyon Mind)

If aliens ever abduct Servile Sect (fingers tightly crossed), this better be telepathically blasting in our brains as we board that fucking UFO.

Noah – “Why Should I Care” (from Brainsuck)

Absolute genius. From 1969 and easily as heavy as anything current. The Hammond B3 fucking kills!

Gary War – “Good Clues” (from New Raytheonport)

A brilliant lysergic pop song by an old buddy and true musical visionary.

Here’s the mix without pause or explanation:


Trvth is out via Handmade Birds in an edition of 125 black/125 bubblegum pink/mint green splatter vinyl. The gatefold’s by Kevin Gan Yuen. To get an idea of what a lifetime of the above equals, stream Trvth’s second side at BrooklynVegan. It’sthe song-based black metal-storm after the abstract/spacey/hand-drummed build-up of Side One.

Servile Sect 2011

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