Facebook Hooks Up With Spotify

In his keynote address at the f8 Developer Conference today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is teaming up with the music streaming service Spotify as one of its new features. The idea is that, with the two services working together, you can listen to songs at the same time as your friends and learn from their musical tastes. You can also see which of your friends learned about music from you, which is an interesting feature. To demonstrate how it’ll work, Zuckerberg played bits and pieces of tracks from Jay-Z, Nirvana, and Kanye West, listening to the tracks at the same time as his friends. Zuckerberg also brought Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to the stage to talk about how it’ll work.

It’s tough to forecast what changes this partnership might bring, but Facebook is one of the few entities big enough to bend the entire music business to its will, so it’s tough to imagine major labels throwing up prohibitive roadblocks here. Zuckerberg talked a lot about the idea that people can now discover music through their friends, and Ek talked about the idea that this would bring people back to paying for music. Seems like we could be seeing some massive industry sea changes happening here.

In other notes, Zuckerberg remains frustratingly awful at public speaking (stop snickering at your own unfunny jokes dude!), and Andy Samberg started things off with a pretty funny extended Zuckerberg impression.

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