Preview John C. Reilly’s Third Man Singles (Feat. Tom Brosseau & Becky Stark)

Chest Rockwell is releasing a couple of singles on Third Man. Considering that Third Man label boss had a quick cameo as Elvis in Walk Hard, it’s not too huge of a surprise that the Walk Hard star, longtime Hollywood character actor, and general funny motherfucker John C. Reilly has linked with him to release some music. But it’s still pretty notable how seriously everybody’s taking this thing.

At some point this month, Reilly will release two singles of classic country covers as a part of Third Man’s Blue Series. White plays on both singles. One of them, credited to Becky & John, collects two duets from Reilly and Lavender Diamond’s Becky Stark. On the single, they cover Ray Price’s “I’ll Be There If You Ever Want” and Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner’s “I’m Making Plans.” The other single is credited to John & Tom. On it, Reilly and Tom Brosseau cover the Delmore Brothers’ “Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar” and “Lonesome Yodel Blues #2.”

Below, listen to quick clips of “I’ll Be There If You Ever Want” and “Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar.” You can pick out Reilly’s voice from about a mile away.

Also of note: Third Man is selling a whole ton of merch for the holidays, including a portable record player, a custom 45 box, and an iPhone case made out of vinyl records. Check it all out here.