Akron/Family Steals T-Shirt Logo From Man Is The Bastard, Says Man Is The Bastard

Akron/Family might have just made the wrong enemy. The psych-folk band recently started selling a T-shirt on its website that shamelessly uses an extremely recognizable image: The skull logo of Man Is The Bastard, the ’90s band that pioneered the hardcore punk subgenre known as power violence. And as Brooklyn Vegan points out, Man Is The Bastard frontman Eric Wood isn’t happy about it.

Wood has taken to leaving incendiary comments on Akron/Family’s Facebook page and encouraging his fans to do the same. (Akron/Family: “We play Subkirke in South Bend, IN tonight!! See you there!!” Eric Wood: “FUCK ALL YOUR SHOWS.”) Wood’s comments keep getting deleted, but it’s pretty hilarious nevertheless. Observe:

Akron Family Comments

(via Brooklyn Vegan)

As Facebook flame wars go, things don’t get a whole lot more entertaining than this.