VH1′s at it again, asking readers of their .com to rank music for a televised special. The 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs series will run each night this week and, somehow, does not feature Asher Roth at #1. Pretty hard to argue with the greatness of the majority of artists on this list, although we’re sure it’ll happen anyway. That, and a torrent compiling all of these MP3s:

100 Biz Markie – “Just A Friend”
99 Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz ft/ Ying Yang Twins – “Get Low”
98 Warren G ft. Nate Dogg – “Regulate”
97 Eve – “Who’s that Girl”
96 DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – “Parents Just Don’t Understand”
95 L’Trimm – “Cars With The Boom”
94 Master P ft. Sikk, Fiend, Mia-x and Mystical – “Make ’Em Say Ugh”
93 N.E.R.D. ft. Lee Harvey and Vida – “Lapdance”
92 Yo-Yo – “Can’t Play with my Yo-Yo”
91 Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone – “Ridin’”
90 Pete Rock & CL Smooth – “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)”
89 Cam’ron – “Oh Boy”
88 Jungle Brothers – “What U Waitin’ 4″
87 Wyclef Jean ft. Refugee All Stars – “We Tryin’ to Stay Alive”
86 Heavy D. and the Boyz – “Now That We Found Love”
85 Black Star – “Definition”
84 UTFO – “Roxanne Roxanne”
83 2 Live Crew – “Me So Horny”
82 Chubb Rock – “Treat ’Em Right”
81 PM Dawn – “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”
80 Three 6 Mafia ft. Paula Campbell- “Hard Out Here For A Pimp”
79 DMX – “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem (Stop Drop)”
78 Arrested Development – “Tennessee”
77 Cold Crush Brothers – “Cold Crush Bros. at the Dixie”
76 Big Punisher ft. Joe- “Still Not A Player”
75 Lil’ Kim ft. Lil’ Cease- “Crush on You”
74 EPMD – “You Gots To Chill”
73 Black Sheep – “The Choice Is Yours”
72 J.J. Fad – “Supersonic”
71 Whodini – “Freaks Come Out at Night”
70 3(rd) Bass – “Pop Goes the Weasel”
69 Common – “I Used to Love H.E.R.”
68 T.I. – “What You Know”
67 Mase – “Feel So Good”
66 House Of Pain – “Jump Around”
65 Spoonie Gee and The Treacherous Three – “Love Rap”
64 The Roots – “What they Do”
63 Kid ’n Play – “Rollin’ With Kid N Play”
62 Digable Planets – “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)”
61 Slick Rick – “Children’s Story”
60 L.L. Cool J – “I Need Love”
59 Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”
58 Ludacris ft. Shawna- “What’s Your Fantasy”
57 Big Daddy Kane – “I Get the Job Done”
56 Busta Rhymes – “Woo-Ha! Got You All In Check”
55 Terror Squad ft/ Fat Joe and Remy – “Lean Back”
54 MC Lyte – “Cha Cha Cha”
53 Lox ft. DMX and Lil’ Kim – “Money, Power, Respect”
52 Foxy Brown ft. Jay-Z – “I’ll Be”
51 Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew – “The Show”
50 Lil’ Wayne – “Tha Block Is Hot”
49 Boogie Down Productions – “My Philosophy”
48 Nas – “One Love”
47 Young MC – “Bust A Move”
46 De La Soul – “Me, Myself, And I”
45 Geto Boys – “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”
44 Method Man ft/ Mary J. Blige – “I’ll Be There For You/You’re All I Need to Get By”
43 Game, The ft. 50 Cent – “Hate It or Love It”
42 Roxanne Shante – “Roxanne’s Revenge”
41 Funky 4 + 1 – “That’s the Joint”
40 Run-DMC – “It’s Like That”
39 Tone-Loc – “Wild Thing”
38 Coolio – “Gangsta’s Paradise”
37 Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock – “It Takes Two”
36 Nelly – “Hot In Herre”
35 Queen Latifah ft. Monie Love – “Ladies First”
34 Cypress Hill – “Insane In The Brain”
33 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – “Tha Crossroads”
32 Puff Daddy & The Family ft/ Notorious B.I.G., Lil’ Kim and The Lox – “It’s All About The Benjamins”
31 Kool Moe Dee – “How Ya Like Me Now”
30 Tribe Called Quest – “Check the Rhime”
29 Digital Underground – “The Humpty Dance”
28 Ice Cube – “It Was A Good Day”
27 Beastie Boys – “Hold it Now, Hit it”
26 MC Hammer – “U Can’t Touch This”
25 Fugees – “Killing Me Softly”
24 Eric B and Rakim – “Paid in Full”
23 Outkast – “B.O.B.”
22 Naughty By Nature – “OPP”
21 Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force- “Planet Rock”
20 Kanye West ft/ Jamie Foxx – “Gold Digger”
19 Ice T – “Colors”
18 50 Cent – “In Da Club”
17 Sir Mix-A-Lot – “Baby Got Back”
16 Missy Elliott – “Get Ur Freak On”
15 Eminem – “Stan”
14 Tupac – “I Get Around”
13 Wu-Tang Clan – “C.R.E.A.M.”
12 L.L. Cool J – “I Can’t Live Without My Radio”
11 Jay-Z – “Hard Knock Life”
10 Kurtis Blow – “The Breaks”
09 Salt-N-Pepa – “Push It”
08 Snoop Doggy Dogg – “Gin and Juice”
07 Notorious B.I.G. – “Juicy”
06 N.W.A. – “Straight Outta Compton”
05 Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five – “The Message”
04 Run-DMC ft/ Aerosmith – “Walk This Way”
03 Dr. Dre – “Nuthin But A ’G’ Thang”
02 Sugarhill Gang – “Rapper’s Delight”
01 Public Enemy – “Fight The Power”

Wonder if we’re gonna see a Kanye blog post on this one. VH1′s 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs is on at 10PM all week.

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  1. TRock  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    No Beastie Boys…are they INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

    • I don’t mean to split hairs TRock, but the Beastie Boys are totally on the list (#27). Read first, then complain.

      Speaking of complaints, if any Beastie Boys song belongs on the list it’s “Paul Revere.” And PE’s “Rebel Without a Pause” is better than “Fight the Power” by about 50 miles. Hell, they have at least ten songs better than “Fight the Power.”

      I guess I can understand just one song per artist, but at least get it right. “One Love” isn’t even the best song on Illmatic, much less the best Nas song ever. And no “You’re A Customer” by EPMD? Kill yourself VH-1.

      • jeff  |   Posted on Dec 15th, 2008 0

        the track list of illmatic alone beats this top 10

      • real hip hop  |   Posted on Jan 1st, 2009 0

        This was possibly the wackest list I have ever seen. First of all, I love PE but them having a song that is number one….NO! and if I was picking a song for them it would be something like Black steel in the hour of chaos. But this list has Bust the move on it. Any song that comes before that on the list makes the list irrelevant. Then they have Tupac’s I get around?…what?…. What about Dear Mamma, Ain’t Mad ‘Cha, Hail Mary… and personally the best rap song of all time So Many Tears….that song is wicked…. this list sucks… I got knock off 75 songs off this list before I could say it has relevance…

      • michael posey  |   Posted on Jan 11th, 2009 0

        ether is da shit

      • eyo not to bum ya out but they all suck jk but they dont belong on the list ow well peace

      • Brannu  |   Posted on Sep 11th, 2009 0

        No disrespect … “Fight The Power” IS the greatest song in hip-hop because of it’s importance to the culture. Better songs? For sure … but … in ’88 these cats came out with a song that defined hip-hop’s cultural defiance of traditional American culture. “Elvis was a racist, simple and plain, mutha fuck him and John Wayne.” I was 16, like … “Did they just say that?” That’s hip-hop – defiance backed with cultural creativity.

        I don’t agree with this list, naturally, but … their #1 is right.

      • joel  |   Posted on Nov 2nd, 2009 0

        you need to realise it isnt about what song is best it is about the most influential hip hop song what one had the most mean n most power in the message we all have songs we think should be on there like “we’ll always love big poppa” by lox or “life goes” on by 2pac but they still did a good job with the list

    • LeeGrant  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

      Beastie Boyz had #27

    • D Saterfield  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2008 0

      True indeed. The best Jewish Rappers Ever. Paul Revere gots to be up there. Replace Eminem ass.

      • Ok you gotta give credit to the beastie boys they were true pioneers for white rap, but eminem WAS and still is the greatest white rapper alive, the beastie boys could rap bout there day to day shit and having fun. Eminem catches people hearts his lyrics speak a long with everybody else on the top twenty, that is the difference between good hip hop and great hip hop

    • mike da god  |   Posted on Oct 3rd, 2008 0

      this list is an insult to hip hop. no gangstarr? mc hammer? shit is weak

    • 90 Pete Rock & CL Smooth – “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)”
      Ouch !!!I Bet that was a typo or something that track deserved to number 9. That song is number one on my list I don’t give a F@#k what anybody says

      • vgkid93  |   Posted on Oct 4th, 2008 0

        yo i cant freaking believe that crap
        that song deserved number 6 man
        EXTREMELY hot beat
        it has one of the best stories to ever be told!
        i mean it takes a genius to create lyrics such as those!
        that is a true insult to modern day hip-hop its just weak. idc
        imo alotta tracks shouldn’t be on.
        99 Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz ft/ Ying Yang Twins – “Get Low”
        55 Terror Squad ft/ Fat Joe and Remy – “Lean Back”
        they were hot songs but like… they dont deserve top 100 material =/
        vh1 u disappoint me

      • Free Smith  |   Posted on Oct 6th, 2008 0

        Exactly. that shit was a smack in the face. they had lean back ahead of it.

    • Michaela  |   Posted on Oct 4th, 2008 0

      # 27 dumbass!

    • KD  |   Posted on Oct 5th, 2008 +1




      NO GOT 5 ON IT





      • Ummmm… this is for Hip-Hop, not Rap. Unfortunately, there’s less and less Hip-Hop these days.

        • ace  |   Posted on Nov 15th, 2008 0

          Why do people INSIST on saying that hip hop and rap are different? “Hip Hop” refers to a cultural movement and “rap” is the music of that culture. Saying, “I like Hip Hop” is just short for saying, “I like Hip Hop music” which is long for saying, “I like rap”.

          End of story.

          • Ya mama  |   Posted on Jan 15th, 2009 -1

            No, it’s much different, as KRS put it, rap is something you DO, while hip hop is something you LIVE..and i agree that alotta these tracks on here are just commercialized rap songs that probably will lose favor in years to come.

          • Rap and hip hop are extremely different! Ya Mamma is so right.. rap is not hip hop at all. You wanna talk about hip hop, you wanna say that you are talking about real things. Real life, as they actually SAW it. You can’t say that rap even has that. Rappers talk about the same old shit in every song, things that they know nothing about.. but figure that they can talk about because they are ‘rappers’. Graffiti, Breakdancing, MCing, and Djing are hip hop. Guns, Girls, Money and Alcohol are rap.

          • Blessed-Beats  |   Posted on May 30th, 2009 0

            Oh right now i understand, so hip hop HASN’T got guns,drugs alcohol but has got breakdancing, i cant see Biggie bustin’ a move to be honest i’m pretty certain he’d be to busy with guns and drugs, yet he does hip-hop?Everyone on this list has at some point used drugs, alcohol guns etc. rap and hip-hop are in essence the same….No wait they are the same.

          • Joo  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2009 0

            na man rap is rap…but there’s commercial rap, and true rap that represents hip hop culture..or emceeing in other words..but yea..most of wat u said is true, hip hop rap is about real stuff, tings that ppl hae experienced or gone through..

          • hip hop genius  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2010 0

            your just another person who’s all mixed up with hip hop and rap- its not that they are different at all. rap is a verb, hip hop is a genre, its not what you hear on the radio anymore these days, lil wayne, 50 cent- thats all pop music, its not hip hop- hip hop has a certain sound to it, and if you know your hip hop you would laugh at this list and kids like you who think that rap is a genre next to hip hop. rap is what you do- hip hop is what you live. saying you listen to rap music is as ridiculous as saying you listen to “sing” music. and yeah- this list is insulting to anyone who knows their hip hop- and how are you gonna dis biggie? he only released 1 album while he was alive and he’s the most quoted rapper to this day- learn about hip hop, and “rap” for that matter and don’t make any comments until you do

          • Daniel727  |   Posted on Dec 16th, 2009 -1

            Hip hop is fresh prince or puff daddy, rap is extremly different. How do you put artists like these with Tupac, Biggie, etc etc.

        • DS  |   Posted on Dec 17th, 2008 -1

          Agreed, musicunderfire. I’ve said this for a while, but I wish Mos Def would stop with the acting and help Kweli save hip hop. They seriously snubbed AZ by putting One Love on this list. I don’t disagree with the number one song, but I had The Message first and Rapper’s Delight second. You gots to chill at number 74? No Redman? Shimmy Shimmy Ya is on the list? This list is extremely flawed. But, what do you expect when you have rich old white people picking the songs?

    • Mark  |   Posted on Oct 5th, 2008 -1

      J5 should be on here

    • Pete  |   Posted on Oct 6th, 2008 0

      i totally agree…that, and no eric b. and rakim, i.e., “I Got Soul”…

      • JermSD  |   Posted on Nov 6th, 2008 0

        I guess I see why VH1 doesn’t really play hip-hop cuz they don’t know anything…Eric B and Rakim “My Melody” is not even on the list!?!?!? I think Scorl3y’s top 10 is much much better. WTF was the criteria? Some of the VH1 picks didn’t even have decent lyrics, memorable beats, or the longevity for consideration.

        When’s BETs Top 100 come out?? ;)

    • Tracye  |   Posted on Oct 6th, 2008 0

      Who did this list? Are they insane? Erik B & Rakim not in the top #3!! WTF

    • Greg  |   Posted on Oct 6th, 2008 0

      Suddenly I realize how little I know about, listen to, or care about Hip Hop. Well… back to the new Department of Eagles Album!

      • abuck111  |   Posted on Feb 1st, 2010 0

        hah, new department of eagles. if by new you mean 2008. i want to punch you in the throat greg. also, no international players anthem? and no electric relaxation??

    • MilkyT  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2008 0

      Beasties are on list with Hold it now,hit it at 27. Great songs that are missing are Glamorous Life by Cool C, My Part of Town by Tuff Crew,I’m Bad by LL Cool J, Jam on It by Newcleus, I’ll House Ya by The Jungle Brothers,It’s Tricky by RunDmc,Poison by BBD,and Paul Rever by The BeastieBoys. Take the following off the list L’Trimm(sorry Tigre and Bunny),PeteRock and Cl Smooth , ColdCrushBrothers , Common , SpoonieG , LittleWayne and Funky 4 + 1. Some songs on list aren’t even the best song by the artist, Kool Moe Dee’s best song is WilWildWest,Tupac’s best song is California Love, Sir Mixalot’s best song is Posse on Broadway. Curtis Blowe’s best song is Basketball, and PE’s best song is Rebel without a Pause.

    • bd  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2008 0

      calm down number 27 dude

    • liz  |   Posted on Dec 4th, 2008 0

      beastier boys is number 27!!

    • Brooklyn Rappin  |   Posted on Dec 4th, 2008 0

      Steady B???? Stesasonic????

    • Beasty boys was in there. Like in the 20s.

    • helllls yaeh!

    • edgar  |   Posted on Dec 22nd, 2008 0

      number 27 dumbass

    • sean  |   Posted on Jan 14th, 2009 0

      P.E. number 1…..pleaze!!!! Rakim, DMC, Grandmaster Flash, let’s not forget Melle Mel….way too many artists are on another echelon than Chuck D….don’t get me wrong his lyrics were dope but we ALL know not #1

    • jesse  |   Posted on May 12th, 2009 0

      NO SEAN PRICE??????
      Sean Price ft. ilya boyz – Heltah Skeltah … Arguably the best rap song of all times.. gotta be kidding me..

    • colton  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2009 0

      27 Beastie Boys – “Hold it Now, Hit it”

    • Jonathan Leiterman  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2009 0

      Big Poppa by Notorious BIG is by far the best song at least top 5

    • Jonathan Leiterman  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2009 0

      What about ICE ICE BABY, hate it or love it, one of the top hip hop songs of all time

    • nick  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 0

      well first of all instead of i get around it should be brendas got a baby for tupacs greatest song
      also california love, how do you want it, dear mama, life goes on, or trapped by tupac should be on there not i get around and in addition to juicy by biggie smalls hypnotized, mo money mo problems, one more chance, and big poppa should be on there. Also why isnt ice ice baby on there they left that out and in addition to stan by eminem my name is, the real slim shady, and cleaning out my closet should be there but the thing that PISSED ME OFF THE MOST WAS THAT THE BEST EMINEM SONG AND MABEY IN THE BEST HIP HOP SONG EVER WAS NOT THERE AND THAT WAS LOSE YOURSELF WTF IS WRONG WITH VH1??? ALSO 2 OTHER SONGS THAT WERE LEFT OUT THAT DESERVE A SPOT WAS I’M BAD BY LL COOL J AND REAL MUTHERFUCKEN G’S BY EAZY E


    • marisellis  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2009 0

      no rakim boggie down productions

    • jake  |   Posted on Dec 3rd, 2009 0

      27 Beastie Boys – “Hold it Now, Hit it” duh?

    • Andy  |   Posted on Dec 4th, 2009 0

      No made you look by Nas …!!!what da heck?Crazy…really!!!!!!

    • mike  |   Posted on Jan 28th, 2010 0

      B- Boys #27 hold it now, hit it!

    • mike  |   Posted on Jan 28th, 2010 0

      B- Boys #27 hold it now, hit it!

    • r u kidding me a eazy e songs should be in here if a lil wayne song is in here eazy should

    • 27 Beastie Boys – “Hold it Now, Hit it”

  2. a.k.  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    B.O.B. is an intereisting choice….

  3. this is pretty terrible, as expected, considering vh1′s demo. one of many complaints: only one nas song? and “one love”? great, but not his best. 50 cent has two better songs than that, apparently. BARF

  4. Michael Houghton  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    Hm. It’s sorely missing “Do The Digs Dug” by The Goats. And maybe, just for fun, “Lovely” by Bubba Sparxxx.

  5. Aside from only including one song per artist (not including “featurings”) is idiotic, and the one song chosen for each artist is occasionally ridiculous, but those are things I’d expect from VH1. Otherwise… not nearly as awful as I would’ve imagined. I was expecting much, much worse.

  6. Bill TD  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    I don’t care about the list itself. Of course it’s way off. I’m just excited that the guy who always comments about Clipse on bafflingly irrelevant posts–”Man, who cares about My Bloody Valentine? Clipse is way better than them!!!”– can go to town here.

    Take it away, Clipse guy.

  7. The fact that “U Can’t Touch This” makes the list makes it completely irrelevant.

  8. dan   |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    white people make a list about rap music, then other white people complain about it

    • nez  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2008 0

      eggs actly!!!!

    • Alecson  |   Posted on Oct 3rd, 2008 0

      So white people shouldn’t listen to (and have an opinion about) hip-hop? What are you even talking about?

    • Justin  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2009 0

      you act like white people cant listen to rap… if i said something like that about ANY other race it would be racist. whatever, it doesn’t matter, ignorance is everywhere.

    • discohippie_90  |   Posted on May 20th, 2009 0

      That wasnt even cool. Im black and I dont even think like that. Music has no race.

  9. There should be a LOT of Wu related shit on here, like:

    Glaciers of Ice
    4th Chamber
    Bring The Pain

    Hell, 98% of the tracks RZA produced in the ’90s are better than anything on this list (Master P?! What the fuck!). Oh yeah, Nas’ “Represent” is the best hip-hop song ever.

  10. randomhiphopguy  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    the list is interesting. Even though I’m not a fan myself, it’s weird seeing songs by T.I and Kanye West because they are still so recent.

    A list of the 100 greatest hip hop songs of all time is arbitrary though at this point in the music. Rap has been around long enough that it contains way more than 100 songs. They maybe should have chosen a certain time period or looked at the most “influential” songs (i.e. self destruction, the bridge is over, f@#% the police, etc) making it like a historical thing.

    although given that it’s just a list randomly selected by people who (read?) watch VH1, you can’t really complain, it’s a pretty good playlist to put on at a party anyways

  11. Greg  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    Well clearly it’s not a strict “one song per artist” rule since LL Cool J is on there twice, which makes every other omission by artists who are on there only once all the more glaring.

  12. Mike  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    First off, Triumph by teh Wu Tang Clan is easily the best rap song of all time. Easily.

    Also, I’m a little disappointed that Mos Def didn’t make the list. Ms. Fat Booty is a great hip hop song.

    And speaking of omissions, I counted at least 3 variations of Lil’ on the list and not one of them is the only necessary Lil’, Lil’ Wayne.

    Lastly, I’m at a loss for words why Killing Me Softly is the choice from the Fugees. A) It’s not even their song, and
    B) It’s hardly even a hip hop song, and
    C) There are several truly outstanding hip hop songs on that album to choose from.

  13. Marko  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    nelly? they must be high

  14. ev  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    …Motherfuck VH1 and John Wayne!!

  15. dhtshfjjf  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    the block is hot? if your going to be ignorant and put weezy on here this is not the song to use…many other better ones, im talking like 100 better songs by him alone!

  16. Tyler  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    I can’t believe a name dropping talentless rapper like the game makes top 50 on this list. I know when it comes to VH-1 they don’t know shit about most music in general but this just angers me that they put this particular list out. It must be the top Hip Hop singles list but even then T.I. shouldn’t really make it.

    • mcmama  |   Posted on Oct 11th, 2009 0

      hey you.. you r the one who dnt know shit… t.i n the game shud probably make it to top 20…

  17. Dan  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    Hard Knock Life is so far from the best Jay-Z song it’s almost funny. If they’d thrown Brooklyn’s Finest, Izzo (HOVA), 99 Problems or even Big Pimpin’ in that spot, it would make more sense.

  18. Nick  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    now is when a bunch of white teenagers argue about hip hop in the comment section of the most sterile indie rock blog on the internet. this should be entertaining.

  19. sure…. NOW you don’t like Asher Roth

  20. Allah  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    Now just where the fuck are the Wu Tang Killer bees?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. no talib kweli? no krs one? just 2 off the top of my head, but a fuckton better than sir mix alot and heavy d

    • god  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

      stupid pussy bitch

    • Chris  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008 0

      Talib kweli is the second half of black star which is on the list… should be A LOT higher but, KRS-one is part of boogie down productions which is also on the list, and there is A LOT better songs than thi but VH1 assumes if they were never one the radio or on mtv they couldnt possibly be good i am SUPRISED mos def even made it on there, either way pointless list should be called the hundred greatest RAP songs cause they mostly are and they shouldnt shame they word hip hop with people like lil wayne and the game

    • zg  |   Posted on Oct 4th, 2008 0

      actually he was

    • yeye  |   Posted on Dec 29th, 2008 0

      That comment shows how much you know. Krs-One is part of Boogie Down Productions, whose song, “My Philosophy” made the list.

  22. grantypoo  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    Most of the comments to this post are absolutely ridiculous, this is not a list of your favorite rap songs. It is a list of what VH-1 believes are the 100 best songs objectively.

    The thing that gets me is that so many critics place albums like Nas-Illmatic, Eric B. and Rakim, and Jay-z’s first album very high on lists; however, songs from these albums are not represented very well by VH-1.

    I suppose i would place both Nas and De La Soul much higher on the list based on where they are usually placed on other countdowns…Suggesting Salt-n-pepa have the 9th best rap song of all time seems a little off.

    • good day sir  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

      what makes your comment so less ridiculous? you say nothing more in your post than others who have posted. Best song objectively? what criteria do they use here to make an objective decision? production quality? lyrics? flow/cadence? None of this was taken into account obviously. People are simply expressing their distaste with a rather vague list and some rather random selections and placements.

    • jc camden  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

      your right this is not supposed to be a list of anybodys favorite songs but if the title of the list is 100 greatest hip hop songs the best songs should be on that list. the bridge, ladi dodi and my melody aren’t on this list. those songs are legendary. they would make anybodys top 10 let alone top 100. how about mob deep’s “cradle to the grave” or even “survival of the fitest” nothing from raekwon’s “only 4 cuban linx” album, please. krs one’s “the mc” easy top 100 song. just-ice “cold getting dumb” or “latoya”. if you don’t know what i’m talking about or if you never heard these songs, down load them and then defend this list. while you are at it look up “sitting on chrome” by master ace. “my posse is on broadway” by sir mix alot, “south bronx” krs one, “nobody move” eazy e, “jack the ripper” “you’ll rock”LL cool J, “cappucino” mc lyte, “saturday night” schoolly d, “beats to the rhyme” RUN DMC, “it’s yours” T la rock. happy listening. that’s hip hop

      • randy  |   Posted on Oct 3rd, 2008 0

        Your’e right on point !!!! I said the samething in reference to Just Ice….I still listen to Latoya !!! And the jerk that said LL is there twice is obviously an MTV/Vh1 hip hop fan….I still refuse to call them rappers ….thats a name the media gave it because they didnt know what they witnessing at the time !!! IF YOUR’E REAL…YOUR’E AN MC !!!! PERIOD . LL shoulda been on there 4 times !! No mama said knock you out,,,,finished off Kool MOe Dees career, his answer to canibus…he’d rather fight Iraqis than fuck with L again….and who could forget I shot ya !!!!! So fuckin hot Puff is in it !!! The answer to Who shot ya !!! Salt and pepa defintly desrve the 9th spot…..and those west coast dudes ….This is a long time coming But thanks !!! Yall elevated this NWA and gin and juice……snoop took at least a million off crack with that !!!

      • randy thompson  |   Posted on Oct 4th, 2008 0


    • midnight marauder  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2008 0

      keep in mind, its not VH1′s list, it’s the list made by the fucking idiots who go on the VH1 site. next time they ask them to make a list, STEREOGUM WILL RAID.

  23. fddhdgjsgsssssssssddddddd  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    jj fad – supersonic =

    bahaha fergie ripped this shit off so hard, i woulda never heard of that song

  24. dakota  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    I’m pretty sure the world is tired of VH1 assuming they’re musically savvy and releasing some of the most silly lists… yeah.

    Especially since they apparently had this unwritten rule that there can’t be more than one song from an artist, which I think is silly because it underwrites some of the extensive achievements of certain artists in this genre. I mean, why do we have to make room for people like Salt-N-Pepa? Sir Mix Alot? 2 Live Crew?

    SO, kids who spend their days watching VH1 and assuming they are musically savvy will assume that Hard Knock Life is his best song. Or that One Love is Nas’s.

    Granted, I do enjoy Juicy high on the list. Not so much Salt-N-Pepa in the Top 10.

  25. joe  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 0

    The weird part of this list is that an artist can only be represented once. Doesn’t make much sense, really, since some acts have a lot of songs that belong on the list. That also throws out the idea that this list is an objective ranking of hip hop’s best songs…since objectively Dre, Eminem, Public Enemy, Outkast, Jay-Z, Nas, and company should have a couple in the top 100.

  26. steve  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    A lot of these songs should not be here. However, I don’t think The Game is talentless, but I do think Hate It or Love It is a crappy song and should definitely not be on this list.

  27. Michael  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    This list is horrible. How is California Love not even on this list and there is only one Eminem song, also.

  28. jc camden  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    i have no idea who voted, but i know there are about 20 songs that deserve to be on this list, and that’s with out even really getting into it. paid in full? over “my melody”, eric b for president, juice, microphone fien?, colors? but no “6 in the morning” are you serious? no Shan? this list is garbage, you have maye and I mean maybe 50 songs that belong on the top 100. i need love over mama said knock you out or even I’m bad? one song per artis? LL has 2 songs on the, list #12 and#60. nah they really missed it with this list. come on stan over my name is, or even loose yourself? I really hope that people who don’t know better don’t think that this is the best of hip hop. this list should be called “100 greatest hip pop songs, maybe, we think, or gues, we really don’t know”

    • Randy  |   Posted on Oct 4th, 2008 0

      JC are you my brother separated at birth ? I agree with all you said !!! And Im gonna smash them out…….Before you can even put the Sugar Hill Gang on….if your’e a hip hop purist…….you need to have Fatback band and king tim the 3rd on that list or its really irrelevant…..THE VERY FIRST RECORDED HIP HOP RECORD IS NOT ON THE LIST ? I agree the tribe should be on their…..but with scenario !!! No mr. Cheeks ? ATL’s greatest MC isnt on the list as a solo artist ? Mr. 3000 ( yeah he gets that kinda of respect in Hollis, Queens.) But someone had the audacity to have chamillionaire on it ? Ridin durty was hot but definitly not in the top 100 ……..I wanna say I loves me some Kanye West…..he’s different, hes still young right now….but just like everyone else he will be humbled too…….Right now in Chi town and the world Mr. Fiasco is hip hops new verbal savior…..KaNye …if you read this YOU ARE THE BOMB KID………IF YOUR ANGER IS WHAT DRIVES YOU…….I DON’T WANNA SAY STAY ANGRY, BUT REGARDLESS OF WHAT WE LOVE YA MR. WEST !!! Opp is not on the list ? Thank god for evolution……….because Hip hop is now vast !!!!

  29. g rapo8  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    the best tupac is not i get around
    what about california love or americas most wanted
    plus he’s one of the top mc’s he should have a top 10 song

  30. kelly  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    AESOP ROCK is better than all 100 of these suckers combined.

  31. Marco  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    This is the worst list I have ever seen, here are SOME that you missed;

    Still Dre – Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg
    Unbelievable – Biggie Smalls
    2nd childhood – Nas
    Rather Unique – AZ
    Lifes a B*tch – Nas ft Az
    Get Money – Biggie Smalls ft Lil’ Kim
    Fast Life – Kool G Rap
    The Saga (remix) – Cormega
    Nas is Like – Nas
    Feel me Flow – Naughty by Nature
    It ain’t hard to tell – Nas

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, this is pathetic. It’s also so sad how you blantanly put artists affiliated with your station all over the list, when they don’t even belong.

  32. steve  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    This list is full of fucking terrible songs.

    Also, the rote praise for critics’ darlings Public Enemy was entirely predictable and confirms that some fruitcake Spin critics who know nothing about hip-hop were responsible for compiling the list. Not that PE was bad, but it’s annoying that fucking landmark stuff like the Ultramagnetic MCs’ “Critical Beatdown” came out the same year as “It Takes a Nation of Millions”, but is barely ever mentioned by critics.

    Does anyone remember the Spin magazine “Punk Issue” in 2000? They had a list of the supposed best punk albums of all time, and it was just as bad as this.

  33. hannah  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    Where is “Forgot About Dre”? I guess they really did…

  34. Evanso  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    Come on guyz. Where’s Dead Presidents, and what is BOB doing there what happened to Aquemini, Elevators, Player’s ball..T.I??? come on now where’s canibus 2nd round k.o.? where’s rock the bells??or jack the ripper?? There so many songs out there that should hav made this. Biggie..Unbelievable???Warning??NAughty..uptown anthem??tribe called quest??oh my god need I say more??

    • randy  |   Posted on Oct 3rd, 2008 0

      Whoa I for got all about them !!! What made Ultramagnetic hot was the fact the Original Gangster rapper of all time wrote for them…he gets credit on the album….but his stilo was way too hard for that time. Olympia Palace……..he destroyed every MC bought to him that included a young LL , Run, melle mell, kurtis blow all of them were considered wack for a minute…….but then all of them made records and Father tyheim wemt on to be a thugs thug !!! He good now…life goes on !!!

  35. Dewds, no KRS One? Anyone else find that a glaring omission?

  36. Boogie Down Productions is basically KRS-One retard. I used to Love H.E.R should be Top 10 for sureee. But not even in the top 20? Ridiculous.

  37. So where the hell is the best hip-hop song in history…Sucker MC’s by Run-DMC. You know a song is good when almost 20 years after it’s release, you still know the ALL the lyrics!!! This list sucks!!!!

  38. This list is totally wrong.Every choice from 100 to 1 is damn wrong.
    Rakim’s song:Follow the leader is # 1
    Jeru The Damaja’s song:Can’t stop the prophet is #2
    Oh no their going to try and cut my hair;but that can’t stop the prophet.
    I get around isn’t Tupac’s best song and now am pissed.
    The song:Seven Stages of Hell is in the top 10
    so that basicly means this list was contrived by the main stream which literally means nothing.

  39. Ha Ha Ha!
    This hip-hop list is an insult to hip-hop and so for this;VH-1 gets :

  40. John Lamen  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    Here the Top 10
    1. C.R.E.A.M by Wu Tang Clan — 2. I Used to Love H.E.R by Common — 3. The Message by GrandMaster Flash — 4. Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thang by Dr. Dre — 5. Rappers Delight by Sugarhill Gang — 6. Rebirth of Slick by Digible Planets — 7. Roc Boys by Jay-Z — 8. Feels So Good by Mase — 9. California Love by Tupac — 10. Boys N The Hood by Eazy-E GET AT ME!

    • jc camden  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2008 0

      let me get this straight, no biggie in your top ten, how about run dmc, rakim or public enemy. loose your self by eminen is one hell a record. nah man I’m not digging your list either. sorry

  41. Jess  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    When it comes down to it, this is a list of 100 songs that VH1 thinks make good television. This is a list of songs for a show in which clips from the song are played and comedians and musicians comment on the songs. So, first of all, the songs all need to have music videos, and not every song you guys have mentioned have videos. Secondly, the term “great” is obviously subject to bias. Your idea of a good song and my idea of a good song are very different. So don’t get bent out of shape over such silly things like this. I’ve enjoyed watching part of the countdown just for hearing some really old songs I haven’t heard in a long time and also for hearing some of the commentary on the videos.

  42. guest  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2008 0

    #1 should be 2pac keep your head up. the really fucked up this list….

  43. Dave  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008 0

    The list is not legit. Run DMC’s “Rock Box” is an all time classic.

  44. poochi  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008 0

    ay wat tha fuck iz up wit YALL vh1?




    3. 187 PROOF- SPICE 1


    • randy  |   Posted on Oct 4th, 2008 0

      Word…. How is too short not on this list ? The bay area is the sleeper……E40 probally sold a million joints…….but I have to admit off the top of my dome I cant remeber his work…….but I do know hes important because before he had a deal…….he was on every mixtape there was !!!

  45. They should have called this list “Top 100 Rap Songs White People (Who Probably Don’t Know Too Many Black People) Like Doing at Karaoke Nights” Then ‘Rapper’s Delight,’ ‘Baby Got Back,’ ‘Bust a Move,’ ‘The Humpty Dance,’ and ‘U Can’t Touch This’ would belong there.

  46. thisLISTsucks  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008 0

    You are telling me that In Da Club is better than Can I Kick it? What?!?
    I can’t believe some of the songs on here. Chamillinaire? Cam’ron? This list is a joke.

  47. f0li30l1edagreat   |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008 0

    question: whos better 50 or game? last i checked the game has better skillz than eminems hype man. whats up with 2pac being number 14 with i get around? nice song yes, but not his best. Pac is the considered the best even a legend so he has to have more songs on the list as well as jay-z, nas, eminem, dre, B.I.G, and wu-tang……what the hell is wrong with vh1. i can think at least 50 other number 1 songs besides public enemys fight the power. do ur research and listen to me against the world track # 12-Old Skool……pac practically advised vh1 who should be on the list…..i mean really helped them, who could disagree with that song.vh1 is so not hip-hop they should really reconsider doing this list over. it sux big time.

  48. EcK  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008 0

    Worst list ever. Schindler’s List had better hip-hop songs.

  49. Daveed  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008 0

    This list is a bunch of BS. They need to rename the list: 100 Greatest RAP Songs. Granted there are some respectable artists in this list, but the song choices seem to be nothing but the singles that got/get radio play. Looks like someone at VH1 doesn’t listen to Hip Hop albums, but Rap singles.

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