Prince - "Cause And Effect"

Another Purple One premiere for Minnesota Public Radio, which we can ride with. Prince is bolstering his hometown indie’s page view count by giving them his second new track of the past few months (don’t forget the Jehovah’s Witness hymnal masquerading as Vikings fight song “Purple & Gold” … actually, maybe do). It’s a Princely revue that takes surf rock as its base, passing it through some funk and prog-rock filters, but it’s the lyrics stick out. “There’s something on the tip of my tongue, I’ve got a taste for sin.” Old Prince! “I’m made in the image of God.” New Prince! Really it’s reconciling his biographical extremes with this operative line: “If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing but my next of kin / If you stamp your passport full of regret you’ll have nothing to remember but a lot to forget.” He’s a holy roller, but still can count off each position from those one-night stands. Dude’s fascinating. Musically this is not a breakthrough of any sort, but I abide by the self-referential, especially when there’s so many selves for him to reference. There will be no new fans, but listen up if you are into the man:

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  1. Prince should get back together with Wendy & Lisa and pump out another classic LP similar to the stuff he did on Purple Rain. This song is good but it’s mediocre compared to the material he did with The Revolution. If Lil Wayne still wants to rock, he should listen to the purple-one and take notes.

  2. It’s such a shame that Prince got sucked in the Witnesses, what a slam on his style. The Watchtower is a religion invented in the late 1800s by a man who was into pyramidology, numerology, and other whacky ideas. 130 years later, they are still awaiting a false hope. Carnival hucksters.

  3. Hmmm…okay but not great. I love the guitar. This kinda reminds me of Enon which is weird.

  4. I haven’t listened 2 this song enough times yet 2 make what I would consider a honest appraisal… I can still remember the various tracks I felt were WTF moments from many of his greatest selling albums. I am old enough 2 remember “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker” “Starfish & Coffee” and many other what I felt were whacked tracks from SOTT. Not being able 2 easily hear Prince’s music on the radio has been a real hinderance to getting his sound out. That said…

    Bravo Prince!

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