In that recent NME interview where M.I.A. cut-down Lady Gaga, she offered enthusiastic praise to her recent N.E.E.T. signees Sleigh Bells:

The new Sleigh Bells album epitomizes how kids are feeling in America –- so much energy, but nothing to do with it. Everyone wants you to be an apathetic consumer over there, so it’s cool to have some weird discomfort going on.

You get some of that energy in this punked/fuzzed/dubbed-out new track of hers, “Born Free.” It sorta sounds like Julie Ruin covering the Slits. Covering X-Ray Spex. Or, you can just say you feel the Sleigh Bells influence. Or you could mention she apparently wrote it with Suicide’s Alan Vega (or at least sampled him). All make sense.

“I don’t wanna talk about money, ’cause I got it.” No official word if this appears on her new still-untitled album due June 29 via N.E.E.T./Interscope, but it’s probably safe to at least assume that.

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  1. kinda has a silver apples, suicide groove to it.

    • Of course it has a “Suicide groove”, she’s sampling Ghost Rider!

      • I totally noticed that and couldn’t believe it. I had to go and play the two back to back. She doesn’t even try to hide. Of course, she doesn’t need to. It makes her look cooler to sample a band like Suicide, but do her fans really listen to them?

  2. did she really co-write it with alan vega or does he have writing credit bc it samples his song?


    • Yeah, it’s unclear if his writing goes beyond the sampling of “Ghost Rider.” I just saw the writing credit, need to track down more info.

  4. Admire what she’s going for, but it doesn’t really suit her.

  5. Mmm the Ghost Rider lyrics are far superior. Marvel for the win.

  6. haha this is sooo bad. i cant wait for people to hop all over this because it’s “cool”

  7. def. suicide groove….and effects on vox….but sounds like vocally she’s vibing some old karen o shit

  8. y’all are trippin this is awesome. punk and rad.

  9. indeed, this is good shit.

  10. Kind of reminds me of old B-52′s, in a good way. I see how others wouldn’t like it, it’s very different from anything she’s done and at first, I was weirded out by it, but it grew on me.

  11. Anyone hearing Beastie Boy’s “Square Wave in Unison” from Aglio e Olio?

  12. I swear I hear a Steven Jesse Bernstein riff in there! Anyone else hear that … starting at about the :20 mark. It’s like “No No Man Pt. II” at super-speed:

  13. You can download the new track here:

  14. I’m sure this might grow on me, but right now, I sort of think this BLOWS. What the hell? The other song sucked, and this is another odd ball.

  15. M.I.A. reinventing herself yet again. “I don’t wanna talk about money….. I was born free” I’m not sure where she’s going in this song but hopefully the rest of the album sticks to the formula that’s been working for her.

  16. Anyone else hearing Wavves here?

  17. Anybody hearing some Dexys Midnight Runners in this track?

  18. I ove M.I.A. but:
    1. This is not good
    2. This style doesn’t suit her at all
    3.She needs to learn how to maje a track without a sample.

  19. Yall crazy!!!! this is so good.

    its funny how peeps what the same shit over and over again!!!1

  20. Why is she trying to sound like lady gaga if she hates her so much??

    - This is terrible :(

  21. Uy and sleigh bells aren’t much better either… The only relationship between these two is the persistent abuse of a catchy hook

    - Double :(

  22. Pitchfork’s allowing Maya to take over their Twitter today was one of the worst ideas they have ever had. (a) she can’t shut up (b) nonsense with wanton disregard for spelling (c) she wrote it in all caps. we get it. you’re loud. I am however surprised she had nothing to say about the Arizona immigration law, Obama’s efforts at Wall St reform, the NBA playoffs and the recent Icelandic volcano. She’s never had any problem soapboxing on any and all topics in the past. Song is OK though.

    • did you watch the video? kinda seemed like she was making a point with that. why bother to rant on twitter when you have a violent video instead? it definitely paints more of a “picture” of how she feels.

  23. This album is definitely gonna be super eclectic. Can’t wait to here it in full. I’ve been posting a lot about it on MusicVagabond:

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