Salem Remix Interpol

I like Salem. If we play the odds, though, chances are you probably don’t (unless you’re Juno). That said, it was a pretty interesting move for Interpol — a once hugely buzzing band on an undeniable critical/popular downturn — to ask the not necessarily beloved King Night crew to remix their “Try It On” for Record Store Day. The EP also features “Try It On” remixes by Ikonika and Banjo or Freakout, but this is the one folks are bound to be talking about. It’s also the most engaging Interpol song I’ve heard since the gone, but still fondly punch-lined Carlos D grew a mustache.

Interpol’s limited-edition “Try It On” 12″ EP is out 4/16 as a celebration of Record Store Day Europe. It’ll receive a North American release later this summer.

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  1. I like. Think it sounds good. Never really understood all the hate.

  2. I dig it more than the original actually.

  3. No time to simply “like” SALEM when I’m too busy LOVING them.

    Seriously, this is blowing my mind. “SALEM remix Interpol” — sort of blowing my mind right now. I considered Interpol my favorite band back in Antics era, and I definitely consider SALEM my favorite band now.

    Not to mention that if SALEM do anything well (they do quite a bit) it’s a remix. From remixing HEALTH to Interpol in a year’s time. Not bad at all. New SALEM is new SALEM and I’ll TRY IT ON!

  4. he did a good work.

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