The National Exile Vilify

This National track comes from the videogame Portal 2’s soundtrack. (Thanks for the tip, Christian.) According to a spokesperson from the band’s publishing label, Matt Berninger & Co.’s “raw and emotive music evokes the same visceral reactions from its listeners that Portal does from its players.” We’re entering different emotional terrain than “Pac-Man Fever”:

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  1. Hey Matt, need a co-op partner?

  2. man, this is really cool. seems like some of their best stuff is left off their major releases.

  3. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Apr 19th, 2011 -2

    meh. verse is cool, chorus has the fucking coldplay “the scientist” chord progression. anyone know what i mean?

  4. I think that it may have been their goal with Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks to get Beringer’s voice to come out of the gutters, but this song definitely did that.

  5. Nah, this is cool, I really like the new lush National, but the chorus totally does have a very similar chord progression to “The Scientist.”

  6. I really like it, but the backing piano melody in the verse is super close to brand new’s “(fork and knife)” intro :

  7. I really like it, but the backing piano melody in the verse is super close to brand new’s “(fork and knife)” intro/chorus :

  8. Dunny why do they put it into FLV container. I’ve demuxed the mp3 out of it:

  9. Man they just keep getting better. What a strong vocal, jesus christ. I absolutely love the mix too, anyone know who engineered this track?

  10. Favorite National song? Favorite National song.

  11. simply beautiful

  12. Are there technical similarities to “generic Fray-esque piano ballad material”? sure, probably. But the details really make the difference. from the production, to the melody, and probably most of all, Beringer’s vocals; I would say this track runs in a different circle. maybe someone with a better attention span and knowledge in music theory could pick out exactly what those differences are, but I can hear the certain “je ne sais quois” (sorry, don’t get to use that pretentious expression everyday) that seperates this song from the standard radio piano ballads.

  13. I just might replace this song for “vanderlyle crybaby geeks” on my own version of High Violet.

    • This isn’t bad but Vanderlyle kicks ass! Plus, it’s loosely based on the life of Jerry Levine (the guy that played Rupert “Styles” Stilinski in Teen Wolf.)

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