Deafheaven - Roads To Judah

Deafheaven’s Roads To Judah came up a few times in the comments of my Top 26 Metal Albums Of 2011 So Far. With reason. The San Francisco group’s gorgeous 4-song, 38-minute full-length debut blends pretty Godspeed shoegaze and urban West Coast black metal shredding into epic dispatches of cascading romantic agonizing bolstered by hardcore fist pumps and floor punches. (Right, another great example of the new black metal…) I was curious what the guys are listening to recently, and perhaps what they had in mind when putting together Judah, so like I did with Servile Sect last week, I asked them to compile a mixtape. Vocalist George Clarke was up to the task putting together a 10-track mix that includes Chelsea Wolfe, the Microphones, and SF indie-poppers Courtship alongside Finnish death trio Vorum, one-man Seattle BM/MBV imploder Westering, recommended Bay Area funeral sludge crew Lycus, etc. He had this to say about it:

These are a collection of songs that continuously inspire my personal creativity as well as Deafheaven as a whole. Some songs are newer, some are older. Some musicians of which I have a personal relationship with, some of which I don’t. All are important to me. Support these artists and enjoy.


Roads To Judah is out via Deathwish Inc.. Here’s the closing track, “Tunnel Of Trees.”

Deafheaven 2011

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  2. These guys hopped on the black metal band wagon and fucking suck for it. Uninspired noisy bullshit. Nu BlakMetul.

    FFFFWWWAAAHHHHHHH tremlo picking. FFFWWWWAAHHHHH blast beats. FFFWWWAAAAAHHH noisy noise.

  3. This is my favorite album of the year. I found it by dumb luck. Then by happenstance they came to sleepy little Richmond VA and played at Strange Matter. There were about 25 people there for the show.

    What I love about this band is how emotive they are. Its not in a Titus Andro-watzitzfk kind of way, but like Alcest. They get compared more often to Wolves In The Throne Room, but frankly, that’s lazy. You hear past that after the third spin.

    Black metal especially is prone to putting on airs. I like that too. Its fun and all, but Deafheaven is blisteringly honest, transparent stuff. Album opener, Violet, begins with is achingly sad march only to be overtaken without warning by their black metal assult. Under it, you still hear those mournful tones from the start.

    To all those would-be minions of ‘E-Veel’, this is what it is to be artistically fearless.

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  5. I’m sick of people calling other people hipsters because of bands they listen to. This “hipster” word is the plague of both the human language and culture. Every time a band breaks new ground, they’re automatically a “hipster” band. What does that say about how pathetic we are as a human race? Deafheaven tore the lid off of the genre they’d imminently be placed in and tried something new, and THAT deserves more respect than any of the other safe, sheep black metal bands out there.

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