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Try as I might, the only albums I could ever get into were Bitte Orca and Swing Lo. Definitely agree with the sentiment that there's a lot of inter-fan divisiveness, and my list is likely to not agree with most people's. Based on those two albums though, my faves: 1. Dance For You 2. No Intention 3. Irresponsible Tune 4. Cannibal Resource 5. Useful Chamber 6. Impregnable Question 7. Unto Caesar 8. Two Doves 9. Swing Lo Magellan 10. Just From Chevron
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February 19, 2014 on The 10 Best Dirty Projectors Songs
I can hear music just fine. And the person above you mentioned the image too. And I think the music is aesthetically displeasing and in no way challenging or interesting other than that she's making something you wouldn't expect someone who looks like her to make.
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February 18, 2014 on Stream St. Vincent St. Vincent
Just as long as long as I'm not wrong, that's all that matters. Thanks for weighing in. Dipshit.
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February 18, 2014 on Stream St. Vincent St. Vincent
U sure showed me. Thanks for the life lesson. Dipshit.
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February 18, 2014 on Stream St. Vincent St. Vincent
I've listened to all of her albums and don't see the appeal at all. I've already seen a few 5 star reviews for this album, which leaves me feeling left out. I guess for a lot of people it's about the image, message, concept, etc. The music doesn't even begin to hold up for me though on its own without all the background. Downvote me because my personal tastes don't agree with yours all you want.
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February 18, 2014 on Stream St. Vincent St. Vincent
I like it a whole lot. Probably listened to it 30 times or so already. The production is indeed phenomenal and probably his single greatest achievement in that regard. I think the melodies are incredibly strong and affecting, and the arrangements are straight up masterful on songs like 'Heart is a Drum' and 'Blackbird Chain', as well as the two singles and really the majority of the album. Definitely the best thing I've heard so far this year. His voice and self-harmonies are definitely a high water mark in his career. Good job Beck. Jury is still out for me on whether this is his best album. It certainly seems to be the most enjoyable to listen to, but maybe it's just the novelty. I don't care much either way.
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February 17, 2014 on Premature Evaluation: Beck Morning Phase
Now to start apologizing for that fur coat 'fore Moz gets up on ya.
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February 14, 2014 on Drake Apologizes For Rolling Stone Freakout
Good thing he didn't say 'She's nothin but a lyin' ass bitch'. That wouldn't have gone over well either. I miss Fishbone. They were my favorite band in middle school. Maybe this means more shows to raise some money, or else it's time to declare bankruptcy. Stick to headwalking I guess.
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February 14, 2014 on Fishbone Ordered To Pay $1.4M To Woman Injured In Stagedive
That was nice. First song by these guys I've ever really been able to get into despite numerous attempts.
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February 13, 2014 on Pure X – “Starlight”
The only ES album I could never fully get into was 'Roman Candle'. I enjoyed a handful of songs, but the self-titled was such a massive improvement in my mind and everything just took off from there. I personally think XO was his masterpiece, but fully agree that 'Amity' and 'A Question Mark' hindered that from being a perfect album. I do think Figure 8 is an amazing album, but they're all pretty close in my mind and I personally feel fortunate to have not gotten into him until everything had already been released (including New Moon), so I could have a more objective opinion and not have my thoughts/opinions marred by previous experiences or expectations. I just took it all in at once and distinctly remember how excited about it I was at the time and how overwhelmed I was by how much amazing stuff he'd done and what variety of songs he'd accomplished in such a short time span. He's easily my favorite singer/songwriter of all time, and aside from the Beatles, he probably has the most songs of any artist that I would genuinely say I love and am pretty sure I always will. "Tomorrow Tomorrow" will always be my favorite though. It never fails.
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February 11, 2014 on Elliott Smith Albums From Worst To Best
I always thought Macklemore was the same person as Mac Miller. Is my face red.
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February 7, 2014 on Mac Miller – “Lua” (Bright Eyes Cover)
I'd never heard 'she's the one' and I've gotta say I like the Caribou song of the same name way better. Sry.
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February 7, 2014 on The 10 Best Beta Band Songs
Yet he does, in pretty much every way. This album is amazing.
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February 4, 2014 on Beck – “Waking Light”
Gotta respect a man that sticks to his guns. Although I would've called you a poser 20 years ago to be fair, even though I was obviously the real poser. The wisdom teeth are out, dog.
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January 31, 2014 on Dookie Turns 20
This was my first experience (I was a 6th grader in my defense) of everyone that was cool in school loving the absolute shit out of this album when it came out, then 4 months later when everyone that was uncool in school as well loving this album, that it became extremely uncool to like it any longer or admit that you ever liked/owned it. It's like, but this is 'edgy' and 'punk' (to a middle schooler), but then it became apparent that the only bands worth listening to if you were cool or trying to be cool were local bands or bands a lot more obscure than Green Day (even if way shittier, which was nearly always the case). That said, I loved it when it came out, jumped on the hater bandwagon when everyone else did, and had some nostalgia for it when I grew up a little bit. Other than the nostalgia though, can't say I think too much of it at this point. That 'hidden track' was so stupid and ridiculous, but I will likely never forget it. It was definitely an important and era-defining album though, there's no denying that.
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January 31, 2014 on Dookie Turns 20
Kendrick Lamar doesn't smoke and he's humble. And he dares to talk about 'the culture' and pretends to be a part of it. Friggin mr. goodie two-shoes ovah heah. Someone oughta give that good kid a maad wedgie and show him how this game is supposed to be played. Am I being sarcastic or ironic? I don't even know any more.
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January 29, 2014 on Kendrick Lamar Addresses Grammys Rap Drama