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an animated version of his dead mother riding a heavenly pegasus through st. peter's gates!!!
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February 11, 2016 on Comment Party: Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show & The Life Of Pablo Premiere
Nebraska's good and all, but Darkness on the Edge of Town has "Candy's Room."
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February 11, 2016 on Bruce Springsteen’s Memoir Coming This Fall
Obviously, you never played StarFox.
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February 11, 2016 on Watch The 1975 Cover Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”
It will be weird read Bruce rambling about his childhood and his father and not having the E Street band launch into "Growing Up" after a few minutes.
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February 11, 2016 on Bruce Springsteen’s Memoir Coming This Fall
Oh fuck, nobody tell him what "Mein Kampf" means until Friday. I don't think anyone would buy any of my "it's a Knausgaard reference" defenses.
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February 9, 2016 on Ugh.
Thugga as impressionistic tone poet.
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February 9, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Young Thug I’m Up
I would probably listen to it more if they didn't play edited versions of tracks. That shit distracts me well past the point of annoyance.
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February 8, 2016 on Chance The Rapper Is Getting His Own Beats 1 Show, Too
I agree, just want to offer a quasi-exception: "Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version" - ODB
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February 8, 2016 on There May Be A Late-Breaking Secret Kanye Album Title
whatever it is, it's really good.
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February 6, 2016 on Stream Future EVOL
So is this an album or a mixtape? Does the fact that a DJ doesn't shout his tag over every fucking song make it an album?
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February 5, 2016 on Stream Future EVOL
just go with "Gospel Album With Curse Words"... or "Seven Motherfucking Bitch Ass Swans and Cousins Who Steal Laptops"
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February 4, 2016 on Kanye Gives Album Title Update, Addresses Wiz Khalifa Feud & Drake’s Pool Diss
But what about bananas?
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February 3, 2016 on FWIW Kanye Probably Does Like Mustard
I guess Springfield is going to have to cancel Homerchella.
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January 31, 2016 on Coachella Sues Hoodchella
The description of the lyric "today, New York feels like an island," as "a metaphor that manages the remarkable feat of being clichéd and geographically hilarious" reads to me like someone who was desperately searching for reasons to hate the record. I mean, it's not profound or anything, but they're suggesting that New York is in Kansas or something. I mean, to most people I'd guess New York doesn't really ever feel like an island.
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January 26, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Nef The Pharaoh Neffy Got Wings
Wait, Marc Bolan had a son he named Rolan Bolan?!?! (I'm gonna be really disappointed if his last name is Jones)
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January 21, 2016 on Hear David Bowie’s Hilarious Rock Star Impressions In Unearthed Studio Outtake
I was thinking this morning. I listened to a huge chunk of Bowie's catalogue last week. I was listening to his new album all weekend. I’m sure many of his fans were doing the same thing. It was like a Last Supper before our relationship with the music would inevitably change. He was able to say goodbye to his fans without the maudlin sentimentality that goes with overly conscious farewells. What a way to go.
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January 11, 2016 on On David Bowie And Mortality
Man, maybe some aspects of "China Girl" have aged, but Stevie soloing over that bassline is fucking timeless.
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January 5, 2016 on Album Of The Week: David Bowie ★ (Blackstar)
I had friends who drove from Alabama to Vermont for the "final" Phish show. After heavy rain, they stopped letting cars in at the site when only 20,000 of the expected 100,000 attendees had arrived. So my friends had to leave their car on the roadside and hike for several miles to get to the festival site, for what they described as an emotional but mediocre show. Phish reunited less than 5 years later. So... yeah, I don't feel too bad for people who were able to get tickets to that MSG show.
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January 5, 2016 on James Murphy Announces New LCD Soundsystem Album, Addresses Betrayal Of Fans In Blog Post
I still listen to Dylan's "Modern Times" pretty frequently too.
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January 4, 2016 on First Impressions Of Earth Turns 10
I knew I always thought New York city cops were pretty erudite before I heard "Is This It." (or, before I downloaded the track off Napster because it wasn't on the US release)
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January 4, 2016 on First Impressions Of Earth Turns 10