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 +3Posted on Nov 19th | re: Watch Metallica Play Their Goofiest Song On The Late Late Show (5 comments)

It is a shame that the mixer for this show continues to push Lars so high in the mix, because Lars continues to play like a fucking high schooler. Jesus.

Thank GOD! For years I have been dying to know the answer to that age old question, “How many artists does it take to totally suck the fucking life out of ‘God Only Knows’?”

 +31Posted on Sep 9th | re: Isolated Mic Exposes Courtney Love's Earsplitting Guitar Playing (26 comments)

Courtney Love shreds.


I should have said a SPECIFIC Miles Davis record. It’s easy to pick out a Miles Davis record. Naming the song can be a more daunting tastk.

To her credit, unless you are a real jazzhead it’s definitely difficult to immediately pick out a Miles Davis record. That being said, I kiiiind of feel like the fact that she thought for even a second that this could have been “Bitch’s Brew” means that she has clearly never heard “Bitch’s Brew”?

Oh, and also, “Suf.” #LOLOL

 +10Posted on Aug 14th | re: Chris Brown's Sam Smith Cover Proves He Is No Weird Al (9 comments)


I mean, regardless of how anybody feels about the music, this has got to be the single most annoying press release/bio I have ever seen. Holy fuck.

 -3Posted on Jun 17th | re: Let's Shortlist The Song Of The Summer 2014 (286 comments)

I mean, it seems like people are voting for the song they wish would be all over the place, but in reality I have some awful news: the song of the summer is going to be the bro-reggae ridiculousness of Magic’s “Rude” (which has slowly climbed the iTunes charts and currently sits at Number 1, above both “Problem” and “Fancy”). I am not endorsing this as a good song! I’m just stating a fact. It will be heard at every bar, every club, all over the radio, played by every fucking wedding band. We’re doomed. If you want to vote for the BEST song of the summer, that’s a different poll. If you want to vote on which song we think will be fucking everywhere, it is that steaming turd. Mark my words.

 +5Posted on May 30th | re: Ariana Grande - "Problem" (Feat. Iggy Azalea) Video (25 comments)

This comment is so Brooklyn-Vegan-Commenters-circa-2009