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 +7Posted on Dec 15th | re: Stream D'Angelo And The Vanguard Black Messiah (23 comments)

Could someone please acknowledge the fucking amazing production? My sub-woofer is going maaaad with that second track.

 +3Posted on Dec 13th | re: Michael Stipe: "I Think I Will Sing Again ... Maybe" (18 comments)

When those four guys were together they were the greatest and I think that Up was still an amazing record.

 +3Posted on Nov 18th | re: Album Of The Week: Chumped Teenage Retirement (75 comments)

I really love Pom Pom, I really love it so much and I think it’s great that there is people whose taste I’ve learnt to respect that find it awful.

 +1Posted on Nov 17th | re: Amen Dunes - "Lonely Richard" Video (4 comments)

This one or Ariel Pink’s Picture Me Gone. Entre les deux mon coeur balance.

 +1Posted on Nov 10th | re: Pink Floyd - "Louder Than Words" Video (4 comments)

Good Lord! Makes you wanna punch yourself in the face.

 0Posted on Oct 31st | re: Cass McCombs - "Angel Blood" (Video) (1 comments)

What a terrific and underestimated record.

 0Posted on Oct 17th | re: The 5 Best Videos Of The Week (2 comments)

To say that Nabil and Hiro Murai are two of the best video directors currently working is an absolutely ridiculous statement. In the last two years (and from the top of my head) people like Canada, isaiah Seret, Xavier Dolan, Emily Kai Bock, Eric Wareheim, Keith Schofield, Megaforce, Jonas & François, Cyriak, Fleur & Manu, Yoann Lemoine, AG Rojas, Romain Gravas and Andreas Nilsson are all far better music video directors than this overrated pair.

As Norm MacDonald would say: Good Lord, that was a ridiculous thing to read.

 +1Posted on Oct 6th | re: Mark Kozelek, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (121 comments)


 0Posted on Oct 6th | re: Mark Kozelek, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (121 comments)

I find ludicrous to blame Kozelek for the whole publicity of this episode. It was websites like Stereogum who did that at the beginning and he simply amplified it, riding the viral wave. There is so much morality and bullshit around music today that it makes me honestly sick.