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 0Posted on Sep 20th | re: Guided By Voices Break Up (Again) (15 comments)

Yeap. I felt really bad putting it at #6, but the other records are soooo great.

Have you tried this ?

 0Posted on Sep 19th | re: Guided By Voices Break Up (Again) (15 comments)

I really would like to know your opinion guys about how you rank their records after their comeback. They all sound pretty great to me. Here’s how I rank them:

1. Class Clown Spots a UFO
2. Motivational Jumpsuit
3. The Bears for Lunch
4. Let’s Go Eat the Factory
5. Cool Planet
6. English Little League

But then again English Little League is still a great record and Let’s Go Eat the Factory a real grower.

 +2Posted on Sep 18th | re: Jessie Ware - "Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe" (Feat. Miguel) (3 comments)

I guess that both Miguel and Jessie Ware audiences are rather the people who actually listen and love their music than what you personally think is supposed to be their “normal” key-demographics. You know what I’ve listen to today while working? Aphex Twin, XTC, Deafheaven, Dylan, Funkadelic and Queen. Guess I’m just a scary monster, super freak.

I love Mark and I’ve been a fan since, well, 1993. But he’s got a horrible attitude live. Some years ago, he didn’t performed in Famalic√£o, Portugal, because he wasn’t payed before the show. He didn’t care about his fans (like me) who rode several mile to see him live. He just walked away. Now that T-Shirt stunt is a typical Leon Curb Your Enthusiasm “flip-flop that motherfucker” move. Love it.

Was that last link really necessary?

 0Posted on Sep 2nd | re: Death Grips Soundtrack Adidas Commercial (7 comments)

Interactive video for MTV. Can’t you see the irony? They made the corporation pay the only kind of music video that cannot be broadcasted by them. And MTV usually do not pay shit for the music videos they broadcast, actually they receive money to broadcast them.

 0Posted on Aug 24th | re: MTV VMA Video Of The Year Winners From Worst To Best (28 comments)

It should have been from Best to Worst.

 +2Posted on Jul 18th | re: The 5 Best Videos Of The Week (19 comments)

Oh boy. It’s exactly because Al was the true creator of the music video parody that he deserves the overwhelmingly positive comments: he was ahead of his time and now it’s more than natural for a lot of fans to celebrate his vision. Plus his new videos are great and up to date: both musically and visualy (his lyric music video is top notch).

 +4Posted on May 16th | re: Arcade Fire - "We Exist" Video (Feat. Andrew Garfield) (19 comments)

Thanks, man.