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If you can’t handle the heat, don’t go to a BB King show…terd.

That’s the same as saying kill yourself. DOWNVOTE

I’d feel unclean to if my name was Greg!

Yikes, Yo Mama!

Yeah, who’d wanna impersonate this dirtbag? AMIRITE.

 +16Posted on Apr 1st | re: Behold The Justin Vernon Family Tree (27 comments)

No he’s not. He’s a sex object.

Opossum out.

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 0Posted on Mar 20th | re: Album Of The Week: YG My Krazy Life (38 comments)

Yeah, this album isn’t saying much, but hip-hop today is in a pretty decent place. Though it’s not the golden age, I’d say the past five years in rap music has been a vast improvement upon the previous decade, that is 98 – 08.

Also, brief note on skits: The skits in the videos are helpful and scene setting. I know they’re kinda on the outs in a lot of hip-hop these days, but they definitely add depth and atmosphere. Would’ve been worthwhile to include in the album. Just a thought.

Nothing awesome here but nothing not.

Still an opossum though. Out.

I can.

Opossum out.

Cowgirl in the Peen #NeilYoungPorno