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 +2Posted on Oct 30th | re: Ariel Pink's Haunted Horror Movie Guide (55 comments)

Hahaha that part in Sexual Athletics is SO good, which brings me to another interesting aspect of the album: how freaking funny it is. I mean, I’ve laughed several times while listening to this album…that’s gotta count for something.

Honestly, the whole D-side almost feels like a singular musical unit. It might be the most overtly beautiful section of the album….Picture Me Gone, I don’t know how to describe it, but I FEEL THINGS with that song. Dazed Inn Daydreams almost sounds like a Shins song (or low-key Zombies song for us older peeeeps), which I thought was hilarious that AP ends this insane album with such a straightforward (but insanely good) folk-pop 60s song.

A couple of thoughts while listening to the album today…it really sounds like a warped Brian Wilson/Smile sessions album to me. Like the yelp at the end of Nude Beach a Go-Go reminiscent of Heroes and Villains. The ending of Sexual Athletics…tons of other moments. ALSO, this is the album that Foxygen wanted to make, but failed miserably in attempting to do so with their latest effort. This is an album that deserves to have 17 songs.

 +4Posted on Oct 30th | re: Ariel Pink's Haunted Horror Movie Guide (55 comments)

Oh man. Well can we agree that Plastic Raincoats is the best introduction to an Ariel Pink album ever??? Otherwise, on first listen, Lipstick really struck me as the most Ariel Pink-y song on the album, so that’s a favorite. I think One Summer Night is the absolute centerpiece of the album. It’s insanely beautiful. Not Enough Violence is a great synth rock song, then it sort of progresses into this hard electronic song in the middle, which I love. Sexual Athletics ending…Black Ballerina…EVERYTHING after Black Ballerina. HOw about you RJ?

 +4Posted on Oct 30th | re: Ariel Pink's Haunted Horror Movie Guide (55 comments)

Well this is what I’m talking about here Miles AND RJ! Well, to up the hyperbolic stakes, this is a near PERFECT record. Really though, I had the same experience as you Miles when I first heard the ending to Sexual Athletics. I was also driving, and when that Pet Sounds ending hit, it was such a revelatory and overwhelming moment, similar to Tom’s Wakin’ On a Pretty Daze experience (which I also had). Good point on MPP though. And well, I listened to the album after all the comments, and I can’t imagine any album toppling Pom Pom at this point.

RJ, I 100% agree with you. I thought Nude Beach A Go-Go was a toss-off track initially, but of course I was singing it over and over again while I was showering this morning. The sequencing is amazing. The transition from Not Enough Violence to Put Your Number In My Phone blows me away. I also love the transition from Jell-o to Black Ballerina.

What do you guys think about the progression from Mature Themes to Pom Pom?? I’ve been trying to wrap my head around that for the past week or so.

 +4Posted on Oct 30th | re: Ariel Pink's Haunted Horror Movie Guide (55 comments)

YOU OWE ME SOME COKE-BaBY Ariel watching scary movies

 +4Posted on Oct 30th | re: Ariel Pink's Haunted Horror Movie Guide (55 comments)


 +8Posted on Oct 30th | re: Ariel Pink's Haunted Horror Movie Guide (55 comments)

Anyone here agree that Pom Pom is undoubtedly the best album of 2014 so far? It’s deeply weird and complex, but man can that guy write a hook. There’s at least one single within every song, sometimes more. I mean, does it get better than One Summer Night, or DUDE the ending of Sexual Athletics??? After countless listens, the whole thing definitely comes together into something incredible. Any other Pom Pom lovers around heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere?

Or we can just collectively listen to 311 right now instead.

 +9Posted on Oct 20th | re: Taylor Swift - "Welcome To New York" (83 comments)

 +15Posted on Oct 20th | re: Taylor Swift - "Welcome To New York" (83 comments)

Haha ahhhhh I know there are some Wet Hot American Summer fans here…what I DON’T know is if any of those fans saw DWAIN/MSHOWALTER’s They Came Together!? TSwift’s entire concept for this song is basically shit on throughout that entire movie. To quote my stepdad, “TBS VERY FUNNY”

 +4Posted on Oct 18th | re: Eric Church Is Our Greatest Working Rock Star (29 comments)

Kanye’s art rock.

 +13Posted on Oct 14th | re: Ariel Pink Dissed By Grimes, Dismissed By Madonna (201 comments)

To technodansolo,

First of all, to assume that someone is a particular race/gender/sexuality based on avatars/names on a comment section, excluding Facebook posts, in 2014 (!) is fucking stupid as hell. It’s actually more offensive that this is the third or fourth time you’ve implied I’m a white male, or straight (you said “straight white dude” in a previous thread), since I’m not. Anyways, your perspective is extremely short-sighted if you think that by disagreeing with Grimes and others over whether this is misogyny, you’re categorically placed into the mindset that only Joe Bigot is misogynistic. For example, Joe Bigot is misogynistic. Ariel Pink’s comments regarding the mace incident are also misogynistic. Ariel Pink dismissing Madonna’s entire catalogue, in my opinion, not misogynistic. See how that works? It’s a spectrum, baby.