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So either Dr Luke is a lying, manipulative rapist, or Kesha is a lying, manipulative careerist. This whole thing is so gross.

 +19Posted on Oct 21st | re: Taylor Swift - "Welcome To New York" (83 comments)

did anyone really think that that was a compliment at first?

 +7Posted on Oct 16th | re: Foo Fighters - "Something From Nothing" (56 comments)

When they released the album art, I said:

“That is one ugly-ass cover (and album title). It feels so airbrushed, digitally pieced together, faceless… Hopefully the music doesn’t fit with the art at all”

…well, it fits. If a new Foo Fighters song is too compressed/brickwalled to rock, and doesn’t have a hook, or any other notable features, what’s the point? Can’t say I’m excited for this album at all.

 +6Posted on Oct 3rd | re: Pisces Iscariot Turns 20 (25 comments)

This is quite honestly my favorite Pumpkins record. It’s more approachable than Mellon Collie, and more varied than Gish, and more… lighthearted than all of them?

And it has Starla on it.

 +2Posted on Sep 27th | re: Chanel Is Selling $5k Headphones (3 comments)

I have had a pair of Sennheiser HD598′s for two years now, and I’m still head over heels in love with them. They’re currently $181 on amazon right now, which is actually really good. They’re open backed, which means there’s a little more space for the sounds to live in. This also means that a lot of sound gets in and out, so you won’t want these on a noisy train ride (or a crowded, quiet train ride, for that matter). The first time I listened to them, I spent 5 straight hours ignoring my friends to re-listen to a little of everything in my iTunes. It’s an unbelievable, dramatic difference between these and day to day headphones. The actual EQ of these is slightly geared towards the high end, which the 598′s cover beautifully. Things like acoustic guitar and stringed instruments sound like heaven. The bass is clean and clear, but not very loud. If you listen to a lot of bass-heavy music, you might want a different set. Overall, these things are one of my favorite possessions, and even though they don’t leave my room, I don’t know what I’d do without ‘em.

Hopefully that was self-serious and long-winded enough :)

Yeah man Pop is the shit. I’m fully convinced it’s Bono’s best album lyrically/thematically/whatever. And the sonics are great too. Underrated as hellll

I initially thought it was a little strange, but after having lived with it for a few days, I think it’s their best album art since Achtung Baby. Intense, visceral, complementary to the lyrical themes about trying to hold on to innocence, I love it. If the music was a little less all about appealing to the masses, it’d be a perfect match.

 +2Posted on Sep 24th | re: BATHS - "Disorderly" (7 comments)

God damn this song is nice

 0Posted on Sep 22nd | re: Kele - "Coasting" (4 comments)

Awesome article and news, but where did you hear the Matt Tong thing? That is pretty disappointing.

 +26Posted on Sep 15th | re: Hero Rushes Stage And Stops Widespread Panic Concert (106 comments)

When did this place get so snarky? It’s kind of off-putting.