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 +8Posted on Nov 21st | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (22 comments)

I see your point on this song. And I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. But I do think honlands makes a very great point about AP’s music. He often comes across (to me) as looking at things without actually immersing himself in them. There’s a detachment to him that I personally find very off putting. This brings to mind Jens Lekman. Before I continue it’s worthy of note that I think Jens is the finest songwriter of the past 25 years. That being said Jens has many songs that involve very mundane yet personal situations. And he brings the smallest and most tedious parts of everyday life and illuminates them somehow by making the listener feel like he’s really invested in these vignettes. Pink rarely does this. He’s the guy off to the side that never really sinks his teeth into the scenery. Just comments ABOUT it.

I can totally understand why people dig this guy. At his best I like him as well. But all too often he alienates me. And I rarely feel like Ariel and I are experiencing something together. And no matter what the genre of music is once that happens I’m gone.

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I’m not involved in the top 10 or bottom 5 in any way AGAIN this week.

Shut it down. SHUT IT ALL DOWN.

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Wow @TheRyanAdams.

I can honestly say I didn’t feel like the Stereogum article was exploitive. But I’m a well known asshole so there’s a good chance Lapatine overstepped.

Also..I like your new album.

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Garsh. I wasn’t aware I had defended this album AT ALL. I’ve been somewhat consistent in my commentary regarding this artist. I think it’s odd that you write so fluidly and yet obviously don’t have the ability to read.

Check please

“I know you’ve snowed on me a long time. Somehow I’m not impressed”

“How are things on the stuck bus?”

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When I listen to Pearl Jam it’s straight up nostalgia. I loved loved loved ‘em. And now I simply cannot even listen to it. It’s funny to think of this as being “alternative” cuz it really is just a different form of classic rock.
Please don’t hate on me. But to my ears their music sounds really dated and tired. And it’s not an age thing.
Cuz if I listen to Pixies from this same ballpark era it still sounds fresh as fuck.

I think the most disturbing thing in all of this is the debate that has gone on in this thread regarding the severity of the rape.

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You really should take a moment to read your personal list of comments on this site.

Quite telling.

To me the phrase “boy band” is a simple enough equation. If the group in question feels like an organic thing that came to be because of similar interests that led to the formation of a band you probably have a real band.

If the group in question looks and/or sounds like they were fabricated by some svengali or production franchise then it’s probably a boy band.

In other words…if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck……….It’s probably a duck.

These lads are mallards.