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 0Posted on Dec 19th | re: Pink Mountaintops - "Asleep With An Angel" (1 comments)

Tom is ON IT this morn’. Pink Mountaintops really get short shrift. I bought Axis of Evol….holy shit I can’t believe it’s been damn near 10 years ago……and I still love this band. Outside Love is a wildly slept on album. This new cut reminds me of that era for the band. Then again I’m a sucker for everything Stephen McBean does. “Tyrant” by Black Mountain is one my absolute favorite songs. The opening MASSIVE riff in that is straight up destruction.

I would love to hear Michael Nelson’s take on Black Mountain/Pink Mountaintops, good or bad. It’s thick and sludgey stuff that def. isn’t metal. Maybe not even metal adjacent. But it’s got a really good low end sound that McBean is really good at pulling off.

Thanks for this cut.

 0Posted on Dec 19th | re: The Week In Pop's Top 50 Pop Songs Of 2014 (23 comments)

You just had to make it gross, didn’t ya’?

 0Posted on Dec 19th | re: Watch Jenny Lewis & Ryan Adams Play Kimmel Together (2 comments)

Watch Jenny Lewis & Ryan Adams Play Kimmel Together
Listen To Ryan Adams new Gregorian Chant musical “Put It In That Hole”
Read Ryan Adams new Novella “Sweet Pea You Aint So Sweet”
Feel Ryan Adams new child plushtoy “Li’l Spankstress”
Taste Ryan Adams new popsicle “Old Timey Sassafrass ‘n’ cream”
Smell the new Ryan Adams candle “Eau de Dolphin Ass”

Currently Ryan Adams is currently working on inventing new human senses to assault all of us with.

Just kiddin’…..I love this guy. Keep it coming, RA

 +5Posted on Dec 19th | re: The Week In Pop's Top 50 Pop Songs Of 2014 (23 comments)

My top three pop songs of the year

Swans – “Oxygen”
Yob – “Marrow”
Blut Aus Nord “Metaphor of the Moon”

I just couldn’t split hairs and put them in any order as they all have the amazing pop hooks and danceability that are so infectious I can barely stand it!!. Makes me feel like a kid again.

I read that whole thing. And now I feel like I got a free dinner at my local steakhouse but had to listen to a speech about the benefits of solar upgrades in my home.

What a gyp.

Look….I’m a known Stereogum acquaintance of yours. You’re making both of us look bad with this insane Russian gibberish. Or is that Malaysian? Whatever. Knock that S off.

I’m sure Amanda Palmer knows all the ins and outs of such a venture.

Give her a jingle or drop her an email. Here’s a link……

Stop that right now.

 0Posted on Dec 18th | re: Early Jack White Singles Found Hidden In Furniture (17 comments)

A vault release would be awesome. Do you suppose he has them all couched together somewhere?

 +2Posted on Dec 18th | re: Watch The Daily Show Defend Jay Z's Honor After Fox News Smear (20 comments)

I do feel kinda dumb. Allow me to clarify…..

More dumb than usual