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I am still waiting for The Avalanches/Wrens 7″. I’ve heard it’s coming out any day now.

Elliot….I was sure that I wasn’t going to laugh at one more post on this thread (Cuz I’ve laughed at a bunch of ‘em)

But yours knocked me on my ass. I’m picturing Kid in the Witness box in a fedora, feather boa, and no shirt.
And just slamming both fists on the front of the box before belting out your aforementioned comment.

And that image just slays me.

Busted. We should start a “shows I’ve attended that I’m not ashamed I’ve been to. But should be”

I’ll go first……Night Ranger.


 -1Posted on Jul 24th | re: Watch Diplo Show Off His Madonna Dubplate (1 comments)

Seeing Tom list some of “Tom’s favorite Madonna songs” above I thought I’d list a few of mine as well.
Please see the comprehsensive list of “Blochead’s favorite Madonna songs” below…..


Every single time I think to my own self “Ice Cube can’t fall any further, right?”……Somethime like this comes out and I have to rethink the universe.


Clearly Don Johnson’s cousin on his mom’s side.

Also, this might be the prototype for the modern douche.

RJ…Had to downvote you on this one. Solely for you knowing the name of the Juggalo festival.
What’s next? Your dissertation on the Cyrus family history?

 0Posted on Jul 24th | re: Nardwuar Got Yung Lean To Smile (5 comments)

Every now and again I read something that makes me feel very old…

“Nardwuar Got Yung Lean To Smile”

Is a perfect example. I do not know what any of that mess is.

Stoked for the following up to Joshua Tree. What? There’s been others since then?

Missed those.

This entire situation is so classic white-trash American.

That dildo belongs in The Smithbonian.