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 +1Posted at 2:45pm | re: Hear Two Songs From The Raveonettes' Surprise Album (3 comments)

L3 is hands down my favorite from them. FUUUUUZZZZZZZYYYYYYYY

 0Posted at 2:09pm | re: Ryan Adams Announces Hardcore 10-Song 7" 1984 (1 comments)

Ryan Adams is such a polarizing figure. I know people that absolutely cannot stand the SOB. I haven’t followed his career the past 10 years or so and that’s probably a mistake. Cuz last night I was watching that Bob Mould all star concert thingy last night and Adams did an acoustic version of “Black Sheets of Rain” that was AMAZING.
He’s a terribly gifted artist.

On that same bill Mould and Dave Grohl (and others) did a live version of “Ice Cold Ice” , the Husker Du classic. And they absolutely tore it the fuck up. I was lying in my bed screaming along just like I did when I used to listen to the original 25+ years ago. Mould has an ability to tap into cathartic rage like few artist’s can. Side note…”workbook” gets most of the ink insofar as his post-Husker output but “Black Sheets of Rain” is an absolute monster. Check it out.

 -1Posted at 10:47am | re: 30 Essential Songs From The Golden Era Of Emo (40 comments)

Check out Orange Rhyming Dictionary by Jets To Brazil. This album changed my opinion about the genre. It’s an absolute masterpiece.

 +2Posted at 10:46am | re: 30 Essential Songs From The Golden Era Of Emo (40 comments)

I was really enjoying this new Lykke Li….but now I’m scrambling to find my Jets To Brazil. Cuz I’m gonna rock that shit all day. Because “I Typed For Miles” melts my mind. In a good way

 +2Posted at 10:05am | re: Hear Two Songs From The Raveonettes' Surprise Album (3 comments)

Happy, happy, joy, joy. What a nice surprise this is. One of my absolute fave bands drops something on us with no notice!!! Thanks Sune and Sharin!!!

I can usually spell “posing”

He’s not Dutch. Isn’t that veird?

 -1Posted on Jul 21st | re: YG - "Bicken Back Being Bool" Video (24 comments)

Again, I know I know jackshit about the life and the circumstances you talk about. But I absolutely do believe these conditions exist and I do believe that rap is an artform that can speak volumes to a group of people that have to deal with that kind of BS. This reminds me of the first time I saw a young white boy in a FUBU shirt. I was absolutely blown the F away. What don’t you understand about the acronym FUBU, son? It’s pretty simple. I remember in the nineties when De La Soul, Arrested Development, etc had that flicker in the national spotlight. I remember thinking this shit is clever and badass. And then it seem to just go away and more “gangster” style shit flooded the airwaves……….

So I guess I would ask you……”Ultimately is rap helping the inner city youth or is it hindering them?” I spend ludicrous amounts of time studying indie music and most of it’s sub genres. But because it doesn’t appeal ot me I don’t follow rap as closely. And it seems to me that the MC’s that “make it” absolutely have to put out some kind of dysfunctional vibe. So do the younger kids in Compton, Oakland, etc follow the thoughtful and hyper literate MC’s? Or does the violent and chaotic stuff rule the roost?

DAMN YOU!! I was gonna type that exact same f’ing thing.
Nice work.

 +1Posted on Jul 21st | re: YG - "Bicken Back Being Bool" Video (24 comments)

I will go to my grave not understanding the appeal of rap. This is not me HATING on rap, mind you. I simply do not get it, at all. And i’m sure the usual “you are a f’ing racist” crap with get hurled at me. But what is it about the musings of a young black man from Compton that resonates with so many people? I’m actually asking here. I’m not trying to start a fight or troll. I’m a 48 year old white guy. Very little of what he’s going through and rapping about are “universal” struggles. They would seem to be very specific issues that affect a very specific group. IE…I love Lykke Li. The pain and suffering she goes through on well, basically every song, due to failed relationships are universal pains. Almost all of us have been there. So the lyrics resonate in me. I guess what I’m getting at (and probably really poorly) is if these songs don’t actually resonate but merely amuse the listener doesn’t that denigrate the gangsta style rapper down to the level of modern day minstrel?

I cannot stress this enough…I’m not belittling the artform nor this young man and his talent. I just wonder if the popularity of rap is the most insidious kind of racism. I know I hear my white friends talk about rappers as if they are clowns for their enjoyment. I know this is not the most current of examples but I remember when L’il Wayne was blowing up so huge I was thinking “this guy is really, really pandering to a sick part of our collective conscious”