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Actually inthedeadoknight, LeMonjello, and myself were triplets, seperated at birth. I would go on to great success as would inthedeadofknight. LeMonjello, unfortunately, was dropped on his head as a small child and now spends most of his time singing one song…over and over…..

Hey! Macarena! AYEEEE!!!!!!!

It’s tragic.

Pull it the fuck together, man. Jesus. I’m worried about you. First you start posting at an alarming rate (keep in mind who’s telling you this) and now this bulging crotch Trent fetish. It’s all too much.

Who is downvoting the “U2 is irrelevant” post? That shit is FUNNY. Whether you like U2 or not almost every one of those made me laugh. In particular “One Killed in Blunderbuss Spree.” made me piss myself.

Sure, U2 bashing has gotten outta hand ’round these parts. But funny is funny.

 +2Posted on Oct 31st | re: MTV Unplugged In New York Turns 20 (38 comments)

Alice in Chains for me. Of all the great singers from that era/genre he’s a favorite. Damn, I just got to thinking about how many good ones there are. And these are just the popular bands…..Staley, Cobain, Cornell, Vedder. I’m sure I’m forgetting many.

But none of ‘em can hold a candle to the greatest singer in the history of rock ‘n’ roll………………..

Mark Lanegan, take a bow. If you haven’t REALLY explored this guy’s catalogue you are really missing out. From his Screaming Trees days to his solo stuff to his various work with people like Greg Dulli and Isobell Campbell….it’s all fantastic. And the older he gets the more weathered and tore back that magnificent voice becomes. I’d pay huge American Dollars to hear a Lanegan and Tom Waits album. I think you safely call it “Voices From The Crypt”

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Damn. That is one brutal statement. And obviously well thought out. But nonetheless…brutal.

 0Posted on Oct 31st | re: Morrissey Cancels Another Show (4 comments)

That is so damn funny. And I don’t mean to jump on the Halloween thing too much here but I dare say The Moz is getting more and more “ghoulish” with each passing year.

 +3Posted on Oct 31st | re: The Black Market: The Month In Metal - October 2014 (17 comments)

Holy Shit!!!! I completely forgot today was Black Market day. The greatest Stereogum day of every month.
Time to get my evil on. Now I have to ask myself if I want to stop listening to Swans and take on this list of painful music. I’m thinking I’ll Mr. Gira finish this particular 142 minute long song and then move into The Black Market.

And a welcome aboard to Ian Chainey as well!

Heavy music for the sake of being heavy will always get slagged. I typically listen to the softest indie pop imaginable. But when Michael Nelson tells me to buy the new YOB or Pallbearer I do so. Because when I want to get my anger on METAL FUCKING RULES. And you can slag it until you are blue in the face.
Slipknow and their fans don’t give a shit about criticial approval. They listen to it cuz it kicks ass. And sometimes kicking ass is the end game.

I caught hell from the cool kids when I was a teenager cuz I was the dude that listened to Motorhead. Who it’s easy to forget were once labeled “the worst band on Earth”. But now they are held by many in great reverance.

*throws horns*

I actually get that accusation hurled at me all the time (as I ironically sit in my office listening to SWANS). And I feel like telling people “Yup, you got me. I spend endless amounts of money and time on bands that I hate just to make me feel good about myself. When you aren’t looking I listen to nothing but Matchbox 20 and Hootie”

Also, good to see you firing salvo and salvo on this thread. In the immortal words of Dave Chappelle’s character Clayton Bigsby “If you’ve got hate in your heart let it out”. I don’t hate U2. It’s more of a spurned lover thing

What’s even weirder was I heard an interview with (insert your favorite classic rockstar here) about he/she has been listening to lately and he/she said “I just saw Kendrick Lamar before the basketball game and he was great. And I really like that new Bob Segar album. But U2… heard of them? I opened up my Itunes the other day and their new album was in my computer. If you were sort of one of the faithful, you could sort of get excited about it. It didn’t really have a universal appeal at all. And that might be its appeal.”