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 0Posted at 9:41am | re: iLoveMakonnen Assaulted Onstage At CMJ (4 comments)

Dude said “Bruh you can’t sing this song, on a Wednesday, I beat that ass on the stage what yo crew say?”

This Side of Paradise = Greatness!

This shit ridin. I’m headed home this weekend too. Good road music

 +2Posted on Oct 15th | re: Snoop Dogg Should Probably Take A Break From Instagram (25 comments)

Snoop been smashing on h**s for 20+ years. Nothing new here nor nothing to be outraged about. If you own a Snoop album you have no right to be upset.

YeLo is perfect!

 +4Posted on Oct 8th | re: Crystal Castles Break Up (50 comments)

Well that sucks! I was just thinking hey, a new Crystal Castles album should be coming soon. Guess not.

 +3Posted on Sep 30th | re: Stream SBTRKT Wonder Where We Land (4 comments)

Guess i’m the only one interested in this album. I like what I heard. He needs to produce an entire LP for Sampha.

 -10Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Kendrick Lamar - "i" (91 comments)

The sample is from The Isley Brothers. Had he said The Beastie Boys used this sample too, cool but that’s not what was stated. Most of you that post here weren’t around when Paul’s Boutique was released anyway. If so, you were damn babies so you heard the album after the fact.

 +7Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Kendrick Lamar - "i" (91 comments)

Nothing special as far as the beat goes. K Dot killed it lyrically. I did dig the beat change though. Looking forward to the album. Hopefully the major label let some of those FlyLo joints make the cut.

 -18Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Kendrick Lamar - "i" (91 comments)

You must be young so you’re excused.