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 0Posted on Aug 20th | re: 30 Years Of Music Industry Change In One GIF (71 comments)

CDs or vinyl only. If you have a digital only release, It won’t be bought by me.

 0Posted on Aug 18th | re: Stream The Bug Angels & Devils (2 comments)

Loving the first half. I need to give the second half another spin. It didn’t really grab me much.

 +2Posted on Aug 6th | re: Stream FKA Twigs LP1 (4 comments)

What’s wrong with LP1?

Damn I love Anne Hathaway!

 0Posted on Jul 14th | re: Radiohead Will Record In September (62 comments)

1. kid a
2. ok computer
3. in rainbows
4. amnesiac
5. the bends
6. hail to the thief
7. king of limbs
8. pablo honey

 +3Posted on Jun 26th | re: Grimes - "Go" (126 comments)

Dope! Not sure why Rihanna passed on this. Kinda glad she did though. Grimes owns this joint!

 0Posted on Jun 22nd | re: Midnight Marauders Turns 20 (12 comments)

Only second to The Low End Theory. Great f*cking album!

 0Posted on Jun 22nd | re: The Low End Theory Turns 20 (11 comments)

Def their best LP. Perfect beginning and perfect ending. Best rap album ever made.

 -10Posted on Jun 17th | re: Album Of The Week: White Lung Deep Fantasy (20 comments)

So they want $12 for 22 minutes of music? No thanks! It’snot that good.

 +1Posted on Jun 17th | re: Julia Holter - "Don't Make Me Over" (Dionne Warwick Cover) (1 comments)

Very lovely!