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 0Posted on Sep 15th | re: Funeral Turns 10 (196 comments)

word, and Discovery at #3, right?

 +2Posted on Sep 15th | re: Kanye Halts Sydney Show Until Seated Fans Prove They're Disabled (62 comments)

haha so Kanye tells the crowd he wants them standing, everyone in the crowd stands besides the guy in the wheelchair, Kanye says “you better be in a wheelchair… oh wait, you are” and the internet blows up. 43 comments on stereogum. PC runs rampant like a wildfire. People are offended who aren’t even disabled, even when the guy who Kanye “harassed” (lol, harrased) was stoked at the end of the show. meanwhile, a week earlier Mark Kozelek calls his crowd a bunch of fuckin hillbillies and tells a dude he’ll kick his ass if he wants to take it out back (I love Sun Kil Moon btw)… 8 stereogum comments. Something tells me if Kanye called a bunch of folks in North Carolina hillbillies and threatened to kick some guys ass it would just about end his career.

 0Posted on Aug 29th | re: Riff Raff To Sam Smith: "Your Face Is Super Huge" (50 comments)

Don’t see why he makes yall so upset. Is his behavior really that despicable to you people or do you just like to complain about anything slightly out of the ordinary?

 +3Posted on Aug 27th | re: Grimes - "Go" Video (41 comments)


kind of seems like you’re getting away from the original point you were trying to make. I’m well aware that credit legally has to be given to the appropriate people. That’s common sense. What I was implying, was that he gives credit to people even when it isn’t mandatory. With that said, if Kanye had successfully “stolen” the Avril 14 track and passed it off as his own, it would be the first Kanye track in history to be stolen and improperly handled and credited. Something about it just sounds fishy to me. Like i said though, if everything happened exactly like RDJ said it did, somebody fucked up, and it’s not cool.

yeah man, you probably haven’t heard a full Kanye West record then. and if his music IS a team of faceless brains (it’s not btw) developing a marketable product that millions of idiots eat up every single time, then why don’t any other current pop stars record albums of that caliber? Do the “faceless brains” just put in extra work because it’s a Kanye record? You do realize how many NON-faceless brains Kanye collaborates with on these albums, right? Know why the track “Dark Fantasy” knocks so hard? Yeah, that’s because it’s a RZA/Kanye/No I.D. collab. Ever wonder why “Send it Up” is such a banger? Oh shit, Kanye overseeing Daft Punk, Gessafelstein and Arca. Something tells me (..logic tells me..) there isn’t some guy at Def Jam headquarters making up all this ingenious shit, either. No one but Kanye is capable of producing a Kanye record. It’s insulting to him and his fans to assume that the guy has a bunch of random people putting his albums together for the sole purpose of stacking money. Also, it makes you look really ignorant.

lol “bloond on the leaves”… “8 different writes”… probably wouldn’t have hurt to have proof-read that before i clicked submit. oh well, you get the point

never heard a good idea that wasn’t his, yeah? that’s a bit illogical, man. This guy has a sample in 90% of his tracks. You really think he sits around listening to all of these different records without an ounce of respect or enthusiasm towards the original artist? You really think he’s delusional enough to sit there and say “Can wrote this.. King Crimson wrote this….. nah, i don’t believe it. this song is mine.” What are you getting at with your ridiculous hyperbole? I’m just trying to understand. Show me the album of his that has all of these credit-less, stolen songs. Is there even a single Kanye track with a “stolen” melody? Have you seen the credits for the writing, production, and samples on MBDTF and Yeezus, for chrissakes? 6 producers, 14 writers, and 3 sample sources on “Power”… 10 producers and 10 writers on “Black Skinhead”.. 8 different producers and 8 different writes on “Bloond on the Leaves”… Now does this sound like a guy who actually thinks he’s “never heard a good idea that wasn’t his”? Kanye’s camp handled the situation poorly, yeah no shit. I think this was less a personal conflict between two men and more about a team of cold-hearted corporate goons fumbling an important ball.

I wonder how much Kanye actually had to do with his camp being so disrespectful to RDJ about the sample. Afterall, he’s known for giving every single person that is even remotely affiliated with a song their credit. Everybody is listed for their contributions from Sabbath, for a single vocal melody, to that dude from Salem, from Elton’s voice mixed in with dozens of others to John Legend doing the vocoder-flute-noise-thingy on Jesus Walks. James is listed in the credits for the album. and hey, If you’re a fan of electronic music, you know the track already. And if you aren’t and own the album or have access to the internet, you can find it and listen to it. Kanye’s got taste enough to sample this guy, along with Can, King Crimson and Daft Punk. I’d like to think he respects the artists he samples. Do yall really think it was as black and white as Kanye confronting James, claiming the song was magically written by him? I don’t think so. Kanye’s team of attorneys probably needs to wisen-up, though. Way I see it though, the context behind how the song came to be doesn’t affect it in anyway whatsoever. You could have told me Avril 14 was a Macklemore and Toby Keith collaboration that Kanye stole from Just Blaze who stole it from Macklemore who stole it from RDJ who stole it from Brian Eno. All i know is that, in the end, it sounds great. And it is certainly no fluke that all 6 of his albums are.. well.. great.