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 +9Posted on Oct 7th | re: Sun Kil Moon - "War On Drugs: Suck My Cock" (147 comments)


 +5Posted on Oct 7th | re: Sun Kil Moon - "War On Drugs: Suck My Cock" (147 comments)

don’t think he ever implied that

they don’t. but they’re definitely worth checking out

 +5Posted on Oct 6th | re: Mark Kozelek, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (120 comments)

..Richard Dawkins? I must have missed something

 +1Posted on Oct 3rd | re: Pisces Iscariot Turns 20 (25 comments)

one of my favorite Pumpkins tracks

 +3Posted on Oct 3rd | re: Premature Evaluation: Flying Lotus You're Dead! (21 comments)

as far as early impressions go- i’ve enjoyed You’re Dead as much as, if not more than, every record he’s released so far. Dude is super consistent.

man those singles off Sixteen Stone are the shit, though

 -1Posted on Sep 15th | re: Funeral Turns 10 (198 comments)

word, and Discovery at #3, right?

 +2Posted on Sep 15th | re: Kanye Halts Sydney Show Until Seated Fans Prove They're Disabled (62 comments)

haha so Kanye tells the crowd he wants them standing, everyone in the crowd stands besides the guy in the wheelchair, Kanye says “you better be in a wheelchair… oh wait, you are” and the internet blows up. 43 comments on stereogum. PC runs rampant like a wildfire. People are offended who aren’t even disabled, even when the guy who Kanye “harassed” (lol, harrased) was stoked at the end of the show. meanwhile, a week earlier Mark Kozelek calls his crowd a bunch of fuckin hillbillies and tells a dude he’ll kick his ass if he wants to take it out back (I love Sun Kil Moon btw)… 8 stereogum comments. Something tells me if Kanye called a bunch of folks in North Carolina hillbillies and threatened to kick some guys ass it would just about end his career.