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 0Posted on Dec 16th | re: The 40 Best Rap Albums Of 2014 (57 comments)

This is great Tom. Where is Big Quis though? Mayweather was amazing! Also, can we please get a post about this insanely great Fetty Wap song?????

 -7Posted on Dec 15th | re: Panda Bear - "Boys Latin" Video (18 comments)

I’m judging. If you don’t like Person Pitch, then I really can’t even have a discussion about music with you. Also, i’ve never met someone who has heard that album and didn’t like it, who I’ve had anything in common with musically. Also, I’ve read your comments before, and I generally hate everything you like. Glad you like this though. Sounds like your taste is just evolving, I’m sure you’ll get into Person Pitch eventually!

 0Posted on Nov 19th | re: Stream Ariel Pink pom pom (146 comments)

I love Pom Pom. Its my favorite album of the year, along with Benji, and Nmesh. also I hate Halycon Digest, The Monitor, every Arcade Fire release,Channel Orange and Helplesness Blues. I also dont really care for the War on Drugs,

My top 7 would be. In Very particular order:

Mediafired- The Pathway Through Whatever
Ariel Pink- Pom Pom
Oneohtrix Point Never- Replica
Katy Perry- Teen Dream
Julianna Barwick- Bode
Real Estate- Days
The Dream- Love King

 -4Posted on Nov 17th | re: Grimes Shares Her Natural Beauty Secrets On Alexis Krauss' Blog (12 comments)

That’s an interesting assessment. I actually think that she is one of those few girls, that is so ugly, that new clothes, make up, a new haircut, etc. Couldn’t even help. Around these parts we call them girls with low ceilings

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Considering that Grimes is one of the ugliest girls in all of music, I’m not really sure she should be giving beauty tips to anyone.

 +1Posted on Oct 28th | re: Premature Evaluation: Taylor Swift 1989 (167 comments)

I think the reasons you like Swift, are probably the same reasons that she seems to connect with so many people. She is much more relatable and likeable than just about every other pop star. My problem with her is that I just don’t care about any of those things. I only care about what the songs sound like. My problem with this article, and Toms defense of her in general is that he keeps metioning craft, as if she is just on another level of songwriting talent than everyone else in the Popsphere. And as you and I both agreed on. That is just not the case. She clearly isn’t writing songs on the level of Teenage Dream. And when Tom or anyone else acts like she is. It just feels dishonest. You can like her more than Perry, and clearly most people do, especially music writers, and thats fine, I think I like her more that Perry also. Katy Perry seems like a jerk, but that has nothing do with what their actual songs sound like. If you wanna say she seems to have a more original voice. I’m okay with that. But to just say its all about craft is just nonsense. Because there are clearly people crafting better pure pop songs than she is. Even among the sound that you say she’s going for, there’s nothing on this album that even gets close to Mother We Share. And thats fine. I just wish that more people would acknowledge those facts. If this article had started off by saying Taylor Swift will never write a song like Teenage Dream, or even the Mother We Share, I would have no problem with it. But Tom basically says, these are the best songs crafted by any pop star in recent memory. And thats just crazy.

 -1Posted on Oct 27th | re: Premature Evaluation: Taylor Swift 1989 (167 comments)

I’m going to take a different stance against Swift than most of the people on here seem to be taking. I’m actually a fan a pop music. In fact Katy Perry’s Birthday and Chris Browns New Flame are two of my favorite songs of the year. I also think that Taylor definitely is involved quite a bit in the making of her songs, especially in the lyrics and the melodies. And this is why I think Taylor makes probably the worst pop music of any of her peers. She simply doesn’t have a gift for melody. Songs like Teenage Dream, Or Cyrus’s We Don’t Stop, or Beyonces Love on Top are amazing pop songs that sound like they were labored over by a team of pop music genius’ until they came out with a perfect pop song. Taylor doesn’t have anything in her catalog, that even gets close to those songs. She’s a really bad songwriter. Her lyrics are always bad, like a lot of pop music lyrics are, but her melodies are weak too, and thats what makes all her songs with the exception of Our Song underwhelming. I get why people like Taylor Swift, but it has nothing to do with her craft. She’s actually kind of bad at her craft. When I hear her songs it sounds like Max Martin, and those guys went in there and tried to do anything they could do to save these really bad melodies. When I hear Teenage Dream, or Britney Spears 3, I hear Pop songwriting at its finest. I listened to those voice message songs and their horrible. She writes melodies like someone who doesn’t listen to a lot of music. She’s not even close to the best pop songwriter of this generation. I would argue that she’s one of the worst. The people who wrote the Miley Cyrus album, the Sky Ferrera album, the Katy Perry album, and the Ariana Grande album, are not just better at crafting pop tunes than she is, they’re hundreds of miles above her. I wish she would let Max Martin and shelback write her songs. Then maybe they would sound like Teenage Dream and I would like them.

I’m a straight black male from the midwest, who now lives in Williamsburg. I’ve been living here for 8 years now. I am completely on team Koz. Meredith is very similar to a lot of the girls who live here. Or used to. the neighborhood has changed quite a bit now. Ugly fat girls lke her are not as seen as frequently as they used to be, and all the pussy dokry guys arent as prevelent as they used to be either. And I love it. Its not as cool as it used to be around here, but at least everyone isnt a self righteous vegan sissy. Koz is right. for a while it was all clones here. I had a few friends visit form the midwest, and we took them to Market Hotel, Dead Herring, Death By Audo, and Below The Auto Parts Store. and my buddy summed up the music scene here perfectly. “Its as if they took the ugliest girls and the dorkiest guys in every highschool in America and put them in one place.” I love it here, but this is pretty accurate. Growing up in the midwest I never realized that everyone who likes good bands is a vegan uptight pussy. Guided By Voices are just like Koz. Pavement dudes are just like Koz. This we are the world, we were all picked on, so anyone who isn’t dork is an asshole thing is somewhat new. Koz calls it out and I love it. Also. Sun Kil Moon is bigger than ever, the idea that he is somewaht jealous of WOD is insane. He’s the biggest indie star this year by far. And Benji is Awesome. i never liked RHP, but his new shit, is fantastic. It reminds me of the dudes I grew up with. I love that he’s acting like an asshole. The first thing i learned when I moved here was that I would never want to hang out with most of the musicians I love. They;re all mostly sissys. But I don’t care if The Pains Of Being Pure Heart are all a bunch of vegan pussies, i like their jams. Just listen to the music, and mellow the fuck out. He didn’t kill anyone. He’s just having a good time with his time in the limelight. and this is coming frome someone who’s favorite song of the year is Perfect Pussy’s Inherent Fits. And I hate fat ugly girls like her. My second favorite song of the year is Clarissa. And third is Drakes Trophies.

Also Blochead you don’t know shit about music. music nerds hate Arcade Fire. i once was at Below the Auto Parts Store to see No Age and Ponytail, and i heard a conversaton with a bunch of people talking about how much better Britney Spears was than Arcade Fire. But I agree with you about this. Koz is awesome!!!!

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I loved Children of Desire, And Become What You Are was one of my favorite songs of 2012. But I kind of hate this. Didn’t like the singles at all, and was hoping the album would have some better jams, but not really. These dudes have no hooks. That new Literature album is a much much better 80′s homage record this thing. Too bad, I really thought this record was going to be epic.

 0Posted on Aug 19th | re: Quit Your Day Job: Lemonade (7 comments)

I actually remember the very first Quit Your Day Job. I believe it was Blood on The Wall??