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I actually think you’re really bad at this. In my opinion you’re one of the worst music writers around. You’re all about back stories, and narrative, and live performances, charisma, etc. Almost everything you write you spend most of your time talking about shit like that. A lot of times I wonder if you actually even listened to the record. I remember when you wrote about Benji, you said something about tearing up during the song “I love My Dad”, when he talked about Edgar Winter. After I listened to the record, I remember thinking I Love My Dad is probably the least sad, and one of the jauntiest tunes on the whole record. If I had to bet, you didn’t even listen to the song, you just looked at a lyric sheet, and picked something that you could form some sort of narrative around. It seems like you do that a lot. There was a blurb about the new Iceage record, where you called it “country music”?? You also just don’t seem very knowledgable about records. You don’t strike me as a music nerd. You seem like you really enjoy writing about music, but don’t really enjoy listening to it.

I personally think you’re the worst writer at Stereogum by a long shot. You seem to have this kind of white dude who uses rap slang to talk about stuff thats not rap, which I guess some people find cool or amusing, but I think its kind of lame. I also don’t think you listened to this Bjork record even once.

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Real Top Ten Rock Bands To Emerge In The Past 20 Years

1) Animal Collective
2) Neutral Mil Hotel
3) Lightning Bolt
4) Black Dice
5) Xiu Xiu
6) Wilco
7) Daft Punk
8) Ponytail
9) The Microphones
10) Women

Would you say that you like Pearl Jam more than The Beatles?

It seems weird that you always mention Allo Darlin, and never mention Tender Trap, or Heavenly.

No, I’ve always thought Pearl Jam was terrible. I like Nirvana, I liked Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Lemonheads. A bunch, of bands from that era, but Pearl Jam is terrible. No melodies, no catchy riffs, nothing to like really. The only song I ever liked by Pearl Jam was Last Kiss. I remember being shocked that I actually liked a Pearl Jam song, and then I found out it was a cover, and it made perfect sense.

The Dodos Visiter, is directly inspired by Sung Tongs. There’s really no debating that.

You’ve been talking to Breihan too much, which you should not do, because he’s a fucking idiot. The thing that made all those Animal Collective acolytes so intolerable was that there were just so many. The Dodos, The Keepaways, The Yawns, The El Guinchos, The Ruby Suns, etc. They were everywhere, but if you listen to them now, they all, except for maybe Millionyoung who were awful, had some pretty great songs. That’s why you can’t really compare them to Pearl Jam, because Pearl Jam themselves were awful, and all the stuff they inspired was of course awful as well. Animal Collective were a great band, and most of the stuff they inspired varied from decent to good, with a couple of great tracks scattered in there (I actually think Candy Claws is the best out of all of them, and I prefer AC influenced MGMT to Time To Pretend MGMT.) If some kid picks up all those Animal Collective inspred albums in ten years, he’s gonna love that shit.

With that said. I like this one better than Tomboy, and less than Person Pitch. Tomboy had bad tracks on it. Tomboy, Drone, Friendship Bracelet. The only one i’m not that into on this one is Lonely Wanderer.

 0Posted on Dec 16th, 2014 | re: The 40 Best Rap Albums Of 2014 (58 comments)

This is great Tom. Where is Big Quis though? Mayweather was amazing! Also, can we please get a post about this insanely great Fetty Wap song?????

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I’m judging. If you don’t like Person Pitch, then I really can’t even have a discussion about music with you. Also, i’ve never met someone who has heard that album and didn’t like it, who I’ve had anything in common with musically. Also, I’ve read your comments before, and I generally hate everything you like. Glad you like this though. Sounds like your taste is just evolving, I’m sure you’ll get into Person Pitch eventually!

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I love Pom Pom. Its my favorite album of the year, along with Benji, and Nmesh. also I hate Halycon Digest, The Monitor, every Arcade Fire release,Channel Orange and Helplesness Blues. I also dont really care for the War on Drugs,

My top 7 would be. In Very particular order:

Mediafired- The Pathway Through Whatever
Ariel Pink- Pom Pom
Oneohtrix Point Never- Replica
Katy Perry- Teen Dream
Julianna Barwick- Bode
Real Estate- Days
The Dream- Love King

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That’s an interesting assessment. I actually think that she is one of those few girls, that is so ugly, that new clothes, make up, a new haircut, etc. Couldn’t even help. Around these parts we call them girls with low ceilings