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I’m a straight black male from the midwest, who now lives in Williamsburg. I’ve been living here for 8 years now. I am completely on team Koz. Meredith is very similar to a lot of the girls who live here. Or used to. the neighborhood has changed quite a bit now. Ugly fat girls lke her are not as seen as frequently as they used to be, and all the pussy dokry guys arent as prevelent as they used to be either. And I love it. Its not as cool as it used to be around here, but at least everyone isnt a self righteous vegan sissy. Koz is right. for a while it was all clones here. I had a few friends visit form the midwest, and we took them to Market Hotel, Dead Herring, Death By Audo, and Below The Auto Parts Store. and my buddy summed up the music scene here perfectly. “Its as if they took the ugliest girls and the dorkiest guys in every highschool in America and put them in one place.” I love it here, but this is pretty accurate. Growing up in the midwest I never realized that everyone who likes good bands is a vegan uptight pussy. Guided By Voices are just like Koz. Pavement dudes are just like Koz. This we are the world, we were all picked on, so anyone who isn’t dork is an asshole thing is somewhat new. Koz calls it out and I love it. Also. Sun Kil Moon is bigger than ever, the idea that he is somewaht jealous of WOD is insane. He’s the biggest indie star this year by far. And Benji is Awesome. i never liked RHP, but his new shit, is fantastic. It reminds me of the dudes I grew up with. I love that he’s acting like an asshole. The first thing i learned when I moved here was that I would never want to hang out with most of the musicians I love. They;re all mostly sissys. But I don’t care if The Pains Of Being Pure Heart are all a bunch of vegan pussies, i like their jams. Just listen to the music, and mellow the fuck out. He didn’t kill anyone. He’s just having a good time with his time in the limelight. and this is coming frome someone who’s favorite song of the year is Perfect Pussy’s Inherent Fits. And I hate fat ugly girls like her. My second favorite song of the year is Clarissa. And third is Drakes Trophies.

Also Blochead you don’t know shit about music. music nerds hate Arcade Fire. i once was at Below the Auto Parts Store to see No Age and Ponytail, and i heard a conversaton with a bunch of people talking about how much better Britney Spears was than Arcade Fire. But I agree with you about this. Koz is awesome!!!!

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I loved Children of Desire, And Become What You Are was one of my favorite songs of 2012. But I kind of hate this. Didn’t like the singles at all, and was hoping the album would have some better jams, but not really. These dudes have no hooks. That new Literature album is a much much better 80′s homage record this thing. Too bad, I really thought this record was going to be epic.

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I actually remember the very first Quit Your Day Job. I believe it was Blood on The Wall??

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He’s not trolling us. He really just has god awful taste in music. Take a look at his best songs of 2008 list he did when he was at Pitchfork below:

>> Tom Breihan
1. Young Jeezy [ft. Kanye West]: Put On
2. Hold Steady: Lord, I’m Discouraged
3. Lil Wayne: You Ain’t Got Nuthin
4. Jordin Sparks [ft. Chris Brown]: No Air
5. Gary Allan: Watching Airplanes
6. B.O.B.: Generation Lost
7. Mary J. Blige: Just Fine (Treat Em Right Remix)
8. Cut Copy: Hearts on Fire
9. Pink: So What
10. Big Boi [ft. Raekwon and Andre 3000]: Royal Flush
11. Trace Adkins: You’re Gonna Miss This
12. Gaslight Anthem: That ’59 Sound
13. Vampire Weekend: A-Punk
14. Sugarland: Already Gone
15. Lil Wayne: A Milli
16. Hotstylz: Lookin’ Boy
17. B.O.B.: Fuck You
18. T.I.: No Matter What
19. Taylor Swift: Love Story
20. Hercules & Love Affair: Blind
21. Usher [ft. Young Jeezy]: Love In This Club
22. Raconteurs: Old Enough
23. Kanye West: Love Lockdown
24. Santogold: Lights Out
25. Bun B: Damn I’m Cold

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I was really excited when you came on to Stereogum, mostly because you wrote at Tiny Mix Tapes and loved Saint Pepsi, and I mosly aways agree with you. But Coldplay is awful. This isnt some “God” given talent. Song writing I mean. Chris Martin is laying up with an actress who may be th eworst human being on earth. Going to award shows. Dressing like a scumbag. Basically just being a huge asshole. Apposed to someone like lke Ariel Pink or Noah Lennox who are probably listeing to records all day, and being awesome. Between this post and the rest of your obnoxious week in pop post you have let me know you nothing about music or records, And that you’re an awful person. You’re a know nothing asshole and I’m going to fuck your mother if I ever meet her.

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Is anyone going to mention that the last two minutes of this song are a cover of Purple Rain??? Jesus Christ Breihan get on your shit!! I thought you were the R&B/Rap Guy?????

GET A GRIP!!!!!!

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Considering that her parents are both actors, and actors are quite possibly the most awful people on the planet, she she should actually be commended for not becoming a model, or an actor or herself. But instead making pretty rad music. I actually liked her more when I found that out, and I absolutely hate all actors. The fact that two of them could make a pretty cool kid is astonishing to me.

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I liked the first Girls record, but Father Son Holy ghost and Lysandre were just lazy, tuneless, terrible records. I was telling everyone who would listen that this guy couldn’t write a good melody to save his life, and Lysandre proved it. This song is absolute garbage as well. What JR Chet White has done after Girls has been way better. This dude is terrible and always has been. And all his melodies sound the same, except the the beach boys one he borrowed for Honey Bunny, which was great for obvious reasons.

Even his choice of covers are just god awful.

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People who don’t like candy are awful human beings. I really dislike this chick.

Before I even clicked on this post, I knew it was Chris Deville. Dude is singlehandedly making Stereogum a great place to visit again. I picked up that Hang On To life 7″ a few weeks ago. Its easily one of my favorite singles of the year. So yes. I love Mexican Summer!