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 -41Posted on Mar 13th | re: The Week In Pop: It's Time We All Agreed That Coldplay Is Great (181 comments)

I was really excited when you came on to Stereogum, mostly because you wrote at Tiny Mix Tapes and loved Saint Pepsi, and I mosly aways agree with you. But Coldplay is awful. This isnt some “God” given talent. Song writing I mean. Chris Martin is laying up with an actress who may be th eworst human being on earth. Going to award shows. Dressing like a scumbag. Basically just being a huge asshole. Apposed to someone like lke Ariel Pink or Noah Lennox who are probably listeing to records all day, and being awesome. Between this post and the rest of your obnoxious week in pop post you have let me know you nothing about music or records, And that you’re an awful person. You’re a know nothing asshole and I’m going to fuck your mother if I ever meet her.

 0Posted on Mar 7th | re: How To Dress Well - "Words I Don't Remember" (7 comments)

Is anyone going to mention that the last two minutes of this song are a cover of Purple Rain??? Jesus Christ Breihan get on your shit!! I thought you were the R&B/Rap Guy?????

GET A GRIP!!!!!!

 0Posted on Mar 5th | re: Album Of The Week: The Men Tomorrow's Hits (37 comments)

Considering that her parents are both actors, and actors are quite possibly the most awful people on the planet, she she should actually be commended for not becoming a model, or an actor or herself. But instead making pretty rad music. I actually liked her more when I found that out, and I absolutely hate all actors. The fact that two of them could make a pretty cool kid is astonishing to me.

 -7Posted on Mar 5th | re: Christopher Owens - "It Comes Back To You" (9 comments)

I liked the first Girls record, but Father Son Holy ghost and Lysandre were just lazy, tuneless, terrible records. I was telling everyone who would listen that this guy couldn’t write a good melody to save his life, and Lysandre proved it. This song is absolute garbage as well. What JR Chet White has done after Girls has been way better. This dude is terrible and always has been. And all his melodies sound the same, except the the beach boys one he borrowed for Honey Bunny, which was great for obvious reasons.

Even his choice of covers are just god awful.

 -1Posted on Oct 12th, 2013 | re: Grimes' Hospitality Rider Is Eco- And Dog-Friendly (4 comments)

People who don’t like candy are awful human beings. I really dislike this chick.

Before I even clicked on this post, I knew it was Chris Deville. Dude is singlehandedly making Stereogum a great place to visit again. I picked up that Hang On To life 7″ a few weeks ago. Its easily one of my favorite singles of the year. So yes. I love Mexican Summer!

 +2Posted on Sep 14th, 2013 | re: Premature Evaluation: MGMT MGMT (108 comments)

What I found so interesting about this article, is that I’m not sure if you forgot or just never knew, but MGMT were not like this big blog hype, critically loved internet band when Oracular Spectacular came out in “08. There was nothing being written about them the way there was when like Vampire Weekend, or Animal Collectives MPP came out. In fact the first I remember ever hearing about them was in a really short Pitchfork review of CMj and they basically just said something like, ” This band is terrible, and this is evidence as to why major labels are failing.” Shortly after they gave their album a pretty low rating, and that was it for a while. The didn’t become popular until long after the record was released.

All the big blogs of that time period Hipster Runnoff, Brooklyn Vegan, Idolator, Gorilla vs Bear. I don’t remember any of them really mentioning them. Even Stereogum didn’t really have much to say about them. During the time period MGMT was blowing up. The internet was busy writing about bands like Vampire Weekend, and Vivian Girls, Hercules and Love Affair was huge around that time. If you were just reading those blogs that I mentioned, you would have barely known that MGMT existed. I think Time to Pretend was was only ranked like 30 or something in Pitchforks year end single list. I don’t think there was any mention of the album in the year end list.

The first time I remember blogs actually start writing about them was after they became big. And it was more along the lines of “This band sucks, how on earth did they become so big?” I remember reading post after post like this on Hipster runoff and Brooklyn Vegan especially. Drowned And Sound and some post like this. Tiny Mix Tapes certainly didn’t like them.

My point being that if MGMT had kept going with the sound from the first record, I imagine the band they would most resemble would probably be Panic At The Disco. And i’m not exactly sure what you mean by taking over the world, but I don’t think of a band like Panic At The Disco as “ruling the world.” I think their best case scenario would be to be like a band like Coldplay, or Mumford and Sons, but even those bands I don’t think of as Ruling The World. I think you have to have some sort of critical admiration as well mainstream popularity to rule the world. I would say Nirvana ruled the world, but certainly not Kid Rock or Limp Bizkit.

In my opinion MGMT has always wanted to be liked by critics the way bands like Animal Collective and Deerhunter are. And I think with this album their probably a lot closer to that, than if they would have made something that sounds like Passion Pit. I also just don’t think they listen to the kind of music that would allow them to make songs like kids anymore. If I had to guess, they probably spend a lot more time reading sites like Tiny Mix Tapes or Ad Hoc, than they do Stereogum.

Which makes their case even more interesting because I would imagine most of the people who spend time on those sites still think of MGMT as “that joke band who had those cheesy synth pop hits” When they are the ones who would probably appreciate this stuff, and the people who liked Kids shouldn’t even be attempting to listen to this.

 +1Posted on Jul 27th, 2013 | re: Band To Watch: SAINT PEPSI (19 comments)

I must have posted on here a half dozen times last year about how amazing that Mediafired album was. I’m glad you guys are now kind of covering it. Carly Rae is also my song of the year so far, but its not as good as my song of the year last year, which was Mediafired- Pixies!

 0Posted on Jul 18th, 2013 | re: The 10 Best Townes Van Zandt Songs (40 comments)

This is my favorite list that you guys have done so far, though If I Needed You would be in my to 5 for sure. With that said this is mostly pretty great. Can you please do a Jerry Jeff Walker best of next!!!!

 -8Posted on Jul 11th, 2013 | re: The 10 Best Beach House Songs (117 comments)

I don’t really like when people try to hide their bad taste in the disguise of opinion. Its like if some dude was trying to tell you that in his “opinion” bird shit taste way better than Peter Lugers. Thats fine I guess, but it what really tells me is that he has terrible taste. And thats what your comments tell me about your musical taste. And I guess that’s why I commented, because I don’t really like when people with bad taste “geek out” over music. Just as I imagine you wouldn’t really want to be sitting at a table with a bunch of people “geeking out” about how great the last Katy Perry record was. And that’s how I feel when I read your comments, like I’m in a bar being lectured by a bunch of guys about how great the John Mayer deep tracks are on Your Body Is A Wonderland.