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 +4Posted on Sep 15th | re: XTC Albums From Worst To Best (34 comments)

Hmm, you got the right No. 1, but everything else seems way wonky.

I’d go:
1. Skylarking
2. Drums & Wires
3. Black Sea
4. English Settlement
5. Apple Venus
6. Psonic Psunspot
7. Nonsuch
8. Oranges & Lemons
9. 25 O’clock
10. Mummer

 0Posted on Sep 15th | re: Funeral Turns 10 (196 comments)

I thought Funeral was pretty good. I still think it’s pretty good.

I think 2004 was an incredibly interesting year for music (my favorite album of 2004 was Ta Det Lugnt), but Funeral won out because they put out a more populist, earnest version of indie rock (if it came out in 98, would we have called it emo?) that projected IMPORTANCE and had a wider appeal. It helps that it was a pretty good album too. But…yeah, when I think of 2004, I think of some of the most interesting, challenging records ever made and Funeral winning the day. Almost like when Forrest Gump beat out Pulp Fiction.
Pitchfork’s review certainly helped. That was the height of Pitchfork’s unrepentant dick swinging days and they were in the business of making (Arcade Fire) and breaking (Travis Morrison) careers.
Indie rock has been a little bit mushier and less distinct over the past decade (with obvious exceptions of course). We’re living in the indie rock comfort food era and I think Funeral might have been the Big Bang.

Good one.

 -2Posted on Sep 10th | re: Watch The Replacements Play "Alex Chilton" On The Tonight Show (6 comments)

I will say it again, no one, including the Replacements, has ever been banned from SNL. Guests are just not invited back. Paul Westerburg WAS in fact invited back to SNL a few years later. Ugh, the Internet.

John Sebastian.

It should be noted that no one has ever been banned from SNL, no matter what Wikipedia might tell you. Some people just aren’t asked back. The perpetuating of this stupid lie is so weird to me. How were the Replacements banned? They never really were that popular anyway, so the likelihood of them returning was remote to begin with. But lo and behold, Paul Westerburg was the musical guest again in 1993. What kind of shoddy banning is that?

I repeat: No one has ever been banned from SNL. Bad hosts and musical guests happen all the time. They are simply not asked back.

In related news, Justin Timberlake was banned from SNL following his last appearance on SNL in December. The ban will be lifted for his next appearance.

 0Posted on Sep 9th | re: Weezer - "Cleopatra" (24 comments)

I’m not an eternal optimist when it comes to Weezer and basically all their songs are too stupid by at least half (including this one), but that solo is pretty legit.

 +2Posted on Sep 2nd | re: Album Of The Week: Yob Clearing The Path To Ascend (18 comments)

This album is fabulous. While I’m not anti-Pallbearer in the least, it still kind of baffles me that they have received all this critical love while Yob remain basically the best band at this doom thing. No one is as good at slow, crushing metal as Yob.

 0Posted on Aug 25th | re: Grace Turns 20 (51 comments)

Can we all agree that while Buckley’s “Hallelujah” is lovely, we should all refrain from playing it for at least another 10 years? It needs a break.

 0Posted on Aug 22nd | re: Grace Turns 20 (51 comments)

No I agree with blochead. There are moments that are really strong, but at times it sounds like Live. As in the band Live.

I think it’s an album of its time that shows lots of promise and occasionally knocks it out of the park, but since that promise couldn’t be fulfilled, we have allowed this album to carry the “classic” mantle.