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Yaaaaaargh! I can’t believe I live in a world where RDJ is regularly releasing idiosyncratic electronic music on a regular basis again, and it sounds like it RDJ releasing idiosyncratic electronic music! It fills me with happiness beyond which I have the words to explain. I’ve spent more half my life listening to this man’s music (this Sunday is my birthday and I just did the math, half my life!) and I never expected a) he’d still be releasing music, and b) I’d still love it this much back when it all began. I listen to a lot of electronic music, all different kinds, and so many of my favorite artists, at one point or another in their careers, have moved their sound pallets into areas that simply aren’t enjoyable. Rich has moved more places than most, and yet, his music is ALWAYS something I WANT to have in my life, that I WANT to listen to over and over. Braindance does the grey matter good.

Love this EP, wish some of this stuff was mixed in with the SYRO tracks, though. Also wish some of the shorter tracks were longer, particularly the drum tracks, because they’ve got the funk.

 0Posted on Jan 23rd | re: Primavera Sound 2015 Lineup (20 comments)

Yo, that Caribou, Underworld, Interpol, The Strokes lineup on the last day put a big ass smile on my face. Really nice all the way around, though. Like to attend that one.

 +1Posted on Jan 23rd | re: Premature Evaluation: Björk Vulnicura (121 comments)

Bjork’s “singles” haven’t had much impact on the charts in quite a while (not in the States, anyway). I can easily imagine the songs on this album existing as singles as a holder for some incredible remixes. The production definitely lends itself to that idea, particularly if she embraces vinyl (as she usually does) and puts one album cut as the A Side with remixes or unreleased tracks (something she used to do) on the B Side. She could also do edits of the album tracks, remixed or otherwise.

Some people really dislike dancing, or this guys dancing, I guess. Either way, their life must be sad without dance in it. I feel for them, and she do an interpretive dance for them right now.

 +1Posted on Jan 17th | re: The Black Crowes Break Up (18 comments)

*shrug* I’m used to it, people don’t like facts online. They get much more enjoyment out of patting themselves on their own backs for leaving disparaging snark.

 +1Posted on Jan 15th | re: The Black Crowes Break Up (18 comments)

Yeah, but some people did, me being one of them. However, they’ve kind of “broken up” before, so I’m not sure how seriously I can take this announcement. Rich has never, EVER looked happy on stage to me, so it’s nice to see him a) say something positive about being in the band, and b) stand up for Steve. He (Steve) is the only other original member of them band, so if what Rich is saying is true, Chris appears to be most dickheadish right about now. Front man/lead singer syndrome and all that. A certain scene from Almost Famous definitely came to mind immediately.

 0Posted on Jan 15th | re: The Black Crowes Break Up (18 comments)

Nah, they still toured and sold tickets.

No, but like, factually speaking… he ha WAY more than one danc move.

Hey! He has WAY more than one dance move!

 +9Posted on Jan 14th | re: Björk Announces New Album Vulnicura (22 comments)

Idk why, but I haven’t been this excited for a Bjork album in ages. Maybe because I’m expecting it to be/feel more straight ahead “electronic” than her more recent output. At this point, that move would nicely encompass the sudden left hand turn she usually takes from album to album. Also, Bjork working with Arca and The Haxan Cloak puts ideas of what the music might actually sound like, something else I haven’t been sure of with her recent work. Whatever it is, I’m geeked for this one.