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 +2Posted at 1:09am | re: Wayne Coyne Comments On Kesha/Dr. Luke Controversy (6 comments)

It would seem like maybe Miley can do whatever she wants because she doesn’t have a Dr. Luke in her life. I remember when the stuff she did with FL got blocked, I thought, “Oh, it must not be any good”. Because, ya know, Kesha isn’t really my thing to begin with. But if even a little bit of this stuff turns out to be true, what she’s accusing this guy of, well then I’ll pretty much feel like a dick.

 +4Posted on Oct 23rd | re: NYC Ebola Patient Attended CMJ Venue, Events Canceled (14 comments)

So evidently he was feeling symptoms, he’s a doctor, and he was treating Ebola patients… like, come on?! What was this guy thinking?

 0Posted on Oct 23rd | re: NYC Ebola Patient Attended CMJ Venue, Events Canceled (14 comments)

Like, the club is closed for a reason. Ya know?

 +3Posted on Oct 23rd | re: NYC Ebola Patient Attended CMJ Venue, Events Canceled (14 comments)

He says he has no symptoms last night. Do you know how many people have lied about this already in relation to Ebola?

 +4Posted on Oct 23rd | re: NYC Ebola Patient Attended CMJ Venue, Events Canceled (14 comments)

Nah seriously though, anybody who think they were in contact with him should see a doctor immediately. Ebola is not a joke, it has no cure, an over 50% mortality rate and the way you die from it is really NOT pleasant (essentially you bleed out, both internally and externally). It spreads through contact human to human contact with bodily fluids and sweat is believed to be one of them. I imagine sweating might have been happening in that club. I’m not a hypochondriac, a conspiracy theorist or an alarmist, but this really isn’t a joke. For your own health and safety as well as that of those around you, if you were there or in contact with somebody who was there, get yourself checked out.

Nope, not the only one. I just listened to Tiny Vessels, Transatlantacism and Passenger Seat with a friend in the car in the middle of the night about a week ago, in near complete silence from the two of us, and it was as powerful an experience as ever.

Very well said, all of it. I constantly relive that experience with Nine Inch Nails. No matter how good the music Trent makes is for the rest of HIS life, I will never be the person who LIVED Pretty Hate Machine, Broken and The Downward Spiral (I love The Fragile, too, but again, different experience five years later).

I discovered DCFC late though, like, with Plans, and then went back and ate up everything else. Absolutely love all of it, and they had me up until C&K, so I’m still hoping they can give me those feelings again. We’ll see, I think you’re probably right, but we’ll see.

Great interview, great band, really looking forward to the new album and seeing what they do next. I imagine I’ll miss Chris, but I don’t know how yet, and like Ben says, maybe they’ll continue to create great albums and nobody will notice. Maybe even better ones than before. That’s not a slight on Chris either, as I really love the entirety of their catalog (save C&K, which I just commented on up above) and he obviously had a great deal to do with that.

I was hoping there might be some questions about how they’re going to continue on as a live band. As a three piece, with hired players, new permanent member(s)?

For me it lacked real emotion. The songs weren’t terrible, I just felt like they didn’t care (yes, the songs themselves). A really good DCFC song grabs you and tells you secrets, C&K didn’t have anything to tell me.

Fuckin’ yay! But not really. I already went deep on this at the AV Club. Glad this is happening, their careers/lives deserve a 10-15 mini-series, gathering everything that’s already been said, written and filmed, crosschecking and cross referencing it, then asking an questions that need asked to fill in the blanks. Each five year period from 1965-1995 could be an hour to two hours with the last twenty years wrapped up in the remaining couple hours.