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I’m not. So many artists with a strong electronic music aesthetic have made terrible music by deciding they know how to play a guitar.

But nothing brought those other millions of comments to light, and this did. It’s really that simple. It doesn’t matter how the discussion started, it’s still a worthy discussion. It doesn’t matter who started it, either, really. It’s still worth discussing. These issues should be discussed at length until the petty fears and unfounded hatred that runs rampant in our society (and in particular at places like 4chan) no longer exists. Creating any reason why they should NOT be discussed is entirely wrongheaded, in my opinion.

No, I don’t. Music has always been a socially and politically forward forum for addressing and discussing the important issues of the time. Since this is a music website it seems the perfect place to discuss these issues.

 +10Posted on Dec 14th | re: DIIV Respond To Controversy Over Bassist's Hateful 4Chan Comments (75 comments)

Because it brings into focus larger cultural issues that we’re currently dealing with on generation wide levels along racial, sexual and gender divides. Personally, I think discussing the language he chose to use and the affect those words can and do have on others, on any scale, is always a worthy conversation.

I agree with you on the fuck click bait journalism and lazy re-reporting that runs rampant on teh interwebs these days, but I don’t agree that the things this guy said should be allowed without being made public, questioned and atoned for. I say some harsh shit that I am often called on to explain and defend. I’m well aware when I express those opinions that this will likely be the result. That being said, I don’t say (or believe) anything along the lines of the mess that guy was talking. He should a) know better, b) be prepared to answer for it if he’s going to say those things publicly.

No, but like, really though, this!! ^^^^^^

 0Posted on Dec 14th | re: D'Angelo - "Sugah Daddy" (35 comments)

That doesn’t make it next level, it means people should have been listening to more varied styles of music. And you could probably make that 40 years, at least, because George Clinton will always be part of any avant funk & soul conversation.

 -8Posted on Dec 14th | re: D'Angelo - "Sugah Daddy" (35 comments)

Honestly, y’alls down votes on this one do nothing but make clear your lack of knowledge. I could take apart this song piece by piece and give you multiple examples for how all of it other than one small effect has already been done by Prince, and probably a good number of other people as well. The echo on the horns is a nice touch that I’m not sure I could find a match for. Again, I like it a lot, may end up loving it, but it’s not anything resembling a groundbreaking truly original piece of music.

 0Posted on Dec 14th | re: D'Angelo - "Sugah Daddy" (35 comments)

A lot of Q-Tip’s Kamaal stuff sound like Prince, too, and purposely so.

 -6Posted on Dec 14th | re: D'Angelo - "Sugah Daddy" (35 comments)

Uhhh… It’s a solid jam, great even…. but Prince has done everything in this song dozens of times already. It’s really not next level at all.