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Unless he truly believes the stores are selling the releases themselves, which I don’t. Not en mass, anyway.

Also, while Weller’s sentiment is nice, he’s kind of missing the point. Somebody purchased the piece of music they’re flipping. The record store that sold it still made money.

We’re basically saying the same thing. RSD isn’t the event it was to begin with anyway. It’s now been embraced by labels of every size, is done on a MASSIVE scale compared to its beginnings, and is done two days a year. I agree they can’t push the pressing numbers to the point that people lose interest, but there are certainly many releases where the number could be much higher. It’s definitely a balancing act, walking that line. But I do believe its the future of the event. And in truth, the numbers we’re talking about are still very, very small. The Frozen soundtrack sold 230,000 copies the week of Easter. I wonder if 230,000 pieces of vinyl were sold in total on RSD.

I would love a full-length, full band release with Damon and Noel as the songwriters/vocalists. I believe that could be quite great, indeed.

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Me? No. I just meant that, based on what they’re going for on ebay, I could easily list mine for with a minimum of twice what I paid for it. It likely would have gone for more than that without the minimum (buy it now price), but my point is the same regardless. I’m keeping mine, though.

The answer to this is very simple; make more of them. If the releases are selling out, supply is not meeting demand. Press 2000, or 5000 (or whatever), instead of a 1000. As sales on RSD keep increasing that’s where we’re heading anyway. Sure, some things won’t sell as well, but that’s always the case. Most of the RSD releases fly right out the door. Those that don’t just become a non-RSD exclusive and get sold eventually anyway.

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hmmm. So it is. I’m unsure. I know I’m going to buy it, so I might wait.

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Future Islands is missing, but it looks like a good time, for sure.

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Regardless of differences of opinion on the Pixies new music, got it – I see what you meant now.

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Agree with all of that and I meant to take a look and see if there’s going to be a difference, but I forgot to do so…