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I do think Daft Punk are the wrong targets for this though regardless. They made their most recent album almost entirely with live instruments, it’s practically a classic rock album.

As much as I sympathize with Arcade Fire’s sentiment, I feel like at a fundamental level it’s pretty unjustified. If audiences enjoy EDM and electronic music, who are artists who don’t make that kind of music to criticize the artists that produce EDM/electronica? I do think it’s great when a group like Disclosure reproduces their sound with live instruments, I think that’d be ideal, but people are going to listen to what they like.

 0Posted on Apr 23rd | re: Jack White - "Power Of My Love" (Elvis Presley Cover) (1 comments)

If anything, this reminded me of what a great album From Elvis in Memphis is. What a tight band.

 +1Posted on Mar 27th | re: Lollapalooza Lineup 2014 (72 comments)

Just for some context, headliners in 97: Orbital, Devo, The Prodigy, The Orb, Tool, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tricky, Korn, James, Julian Marley and Damian Marley, G. Love & Special Sauce and the Uprising Band, Failure, The Sunshine

 +11Posted on Mar 26th | re: Lollapalooza Lineup 2014 (72 comments)

Happy to see that Arctic Monkeys have finally achieved near festival headliner status in the states, but damn this is a safe/corporate lineup.

 +1Posted on Mar 25th | re: The Black Keys - "Fever" (61 comments)

Maybe I’m crazy, but I really like this.

 -1Posted on Feb 12th | re: Radiohead Release PolyFauna App (16 comments)

I heard it live and was really excited by some of the songs, but then I went home and listened to the endlessly looped and tinny sounding recordings and was disappointed all over again. “Bloom” and a few others have potential, but there are like three tracks on there that are just not exciting (and that’s out of 8 – and one of those is “Feral”).

 +5Posted on Feb 10th | re: The College Dropout Turns 10 (54 comments)

Yup, and I think the singles he was involved more heavily with were excellent.

 +17Posted on Feb 10th | re: The College Dropout Turns 10 (54 comments)

Great piece. After reading about that run, you just feel like the man is due to make a bad album, but I’ve spent every single album wondering, “How the hell is he going to follow this?” and he never disappoints.

 0Posted on Feb 10th | re: Franz Ferdinand Turns 10 (63 comments)

Real talk right here.