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It’s good.

 +11Posted on Oct 7th | re: Sun Kil Moon - "War On Drugs: Suck My Cock" (147 comments)

Just sad, really.

 0Posted on Sep 18th | re: Premature Evaluation: Alt-J This Is All Yours (16 comments)

The album isn’t bad and is even pretty good in places, but most of the songs don’t really stick with me after repeated listens and feel a little formless. Hats off to them experimenting more, but I’m not sure how compelling that leaves the songwriting.

 +4Posted on Sep 14th | re: Premature Evaluation: U2 Songs Of Innocence (144 comments)

The AV Club took some time to listen to the record and not have such a knee jerk response.

 +10Posted on Jul 14th | re: Rihanna Really Enjoyed Germany's World Cup Win (5 comments)

I love the “This Week in Pop” column and Stereogum’s increasingly wide focus on a lot of different genres, but I don’t know how this piece is anything except SEO clickbait. “And because she’s filthy rich, she went down to Brazil to celebrate the final in style, getting drunk with the players and documenting it on social media. Let’s see what the good girl gone bad was up to all weekend….” Just looks like something from TMZ.

 0Posted on Jun 19th | re: Coldplay - "A Sky Full Of Stars" Video (7 comments)

The Verve/Richard Ashcroft did it first and better.

I loved it when I saw him on the Yeezus Tour, but my friends at Bonnaroo said it was not received very well there, but maybe they just didn’t know what to expect.

 +5Posted on Jun 12th | re: Lana Del Rey: "I Wish I Was Dead Already" (53 comments)

Her new album is pretty good dude.

 +14Posted on Jun 12th | re: Lana Del Rey: "I Wish I Was Dead Already" (53 comments)

I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her or just forthrightly dismiss it as a publicity stunt.

Jack White seems to have a greater appreciation and understanding for hip-hop culture though. Doubt he’d sue someone for rapping over “The Hardest Button to Button.”