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It was just over two years ago that Glasgow trio Chvrches first tapped their synth keys into our hearts with their dark, romantic pop. Aside from their Recover EP and full-length debut The Bones Of What You Believe, the band has given us a lot of listening material, covering songs by many other artists at their shows and on radio appearances, among other places. As any Cat Power or Mark Kozelek fan can tell you, when an act with a very distinct sound takes on something not of its own creation, the results can shed new light on a piece of music you already adore. Since singer Lauren Mayberry has just added Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” to her repertoire, here we count down the 10 cover songs we know Chvrches to have done. And yes, that does include the Game Of Thrones theme.

A “pathetic fallacy” occurs when, in a story, nature reacts to a human emotion: when everything is going wrong and a character says something like, “At least it’s not raining,” and then BAM! it rains. Lykke Li, the current queen of heartbreak, had the opposite effect on New York City last night. A rainy morning cleared up before she took the stage at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre. And what happened inside the iconic venue was a parallel exercise in finding the light when everything else is just so very dark.

M.I.A. is supposed to be a messenger, but the mission of her music is often obscured by critics’ and listeners’ schismatic view of her work. But before her war with the NFL, her allegiance with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, or those goddamn truffle fries, she was a neon prism at the end of a long musical tunnel dominated by what we’ll call “The Bands.” Along with Dipset and DFA, the rapper, née Matangi “Maya” Arulpragasm, was one of the puzzle pieces that began indie rock’s distance from guitar rock and its constantly-evolving fascination with pastiche. She’s been Diplo’s muse, one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Interesting People, and the only person to ever perform on the Grammys while practically about to give birth. But regardless of an astounding number of accomplishments — she’s the first artist to be nominated for an Oscar, Grammy, Brit Award, and the Mercury Prize, so take that, EGOTs — and her ability to craft some of the most interesting pop music of this century, she continues to confound and propel the public. This has conceivably less to do with her interests and inspirations than it does with the fact that people tend to be unsure how to receive those interests and inspirations, particularly because she is so often painted as a humorless solipsist grasping at “ethnic” straws. In a recent piece for Noisey, writer Ayesha A. Siddiqi nailed the realities behind this struggle:


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All music videos are Beats commercials now.

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OK, well sometimes I get nostalgic for Tom rants.

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I doubt it happened, but I just have this vision of Ariana Grande not initially making it to #1 and Tom letting off a fantastic display of profanity to get it there. Aw, I miss you guys.

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This is so great! I am sad I won’t be there :(

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Yes! Best choice! Also, makes me wish that my Portuguese wasn’t so terrible.

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This isn’t THAT bad, but I hate that it happened.

At least it’s not “Only You” or “U Already Know” or “Dance With Me” or “Anywhere” or—NEVER MIND, PROTECT 112 FROM ALL COVERS.

(Hi guys!)

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I have been thinking all week I would be #1. I am so sad.

Should I just become part of the commentariat?