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 +2Posted on Aug 25th | re: The 11 Most Awkward Moments From The 2014 VMAs (21 comments)

The VMAs: Making the the MTV Movie Awards seem borderline coherent and worthwhile by comparison since 2014.

This was just a way of introducing us to Stereogum’s newest staff writer, M. Night Shyamalan.

 +3Posted on Aug 21st | re: An Annotated Media Guide To The New Pornographers' A.C. Newman (4 comments)

Yeah, this was a nice read. And Brill Bruisers? It’s really good! Probably my third favorite New Pornographers album already. So good work all around.

 +4Posted on Aug 21st | re: Who Should Arcade Fire Cover In Brooklyn? (58 comments)

The modern classic that is Catey Shaw’s “Brooklyn GIrls,” obviously.

 +25Posted on Aug 20th | re: Merchants Of Soul: A Trip To Chipotle And Outside Lands With Spoon (33 comments)

I just feel like eating food that doesn’t require utensils with someone from a band named Spoon is a huge missed opportunity.

 +1Posted on Aug 19th | re: Forbes' Highest Paid DJs 2014 Is Pretty Similar To 2013 (11 comments)

Yet the list is radically different than Forbes’s Highest Paid DJs of 2003 list, which was topped by DJ Qualls, still riding high off the success of his acclaimed film The New Guy. Simpler times, those.

Also: this song…. this is not a good song. And I’ve been known to appreciate a few of ol’ Swifty’s songs. But this… no. Good thing the lyrics include a built-in defense against any such criticism! Savvy move, there.

I’m sure that Swift, like a lot of people, has a sort of well-intentioned albeit naive and problematic belief that we live in some sort of post-racial moment where lampooning ballerinas is analogous to lampooning hip-hop dancing. Unfortunately –– because there’s a history to deal with, folks –– it’s a little more complicated than that, and as a result… yeah, not a good idea. Also the whole “I’m white! Look at how I can’t dance like black people!” joke just isn’t a very funny one.

At least the video didn’t have her fumbling through some traditional American Indian dance, right? Some admirable restraint, there.

 +30Posted on Aug 18th | re: Kanye West Working On Album With Paul McCartney? (14 comments)

Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs, and some people write silly love songs about fucking someone hard on the sink whilst avoiding sullying expensive furs with semen. The point is: it’s not about the specifics, it’s about the love; and that’s why this collaboration makes sense.

 +4Posted on Aug 17th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (22 comments)

Thanks for that cutting analysis, Dad, but WHY WON’T YOU HUG ME?