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 +12Posted on Nov 26th | re: 20 Covers Of Radiohead's "Creep," Rated (35 comments)

I really liked TLC’s reimagining of this track back in ’94 –– you could hardly tell it was the same song!

While I agree much of this seems like a problem of his own making, I still worry about the guy. His life’s clearly in the balance here. He sure looks rough in the video, like he’s six feet from the edge and thinking, “maybe six feet ain’t so far down.”

 +8Posted on Nov 24th | re: Gwen Stefani - "Spark The Fire" (17 comments)

Encouraging people to spark fires is downright reckless given the historic drought conditions afflicting her home state of California. Yet Gwen’s made reckless statements before, like when she romanticized accumulating “all the money in the world” amid what was already a sharp rise in income inequality.

 +5Posted on Nov 20th | re: Interpol Have Been Trapped In A Buffalo Snowstorm For 40 Hours (36 comments)

Meanwhile, Carlos D smugly enjoyed cup after cup of hot cocoa in the comfort of his own home. Probably.

 +7Posted on Nov 18th | re: Stream Ariel Pink pom pom (145 comments)

While I understand what Doris is saying in this analogy, as a fan of competent back-up centers, headbands, and neck tats, I personally feel a strong connection to Chris “Birdman” Andersen. My two cents.

 +13Posted on Nov 18th | re: Stream Ariel Pink pom pom (145 comments)

Just an observation: most of the time when people write about Ariel Pink’s music you could sub his name out with “Ween” and it would still make perfect sense. Make of that what you will.

 +8Posted on Nov 15th | re: Ariel Pink Calls Grimes "Stupid And Retarded" (49 comments)

Clearly he crossed the line by using an impolitic term here. But let’s not let him off the hook for being redundant, either. A quality insult needs to be either more precise or expansive, not merely two synonymous words.

 0Posted on Nov 14th | re: Premature Evaluation: TV On The Radio Seeds (34 comments)

Is that you describing how you’d prepare for a riot, or is it you quoting the hook of a track from Pom Pom? It makes sense either way.

 +1Posted on Nov 14th | re: Premature Evaluation: TV On The Radio Seeds (34 comments)

I dig this band, and particularly loved Return to Cookie Mountain, which blew my mind back when it came out. But I’m sort of strange in that I think their slower, more ballad-y tracks are their best (I’ll take “Tonight” over “Wolf Like Me” anytime; same for, say, “Family Tree” over “Halfway Home”). Fucked up, I know. And as others have noted, this album seems a self-conscious move toward trying to make big (as in direct and hooky, not necessarily commercially viable) pop songs. I get that, and I think some of these succeed admirably. Thing is, some of the less successful ones sound kind of like Stadium Arcadium-era Red Hot Chili Peppers, minus the barrage of references both direct and implied to the culture and climes of Southern California. I feel very weird about that.

I don’t know if anyone’s pointed this out yet, but I feel like he missed a huge opportunity by calling it Meow the Jewels instead of Run the Mewls.