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 -6Posted on Jul 23rd | re: Caption The Sad Jack White Cubs Photo And Win A Prize (164 comments)

I’ve never posted an image before. Hopefully this works?

 +1Posted on Jul 22nd | re: 30 Essential Songs From The Golden Era Of Emo (124 comments)

While I agree with you about ATDI if we’re talking Relationship of Command, the bulk of In/Casino/Out fits comfortably under the emo umbrella.

The one thing I’d add to this list is anything from Rival Schools’s United By Fate, a great album too often neglected in all these emo reminiscences popping up of late.

This is going to be an extremely popular album in 2004.

 +5Posted on Jul 19th | re: Fred Durst Directed This eHarmony Commercial (8 comments)

When asked of his directing style, Durst said, “I’m pretty hands on. During takes I’m often on the sidelines shouting, ‘Move in now move out! Hands up now hands down! Back up, back up!’” He also expressed a preference for long takes, noting that he prefers to “Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’.”

 +4Posted on Jul 18th | re: Watch St. Vincent Explode David Letterman's Brain (15 comments)

I just worry that with shoes like those even the most robotic of dance moves are liable to cause a high ankle sprain. Annie Clark: laying her ankles on the line for art.

Clearly, the correct career move for Florida Georgia Line would be a concept album called “The Next Day” (David Bowie homage? No. Coincidence? Yes. Because realistically Florida Georgia Line would have no knowledge of Bowie outside of “China Girl”). “The Next Day” would document the aftermath of the epic party scenarios they have so ably described in past hits. That flatbed Ford with a lift kit? Impounded. Third DUI. The hot number in the cutoff jeans? You gave her Chlamydia. She’s understandably upset. And possibly pregnant. How are you getting that abortion money? After all, you lost your job after coming in obviously drunk on several occasions after a few epic all-nighters. “Why bother trying to catch a couple of hours of sleep and going in hungover,” you said, thinking you could drink two or three bottles of Five Hour Energy and be able to power through. Wrong. You smelled like stale Bud Light Lime and Swisher Sweets and someone had surreptitiously scrawled “DICKHOLE” on the back of your v-neck t-shirt with a Sharpie. God damn. Do you go to rehab? “I don’t have a problem, I just like to blow off some steam every once in a while,” you keep telling yourself. But then Marc posts a picture on Facebook where you’re smoking meth in the back corner of Chip’s house and you don’t even remember going to Chip’s house. Fuck. If your ex-wife takes a screenshot of that she’ll probably present it as evidence and the court will award her full custody of Zoe. Shit’s getting serious.

But yeah, bring Nelly back in for a track or two, obviously.

 0Posted on Jul 16th | re: The New Pornographers - "War On The East Coast" Video (9 comments)

When I saw the tracklist, I was willing to bet a hefty sum that this was a Bejar track. I feel validated. And in a not at all surprising development, turns out Bejar’s not into lip syncing. Who knew?

 +2Posted on Jul 15th | re: Melvins' Buzz Osborne Pissed Off The KISS Army (6 comments)

Nice to see the Missoula Independent getting some action! Easily the finest free news source in Missoula, there.

You’re right about everything.

A couple of other observations: I had no idea Mac DeMarco was so popular. I think he’s fine –– the albums are solid, if not really something I get super excited about –– but I was nonetheless pretty surprised by the huge crowd he drew. To boot, many of his legion of fans were displaying some remarkably shitty concert behavior –– most of them seemed to be 19 year old bros who are really into showing up to things late and pushing their way through the crowd only to leave two songs later. I was just trying to get a nice view for Dinosaur Jr. and enjoy the show, but boy was I besieged by dipshits. Thankfully most of them left before Dinosaur went on, so I had a nice view unobstructed by the tent –– and it was great! As were Speedy Ortiz and Nude Beach. Overall, I liked how free it was, and the line-up was solid, but the set-up wasn’t really ideal this year (which I think can be blamed in large part on the construction going on, so I’ll let it slide).

Sleeping without bedsheets: the strangest desire of all.