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I think Bryan Devendorf is one of the best drummers is music today. I swear that the drums make this band great. Sans Bryan, they're good. Great song. great band.
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March 24, 2010 on The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio”
Watch this video, the go watch "The Maiden, the Mother, the Crone" by Sword. Here, I'll help: I'm no Sword apologist, but there seems to be some HEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAVVVVVVYYYY borrowing done here.
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February 23, 2010 on Kanye West’s “Coldest Winter” Is Maybe Even Too Cold!
I know polling is over, and the Gummies have been held.......but I wish there was some way this could make some "best of year" list.
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December 12, 2008 on The Best Ever Death Metal Puppy Out Of Internet
I actually enjoyed this........the video, not the song.
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December 8, 2008 on New Metallica Video – “All Nightmare Long”
The Chad VanGaalen video made me feel like I was watching an Of Montreal album cover come to life. On peyote. White Winter Hymnal.
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November 20, 2008 on Gummy Awards 2008: Great Video Contenders