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 0Posted at 1:25pm | re: The 10 Best TV On The Radio Songs (52 comments)

Yep. That’s my #1.

James R Pearson just droppin the mic on all of us.

 +3Posted on Jul 14th | re: This Year's ACL Will Have Lavish "Golden Porta Potty" (2 comments)

Very nice, can’t wait to take a crap in there.

 +2Posted on Jul 8th | re: The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Terrified" (6 comments)

I really like this band.

 +6Posted on Jun 24th | re: Kanye Fulfills Community Service By Teaching At Fashion School (4 comments)

I had to pick up trash along the highway for my community service. And Afroman’s “Because I Got High” came on from the radio in the van and all of my fellow workers dropped their poking sticks and started singing/dancing. Cop yelled at everyone.

Mine was Dude Ranch. And I thought. I. Ruled.

Something about an artist saying they worry about their metacritic score makes me cringe. Also, I watched an episode of the X-Files yesterday that had Kathy Griffin in it and it sucked so bad. Terrible ep.

 +7Posted on Jun 6th | re: Giorgio Moroder - "Giorgio's Theme" (1 comments)

This is a song about a superhero named Giorgio.

 +7Posted on Jun 4th | re: 50 Cent Says He Does Know What A Grapefruit Is (11 comments)

He knows what grapefruit juice is, but I still don’t think he knows what a grapefruit is. And, honestly, I think he’s lying about the grapefruit juice as well.

 +13Posted on May 16th | re: Morrissey Is Not On Twitter Says Morrissey (6 comments)

Are we sure he didn’t book the account and then decide to cancel it?