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 0Posted at 9:06am | re: Sia Offers A Jar Of Her Breath For Charity (4 comments)

ah, the ol’ schrödinger’s fart.

 +5Posted on Oct 29th | re: Led Zeppelin Albums From Worst To Best (66 comments)

I say I like II the best but I really like IV the best.

This is dumb and all, but something about that genuine laugh was pretty infectious.

 +1Posted on Oct 28th | re: Watch Liturgy On The Blacklist With Peter Fonda On Drums (4 comments)

I’m watching Fringe right now on Netflix. #Fringe

♫ I love my country, I love my guns, I love my family
I love the way it is now, and anybody that tries to change it
Has to come through me, that should be all our attitudes
’cause this is America and a country boy is good enough for me son ♫

 +13Posted on Oct 23rd | re: Thurston Moore Sees Your Snarky Tweets About Him (16 comments)

Ya haters done yet? Or are you Thurston for Moore? Home Alone. 90.

 +3Posted on Oct 20th | re: Julian Casablancas Issues Statement On Brunch (22 comments)

We got an eggs benedict arnold here. A real flip floppin flapjack job if you ask me.

Pono just got upgraded to a Don’t Buy!!!!! Congrats to Pono.

 0Posted on Oct 14th | re: Rancid - "Already Dead" (3 comments)


 +1Posted on Oct 14th | re: You Can Finally Pay For U2's Songs Of Innocence Today (12 comments)

The dad aura is strong in this thread.