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Tryin as hard as he can to get back to 97'.
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April 23, 2015 on Marilyn Manson’s New CD Is A PlayStation Disc
Why don't you slide guitar out of my mentions.
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April 23, 2015 on My Morning Jacket’s Jim James Has Some Harsh Words For Modern Country Music
I was actually just goofin and didn't read any of the excerpts. Thought it'd be funny to write. Very wrong. But am I right?!!? Who knows. I don't.
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April 17, 2015 on Tame Impala Hope People Don’t Think “‘Cause I’m A Man” Is Sexist
Sounds like he's mansplaining why it's not sexist to me.
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April 17, 2015 on Tame Impala Hope People Don’t Think “‘Cause I’m A Man” Is Sexist
Yea, pretty much. He didn't talk to the audience until all of Carrie & Lowell material (besides Blue Buckets) was done. Then he opened up a bit. All the set lists are pretty similar so far, probably cause they got a lot going on with video/lights. It's really something.
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April 13, 2015 on Sufjan Stevens – “Exploding Whale”
Saw him last night in Hartford and it was h e a v y.
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April 13, 2015 on Sufjan Stevens – “Exploding Whale”
Nice obit, Tom.
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April 2, 2015 on Obits Break Up
Love you Doris.
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March 27, 2015 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
If you were Robert Durst and wanted people to not think you were Robert Durst, you'd probably issue a statement saying you're not Robert Durst. No buy. He's Robert Durst.
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March 27, 2015 on Limp Bizkit Frontman Confirms He Is Not Robert Durst
"lawyers for the Gaye family have filed motions to “correct” the jury’s decision," Nice try the 12 of you. You were close. Thanks for playing though, we'll take it from here.
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March 19, 2015 on Marvin Gaye’s Family Now Wants Money From T.I., Too
Appreciate all the NYPD do but the Geddy Lee Fender Bass is 1972 and I'd FUCKING like if they'd stop messing with my page.
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March 13, 2015 on NYPD Edited Chumbawamba’s Wikipedia Page To Add 3 Cops To The Band’s Lineup
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March 13, 2015 on New Drake Mixtape Coming In January?
I liked it. I liked the dad, and just his take on music in general. I don't know the ages of the writers I read, but I get a sense it's in the 20-40 age bracket. And they don't have a lot of MOR opinions. A band's cool or they're not. Kind of refreshing to read about someone not caring. MORE MOR. This is not about me liking Blink 182's Dude Ranch a lot.
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March 13, 2015 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
There's literally a television show about their domestic life, Naqiy.
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March 11, 2015 on Pinback’s Rob Crow Quits Music: “Making Music In This Climate Is… Humiliating To My Psyche”
A fitting tribute.
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March 11, 2015 on Kanye West – “Awesome”
This is some next-level cancellation. Might be his best yet. No one's even on the same level as the cancellations he's throwing out.
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March 10, 2015 on Morrissey Reschedules Tonight’s Dutch Show Rescheduled From December
Yea, that's probably my favorite. Also, love Scott Hutchison referencing REEF. Hated them so much as a teenager when MTV only played that "Plaaccceee Yoooouurr Hannnddds" song one summer.
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March 10, 2015 on 33 Musicians Discuss Their Favorite Radiohead Songs
These are always great. Love that Yeasayer one they did at some apartment and had the party-goers sing the chorus.
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March 9, 2015 on Watch Spoon’s Great Take Away Show Performance