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Play Better Man for Letterman, Vedder man.
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May 14, 2015 on Eddie Vedder Will Be One Of Letterman’s Final Guests
Ya dead, Fact Mag.
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May 8, 2015 on Janet Jackson Might Be Releasing A New Album This Summer
Freedy channeling his inner Colin Meloy here. I watched Kicking and Screaming the other day, the good one not the Will Ferrell one, and Freedy was used for the credits. Everything's turning up Freedy.
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May 5, 2015 on Freedy Johnston – “Neon Repairman” (Stereogum Premiere)
Black Republican Announces Bid Using White Rapper's Song, Hates Hip Hop, Loves Messin with People's Brains
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May 4, 2015 on Ben Carson Announces Presidential Bid With A Gospel Eminem Cover
A human error or possibly....a dancer error??
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May 1, 2015 on B.B. King Hospitalized Following Claims Of Elder Abuse
We used to call him Eddie "The Cheddar" Vedder cause he loved cash so much. Just loves that dinero.
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May 1, 2015 on Pearl Jam Tell Queens Fans Not To Hold Their Breath For Crowdfunded Concert
That accomplishment is no joke. I went to listen to some tunes on my drive in this morning, plugged in spotify, the "Enjoy the next 30 minutes of music ad-free thanks to the following sponsor" ad started, immediately turned everything off and drove the rest of my commute in silence.
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May 1, 2015 on Watch Blur Reassemble, In All Their Glory, On The Tonight Show
oh man not this asshole again, businessplaining why music should be free.
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April 30, 2015 on Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker Thinks Music Should Be Free, Makes His Money From Commercials Anyway
As always, take TMZ and WeLoveYouJoni.com with a grain of salt. There's only one person who can confirm any of this, so until we hear from Joey Fatone's dad it's all speculation.
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April 29, 2015 on Joni Mitchell Reportedly In A Coma
Thought this was just a sick burn when it showed up on my RSS feed. http://oi58.tinypic.com/2ajxloh.jpg
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April 28, 2015 on This Baltimore Protester’s Michael Jackson Dance Is Your Moment Of Zen For The Morning
Tryin as hard as he can to get back to 97'.
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April 23, 2015 on Marilyn Manson’s New CD Is A PlayStation Disc
Why don't you slide guitar out of my mentions.
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April 23, 2015 on My Morning Jacket’s Jim James Has Some Harsh Words For Modern Country Music
I was actually just goofin and didn't read any of the excerpts. Thought it'd be funny to write. Very wrong. But am I right?!!? Who knows. I don't.
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April 17, 2015 on Tame Impala Hope People Don’t Think “‘Cause I’m A Man” Is Sexist
Sounds like he's mansplaining why it's not sexist to me.
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April 17, 2015 on Tame Impala Hope People Don’t Think “‘Cause I’m A Man” Is Sexist
Yea, pretty much. He didn't talk to the audience until all of Carrie & Lowell material (besides Blue Buckets) was done. Then he opened up a bit. All the set lists are pretty similar so far, probably cause they got a lot going on with video/lights. It's really something.
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April 13, 2015 on Sufjan Stevens – “Exploding Whale”
Saw him last night in Hartford and it was h e a v y.
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April 13, 2015 on Sufjan Stevens – “Exploding Whale”
Nice obit, Tom.
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April 2, 2015 on Obits Break Up
Love you Doris.
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March 27, 2015 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments