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James R Pearson just droppin the mic on all of us.

 +3Posted on Jul 14th | re: This Year's ACL Will Have Lavish "Golden Porta Potty" (2 comments)

Very nice, can’t wait to take a crap in there.

 +2Posted on Jul 8th | re: The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Terrified" (6 comments)

I really like this band.

 +6Posted on Jun 24th | re: Kanye Fulfills Community Service By Teaching At Fashion School (4 comments)

I had to pick up trash along the highway for my community service. And Afroman’s “Because I Got High” came on from the radio in the van and all of my fellow workers dropped their poking sticks and started singing/dancing. Cop yelled at everyone.

Mine was Dude Ranch. And I thought. I. Ruled.

Something about an artist saying they worry about their metacritic score makes me cringe. Also, I watched an episode of the X-Files yesterday that had Kathy Griffin in it and it sucked so bad. Terrible ep.

 +7Posted on Jun 6th | re: Giorgio Moroder - "Giorgio's Theme" (1 comments)

This is a song about a superhero named Giorgio.

 +7Posted on Jun 4th | re: 50 Cent Says He Does Know What A Grapefruit Is (11 comments)

He knows what grapefruit juice is, but I still don’t think he knows what a grapefruit is. And, honestly, I think he’s lying about the grapefruit juice as well.

 +13Posted on May 16th | re: Morrissey Is Not On Twitter Says Morrissey (6 comments)

Are we sure he didn’t book the account and then decide to cancel it?

I’ve looked carefully at both options and decided it’s better to fade away.