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“Though I kept to myself, and for the most part was pretty coy
I once got baited into clocking some undeserving boy
Out on the elementary school playground
I threw a punch that caught him off-guard and knocked him down”

That undeserving boy was Adam Granduciel, who promptly went home and cried into his Don Henley body pillow while blasting his copy of Southern Accents. In that transformative moment Granduciel realized his true calling: repurposing Reagan Rock into soulful indie tunes, and while catching a Nancy Reagan “Say No To Drugs” commercial later that night, an idea was born.

Thank you Koz, for like a butterfly flapping its wings in Indiana and causing acid rain in Xinjiang, your adolescent spleen has reverberated through the years.

That would explain the original lyrics for the chorus “Clap along if you want to avoid the icy hands of death”

 0Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Tanya Tagaq Wins 2014 Polaris Prize, Says "Fuck PETA" (47 comments)

Paid for by Mom’s Friendly Commercial Seal Fishing Combine

 +2Posted on Sep 19th | re: Flying Lotus - "Coronus, The Terminator" (9 comments)

The progression from 1983 to this is amazing but never loses that common thread from then to now. He evolves but there’s always that central feeling of the universe as viewed slightly off-kilter. FlyLo just seems to get better at expressing that feeling on every album.
oh man I’m excited

 0Posted on Sep 16th | re: Hero Rushes Stage And Stops Widespread Panic Concert (106 comments)

Who or what is Based God? Well a wise man once said: ” you may have heard of something called google, its one of the largest of these “search engines” And people who want business or are attn starved children daddy didnt hug enough, invest effort and cash into having their particular sites be listed in the replies to people’s querys.” I suggest you try using one of those.
Also you spelled plasticine wrong.
Now get off my plane.

 0Posted on Sep 15th | re: Hero Rushes Stage And Stops Widespread Panic Concert (106 comments)

But its THEIR crappy band dammit, and they didn’t come over from whatever jam band forum boondocks they crawled out of just to take the ribbing and move on. They came to get OFFENDED, and if they want to have their jimmies rustled by a website that none of them will ever visit again and that they probably hadn’t ever heard of before now, by Based God they will!

 +3Posted on Sep 14th | re: Billionaire Owner Books Himself To Open For The Eagles At MSG (16 comments)

Now that JD & The Straight Shot are a tag on Stereogum, I believe my life is complete. Now make Sportsgum happen already!

Mac DeMarco is a flat circle.

 +2Posted on Sep 12th | re: Funeral Turns 10 (198 comments)

This was fun. We had fun today. To commemorate the occasion I will leave this video evidence as to how rap and rock can transcend cultural and musical differences to come together and ruin everything forever.

 0Posted on Sep 12th | re: Funeral Turns 10 (198 comments)

Listening to live versions of the songs from Funeral have made it harder to love the album tracks. Album is still great mind you, but if they got rid of the album version of “Rebellion (Lies)” and I could only hear the Jools Holland version for the rest of my life I would be very ok with that. Also that video is wonderful. Go watch it right now, if only for the confused expressions on the Black Eyed Peas’ faces.