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 +4Posted on Jan 7th | re: Coachella Vs. Governors Ball: The 2015 Lineup War (72 comments)

Steely Dan seems incongruous for a festival pick, but who cares? They’re great. Saw them in 1999(?) and they killed.

And I think a lot of the younger fans will be surprised when the Dan hits the stage and all these AARP types materialize and start ripping hits from their “Jitterbug vaporizers”. This isn’t your Paul McCartney Coachella crowd…

 +2Posted on Nov 6th, 2014 | re: Miles Davis Albums From Worst To Best (115 comments)

“You’re Under Arrest” ranking higher than “Big Fun”? “Bitches Brew” not in the top 10? “Live Evil” missing the list entirely?

Look, we all know these lists are here to get folks riled up and bring eyeballs to the page, but damn…there are just some bad calls here.

News flash: pop flavor of the week found to not be a fountain of creativity. I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you…

 +2Posted on Jul 28th, 2014 | re: Dozens Of Keith Urban Fans Get Too Fucked Up In Boston (12 comments)

Hmmm. Drunk people appear in Boston. Next up on the Stereogum update: fire is hot, and water is wet.

Saying she broke up the Beatles is a shortcut to thinking. It’s been said a million times before that they were just plain sick of each other. Hell, watch the “Let It Be” documentary and tell me that they didn’t loathe each other…that atmosphere was toxic.

Is it cool that Yoko is able to perform at the age of 81? Yes.

Does her voice make me want to jab railroad spikes into kittens? Yes.

I “get” what she’s been doing, but I can’t get into it. For me, “Don’t Worry Kyoko” sounds like it was written after Yoko heard “Trout Mask Replica” and said “Oh shit, I’m not weird enough…”

There were PLENTY of “hard core” Cure fans who weren’t “swirling wine in tumblers”. They were just up front; I know, I was there with my hard core fan sister in-law, who was making setlist predictions with other nearby hard cores.

Also, the plug was pulled on the Cure because (as the writer would know unless he was magically teleported to the festival site) there are houses immediately bordering the fairgrounds on practically all sides. Noise was a minor issue last year and the promoters wanted to make sure that they didn’t get hosed by local complaints this year. Napa is pretty weird about how our local leaders listen to a few truly whiny people looking to preserve their little bubble of solitude. BottleRock deserves to stick around despite their complaints, but the organizers need to make sure they respect the noise ordinance.

Sad that there was no word in this article about what an amazing addition to the Cure’s touring unit Reeves Gabrels is. He can clearly handle all the strange back catalog stuff that Robert Smith wants to bring out of mothballs and has a really great stage presence. The guy is tops.

 +6Posted on Apr 28th, 2014 | re: Paul Simon, Edie Brickell Arrested For Disorderly Conduct (17 comments)

Ah…ok, disorderly conduct makes sense. I couldn’t see how Paul could hit Edie…she could just push him back by his forehead as he swings wildly with his cute little munchkin arms.

Maybe he and Jackson Browne should go on a “hitmaker” retreat.

 0Posted on Apr 22nd, 2014 | re: Is BottleRock The Strangest Festival Lineup Of 2014? (33 comments)

OK, so I guess I should probably shed some light on this as a Napa local who has been following this closely…

Last year was the first BottleRock Napa Valley. Big names (Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Jane’s Addiction, Flaming Lips, etc. etc.) over five days. Put on by two guys with no experience and they didn’t negotiate any of the contracts. They also didn’t get their own liquor license, so they “contracted” that out to a local restaurateur who made all the money off the booze. See a problem so far? So the guys that ran the first BRNV went bankrupt, owing a few million bucks to various vendors. Boo, hiss.

Cut to this year…a group of three bought the branding rights to BRNV, paid off *some* of the debt, and is putting on a tighter, decidedly more conservatively-booked festival. They booked a couple of big names (e.g. have fun with Kanye, Outside Lands…we’ve got Outkast) and a couple of wtf-is-this acts (Smashmouth…?) and a couple of “yow, this is really cool” acts (TVotR, Deerhunter)…all so they can hopefully show some semblance of profitability and make a slightly “hipper” festival next year. I hope.

Bottom line? It was a bunch of fun last year, it’ll still be fun this year (albeit, a different kind of “Aw, shit! Look how old that guy from the Spin Doctors looks!” fun). The food will be amazing. The weather will be perfect. And after the festival you can just walk three blocks to downtown.

Yeah, I’m a local shill. But this is worth it.

 +1Posted on Apr 14th, 2014 | re: Watch Pharrell's Star-Studded Coachella Performance (5 comments)

…aaaaand this is what happens when a product of the studio tries to cut it in a live environment. All the preamps, compressors, and (as Michael points out) “live assist” tracks in the world can’t save you if you lack the fundamental talent. Hell, his album has more engineers than NASA. That might tell you something.

Well, at least his backing band sounded good.

 +10Posted on Mar 25th, 2014 | re: Newly Unearthed Photos Show Kurt & Courtney's Gross L.A. Apartment (10 comments)

Well this is a shock. Junkies are usually so tidy…looks like John Frusciante was their decorator.