Elvis vs. Shark


 +4Posted on Dec 5th | re: 2015 Grammy Nominees Announced (105 comments)

Record/Song of the Year are basically…all the pop songs people know that were released in 2014. That’s it. They didn’t really have much to choose from considering Fancy didn’t even hit until June.

Really happy for Ryan Adams though! Love that record.

Smart guy. Too bad millennials would rather just listen to songs about partyin’ on the dancefloor. Cuz like, they already did the activism on twitter! Music can’t be sad or angry! It’s gotta be happppppyyyyyyy.

 0Posted on Nov 21st | re: The Smashing Pumpkins - "Drum + Fife" (17 comments)

Not a fan of the synths in the pre-chorus/chorus, but the rest of the song is pretty decent!

 0Posted on Nov 19th | re: Faith No More - "Motherfucker" (10 comments)

This is just a ridiculous coincidence, but this song sounds a lot like Walk The Moon’s “Iscariot”. Primarily just the chorus and the way the song builds to a loud end.

 +5Posted on Nov 16th | re: Band Aid 30 - "Do They Know It's Christmas? (2014)" (27 comments)

uuugnnghnh the Dizzee Rascal rap was so embarrassing, it’s like when your awkward uncle starts rapping at Christmas dinner.

 0Posted on Nov 13th | re: Lorde - "Ladder Song" (Bright Eyes Cover) (1 comments)

Yeeugh. I like Lorde but this is a hollow and unneeded cover. The Bright Eyes version was so good because Conor wrote it about a specific situation in his life so his emotion filtered through and made the song more powerful even though ironically he sang in a more subdued way.

 +2Posted on Nov 11th | re: TV On The Radio Seeds Comment Party (82 comments)

This was the last album I was eagerly anticipating this year and it let me down hard. It’s not the supposed change in style that I dislike, it’s just that there’s no hooks. Other than “Happy Idiot” and the title track, there’s nothing that sticks in your head. A lot of it sounds like filler off a pop album- repetitive but without substance.

I don’t think anyone was expecting another Cookie Mountain or Dear Science but NTOL was pretty great (“Will You” and “Caffeinated Consciousness” are both top tier TVOTR) and I thought this would be on that level at least.


One of my favorite bands ever, and it looks like it’ll continue to be that way. Fantastic song.

 +2Posted on Oct 30th | re: Owen Pallett, Amanda Palmer Weigh In On Jian Ghomeshi Scandal (54 comments)

It’s scary to think that there are men who will go their entire lives having gotten away with abuse, and nobody ever finds out. Hopefully this and other recent cases will open the floodgates and allow for more women to speak out against their abusers.

I went to school with a lot of “cool, hip, buddy-buddy, in-the-know” guys EXACTLY like Ghomeshi and they had similar allegations leveled against them, but nothing ever happened because of their reputation, inaction and murky details.

It would be comforting (IF the rumours about them were indeed true) to see them brought to justice instead of letting them live life unscathed while the women they hurt continue to live with that burden.

 0Posted on Oct 26th | re: Marilyn Manson - "Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge" (11 comments)

I just burst out laughing because this is actually pretty good.

I never ever ever imagined that a shock rocker (whom I never liked) would, twenty years into his career, release a relevant-sounding, enjoyable song.

World be cray.