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ugggh promoters are the worrrrrrrst kind of people. They act totally sincere and shake your hand and are all friendly but that is literally just their job. At the end of the day if you're not offering some sort of value to them, they don't remember your name. Their entire life revolves around "networking".
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May 19, 2015 on Watch The Trailer For We Are Your Friends, Starring Zac Efron As An EDM DJ
uggghhh another artist falls victim to the "unconventional" song structure that everyone's trying. So all that build-up amounts to what, 10 seconds at the end there? What a waste of a song. Hey bands, you know that verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus still works pretty well, right?
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May 18, 2015 on Active Child – “Stranger” (Stereogum Premiere)
Shoot, that's a bummer. I would have thought the lead singer got his electro-pop urges out with Apparatjik so he could go back to prog with Mew. Sounds like this is another Twin Shadow debacle. This has been a really disappointing year for new music.
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April 28, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Mew +-
I think most of UTIOG are in AWOLNATION, they just morphed into them gradually. But this is totally weird- I bought And the Glass Handed Kites and UTIOG's self-titled album on the same day in 2006. spoOoOo0oOoky
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April 28, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Mew +-
The new Walk the Moon album is ok, but it's disappointing considering their debut was so much better. I know this sounds "rockist" or whatever, but the new one is just so disposable, with basic 4-chord songs and lazy hooks. Good for parties but so unsubstantial. Their first album had a whole bunch of legitimately great songs that showed actual musicianship, especially "Iscariot", which is one of the most underrated melodramatic power ballads out there.
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April 16, 2015 on The Week In Pop: Walk The Moon Are Our Latest Proof That The ’80s Will Never Die
It's like that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the mummy kisses guys to stay young.
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April 13, 2015 on Watch Drake Recoil From Madonna’s Long Kiss At Coachella
Best album cover of the year probably.
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April 10, 2015 on Leonard Cohen – “I Can’t Forget”
Well it's sonically better than the first single, but there isn't a single hook in there. It's like they traded urgency for melody....still awful. Where the first one was a Fray-knockoff, this is third-tier Foo Fighters copycattery.
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April 10, 2015 on Mumford & Sons – “The Wolf”
Their twitter is the best musician twitter there is.
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April 7, 2015 on Tanlines’ New Website Is A Funny Netflix Parody
This sounds like Angels & Airwaves. No but really it does. With the intro and the way the verses are sung. Just imagine Tom Delonge singing it and you'll see what I mean.
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April 6, 2015 on Passion Pit – “Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)”
The sound that kicks off the chorus sounds like something from Smash Bros. I love this song so much.
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March 23, 2015 on Brandon Flowers – “Can’t Deny My Love”
Engine Driver always gets me. What a tune.
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March 20, 2015 on Picaresque Turns 10
Somewhere out there some poor kid doing a school project on Chumbawumba used false info and was made the laughingstock of his grade.
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March 14, 2015 on NYPD Edited Chumbawamba’s Wikipedia Page To Add 3 Cops To The Band’s Lineup
That photoshopping is a little off, Thom's hand is way too big for his body...
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March 12, 2015 on Stereogum Presents… OKX: A Tribute To OK Computer
The year-end Stereogum x Team9 mash-up compilations were great. I regularly listen to the Taylor Swift-U2 one.
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March 12, 2015 on Stereogum Presents… OKX: A Tribute To OK Computer
Both great albums, and totally unexpected too. They went from slowly fading blog rockers to pop songwriting pros.
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March 12, 2015 on Stereogum Presents… OKX: A Tribute To OK Computer
I'm usually against snarking on these kinds of bands, but Lifehouse are very much one of the worst bands in the world. If you hate Hanging By A Moment, just imagine how bad their output has gotten 15 years AFTER that. They actually are worse than Nickelback, because at least the 'Back stick to their butt-rock roots. Lifehouse are genre-hoppers that turn every style they try into a watered-down AOR nightmare. I'm surprised the passengers weren't hanging by an airplane wing.
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March 12, 2015 on Innocent Southwest Air Passengers Subjected To Flash Lifehouse Concert
Man, that is one of the bleakest statements I've ever read here. The guy is literally giving up on his dreams. Just goes to show you that only a lucky few will get to do what they love in life, despite what those optimistic platitudes on Buzzfeed tell you. Sediment is such a good song.
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March 11, 2015 on Pinback’s Rob Crow Quits Music: “Making Music In This Climate Is… Humiliating To My Psyche”
Because of comedians like this (and well known lawsuits like Satriani vs. Coldplay), the go-to defense of the layperson when it comes to pop songs ACTUALLY ripping off older songs is "it's just the same chord progression". People are so dumb. I think there ought to be musicians present in cases like this to break down what exactly the similarities are and whether it merits legal action. I also think that Jimmy Eat World ought to sue whoever wrote that Kelly Clarkson Heartbeat song.
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March 10, 2015 on Robin Thicke, Pharrell Ordered To Pay $7.3M For Ripping Off Marvin Gaye
Okay, but if all those meticulous, tiny sounds don't have a good song built underneath them, then it doesn't really matter how cohesive they are. This song is very good...up until the chord progression change in the second half of the chorus. Why didn't they just keep the first four chords? They were fine, they sounded good! But then it just goes flat in the second four. There should also be some more punch in the chorus to give it power, give the song some dynamics. On the plus side, this song is way, way better than Satellites. No More Stories... was my favorite album of 2009 as well, and I'm holding out hope for +/- because Introducing Palace Players and Repeaterbeater weren't great singles either, but then came Beach and it was fantastic.
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March 10, 2015 on Mew – “Water Slides”