Elvis vs. Shark


I don’t get it…is Judy Greer dating the hamster?

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The lead singer for this band is one of the rudest, most pretentious people I’ve ever met in my life.

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Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Fastball and Vertical Horizon were supposed to come to town last year. I bought a ticket in anticipation of it being the greatest day of my life…and then it got cancelled a few days before due to mysterious circumstances. The sun was a little dimmer in summer 2013.

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uh…sounds like I’m in shopping for deodorant at a Walgreen’s in an upstate NY county at 11:00 pm in 1988.

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Every time one of these 20-year posts comes up I can’t really relate to them because when the album came out I was still a baby child, so I don’t have any of these stories about buying and hiding the album or it changing my life etc. Which makes me feel way less old!

Thanks guys!

I dunno, I’m not buying all these music theory deconstructions he’s doing. There’s not really much genius behind any of these songs, they just happened at the right time and were marketed well. It seems like he’s hopping on the “high-on-life-love-everything” bandwagon that’s en vogue these days- one of the guys from Tokyo Police Club just wrote an article similar in tone to these. The whole monogenre thing is sort of exhausting now. Like, at this point I don’t think any collaboration/cover/remix would be surprising anymore.

But, back to the point- if Pallett is so thoroughly enamored with the pop writing of these songs, why isn’t he trying to emulate them and create a breakthrough moment for himself? Plenty of indie artists have done it recently, but from the sound of “The Riverbed” he’s not really pushing for Top 40 status. Like, if he knows the structure and theory, why not combine his indie sensibilities and some pop sheen into a genuine hit?

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ya ya ya!! This is the first time I’ve agreed with the AOTW. Love this album and love Future Islands.

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I think this is their bid for song of the summer 2014. Could see a lot of commercials using this….shoes, trendy clothes, McDonald’s, movie trailers, sports highlight reels.

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Truth. I once heard an airhead teenage girl talking to her friends: “OMGGGG Sarah is like such a hipster she listens to weird stuff like Foster the Children or something like that!”

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I dunno if “Wake Me Up”‘s conceit has never been done before- remember the Hampsterdance? It mashed an old folkish melody with EDM too. And “Cotton Eyed Joe” as well. Ughhhhhh terrible wedding memories.