Elvis vs. Shark


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No! This is the information age! I need to be told how to feel about this album right now! What if I liked it over the weekend, but then on Monday read that it wasn’t good? I’d look like such a fool.

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Headline makes me think of a really bad smell.

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This sounds like the video will be Kendrick strutting down the street, fixing his collar, dressed up all nice, smiling at ladies, etc. Like Bittersweet Symphony but less rude.

It’s too happy for my taste but it is objectively a good song, so that’s cool.

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Guys I think Derry Murbles rigged the voting process. Wamapoke County Public Radio has found their next star. Sorry, Nefertiti’s Fjord.

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I identify as seal-kin, so her statements are speciesist and display bipedal privilege. Should be a trigger warning before the article.

It’s a lot worse than everyone here thinks. Most pop songs are written with nobody in particular in mind. They are just pumped out by the Masters of Evil (Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Red One, Ryan Tedder) and put into a sort of “warehouse”. Then rich executive committees decide which stars are hot enough to deserve the track and dole them out as they see fit. The songs are then molded to fit the pop star’s image.

That’s why all these pop stars are interchangeable. Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato and all the new Disney crew, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Avril, etc, all draw from the same pool. The more popular ones get the better picks, although of course it’s ultimately up to the audience whether the songs will indeed be a hit or not.

It’s actually kind of sick. Did you know that one of Daughtry’s songs was originally meant for Katy Perry? Wow Daughtry you are real cool.

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This song reminds me of Super Bon Bon.

iPod Classic is discontinued!?

Say Anything is an American pop-punk band from Los Angeles, California. The band was formed in 2000 with Max Bemis and four of his friends. Within two years, they self-released two EPs and a full-length album. Max Bemis is an unfunny clown.

Grimes is the alias of an electronic musician named Claire Boucher, based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her 2012 release “Visions” garnered critical acclaim, particularly for the tracks “Genesis” and “Oblivion”, both of which recently were granted a spot on Pitchfork’s (a music publication) Top 200 tracks of the first half of the decade. The latter in fact earned the top spot. Her opinion has been posted on this website as she is a prominent figure in the indie music world.