Elvis vs. Shark


The Pitchfork headline was formatted to look like a song title and I was like…whoa bold move Ariel Pink. “I Got Maced By A Feminist” as the lead single from your new album?

But then it wasn’t.

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It has like 10 Weird Al songs to compete with, so probably not.

Ok, well maybe bands nowadays need to a little angrier/crankier? I feel like though he articulated it poorly, he’s spot on with the whimsical, twee state of music right now. The Disney comment probably refers to how safe and happy all music is now (upbeat and in a major key), even the more rock-oriented bands.

Like sure Cloud Nothings and Parquet Courts use guitars, but the subject matter they sing about is still lighthearted. Nobody is sad or angry anymore, and they should be because the world is getting worse and worse. For some reason music isn’t reflecting that, and instead diametrically opposing that. At a time when climate change, tanking economies, and corporate corruption are rampant, we’re getting songs about sunbathing animals.

Also why is everyone jumping on his back- the bands he’s referring to are the same clones Stereogum avoids. Is everyone here secretly a fan of American Authors, Bastille, Atlas Genius, Bear Hands, Vance Joy, The Lumineers, Neon Trees, and a million other bottom-of-the-bargain-bin knockoffs?

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I think this whole Song of the Summer fiasco/debacle is all just a misunderstanding. It seems as though it was intended as an objective question- which of these pop hits will be the biggest, most inescapable tune on radio this summer? Which one will be remembered as a “definitive 2014 tune”?

This is tricky to decide because as of right now, none have taken off despite the music industry’s flailing attempts to hammer them into our collective consciousness (which doesn’t really work anymore– see Skyler Grey, Cody Simpson).

It was also tricky because a lot of people were approaching the question subjectively, offering songs that were of genuine quality and they personally enjoyed. Unfortunately songs do not get played on the radio because they are good. Good songs DO get played on the radio, but not because they’re good, only because of buzz/marketing/other motives.

This all led to a butting of heads, because people were throwing out big “indie” songs when the poll was asking for pop hits.

Not assault, but entitlement. The tumblr-jezebel congregate have decided that liking someone without their consent is a patriarchal offense and you are not allowed to have crushes!

Getting mad flashbacks of having to call into corporate HQ to get my work email password reset. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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Seriously. Not a single contender has made any sort of waves yet, and it’s already mid-June. In fact the only song that’s been popular all YEAR(in an all-consuming zeitgeist sort of way) up to this point is Pharrell’s “Happy”- a song from LAST summer. It’s been trending this way for a while, with fewer and fewer big hits each year.

I’m actually in the middle of writing a ~like totally scholarly~ article about why I think music itself, as a commodity, is dying. There aren’t superstars anymore, much less indie/alt/rock stars. There aren’t any hotly anticipated records in the public eye for the rest of 2014. It’s barren and it’s scary. :(

tl;dr- Subjectively speaking, Sia’s Chandelier is the best of the pop offerings, and I am really really loving New Pornographers’ Brill Bruisers.

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Incredible! Unrestrained by the zeitgeist, just a straight up perfect and concise tune.